"That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong!"
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Version: United States
Season: China
Episode Number: 6/15 (221)
Original Release: October 25, 2007
Viewership (in millions): 14.19[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 4.5/N/A Summary: Link
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That's Love, Baby! It Makes You Strong! is the sixth episode of Survivor: China.


Day 16

As dawn broke over Zhan Hu, James Clement rose early to take care of the chores before his tribesmates had stirred. He hoped that his work ethic might be able to work in his favor, but Peih-Gee Law, as evidenced in a confessional, was still determined to throw the next Immunity Challenge and vote him out, the same way they'd gotten rid of their opponent Aaron Reisberger the night before.

I definitely feel confident about throwing the challenge and getting Aaron off the game. He was one of the most powerful players, and suddenly we had full control of him and we still have that over James. If we throw the next Immunity Challenge, James is gonna be gone. Best possible scenario: we merge at that point. And if that happens, we'll still be able to reconnect with Frosti and Sherea if they're still on the same page as us.

–Peih-Gee Law

Aaron's gone and I'm sittin' at their mercy right now. The best thing I can do is keep them rested so in competition, there's no excuse for anybody bein' tired. If it makes me look good in the long run, they gonna keep me around. So I'm tryin' to deal with it, make it work, 'cause if they throw another challenge, I'm gone.

–James Clement

Day 17

The next day, at Fei Long, Todd Herzog pulled his ally Amanda Kimmel aside and let her in on the secret of the Hidden Immunity Idol. He told her that he wasn't planning on telling her until he'd found it, but despite having all the available clues, he hadn't discovered it, and needed some extra help. Todd revealed that the clues were given to him by Dave Cruser (when he was kidnapped and by Leslie Nease (who'd received a clue from the kidnapped Jaime Dugan). In a later confessional, Todd revealed a plan to kidnap James at the next challenge in order to get his hands on the next clue.

Todd approached me and he told me that he had three clues to the Immunity Idol. Um, which I was kind've shocked because I didn't know about any Hidden Immunity Idol. So we're gonna do everything we can to find that Idol today. We have to.

–Amanda Kimmel

If we win Reward today, we are bringing over Aaron or James – whoever is left – because they're going to give us the clue to where the Hidden Immunity Idol is and Amanda and I will have control in this game.

–Todd Herzog

At the Reward Challenge, Fei Long were granted their first look at the new Zhan Hu, minus Aaron. Amanda rolled her eyes in disgust, and Todd opened his mouth with surprise. Jeff Probst then revealed the challenge: Search and Decode. Four members from each team would race out into the abandoned Chinese village, looking for puzzle boards strung up in and around the houses. They would untie the piece and race back to their mat, allowing the next person to begin. Once all eight pieces of the puzzle had been recovered, they would solve a word puzzle to find a well-known Chinese proverb. The first tribe to solve the puzzle would win reward: a trip to a local tea house for tea and light snacks, as well as a bath, soap and access to Western toilets. In addition, they would kidnap a member of the losing tribe to join them on the Reward, and remain at their camp until the next Immunity Challenge.

Due to uneven numbers, Fei Long sat out Amanda, Courtney Yates and Denise Martin. The remaining contestants began the race. Jean-Robert Bellande managed to gain an early lead for Fei Long, which they were able to maintain throughout the race. At one point, Peih-Gee trailed Sherea Lloyd and as the two women untied their puzzle boards, Peih-Gee tried to tell Sherea that they were still wanting to work with her and Frosti, and were trying to keep them safe. However, Sherea did not acknowledge Peih-Gee at all. Although neck-and-neck throughout the race, Fei Long got all their puzzle pieces first, and were able to maintain their lead, solving the Confucius saying: "The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Fei Long won the reward, and chose to kidnap James.

Fei Long were ecstatic as they were greeted at the Charmin tea house. They eagerly dug into the snacks, and then climbed into the bathtubs set up on the patios as tea and watermelon were served. However, Jean-Robert's obnoxious chauvinistic comments about Amanda and Courtney, who were sharing a bathtub, irritating the both of them. Meanwhile, James stripped down to his birthday suit to take a shower, providing quite the show from behind for the others.

When Jeff announced what the reward was at the challenge, there was excitement on the team. We're gonna go to a tea house, and some refreshment. That's what he said: "tea house, some refreshment and showers." But we got to this place. It was like a little sweet spot in the middle of nowhere. The view was amazing. I mean, everybody on the tribe was just so happy.

–Jean-Robert Bellande

They sit us down and they give us tea and then they bring out little snacks and we're all so happy to be there. Oh! It was so good!

–Todd Herzog

I tried my best to be as far away from Jean-Robert in the bathtub as could possibly happen in that place. He had the one on the far end. I took the one on the other far end. He's kinda gross. Every single part of me wants to see Jean-Robert go. I just don't like him. He's a horrible person.

–Courtney Yates

James has such a nice butt! (laughs) He was just in the shower, lathering up, stripping down. And none of us cared – he has a nice butt. I mean, might as well show it off!

–Amanda Kimmel

Meanwhile, back at the Zhan Hu camp, depression was beginning to set in. Erik Huffman said that he was simply sick of losing, and Jaime Dugan pointed out that Frosti Zernow wouldn't make eye contact at the challenge. Peih-Gee then revealed that Sherea didn't respond when she tried to communicate with her. Further unsure of what information might be going through the kidnapped James, the trio agreed that they needed to win Immunity.

We're so into keeping Sherea, Frosti, Peih-Gee, Erik and I together. We thought we would do anything to save them. Throw a challenge to save them! But we did it, y'know. But Frosti won't make eye contact with us. We don't know if he's changed his mind, switched over with them. Y'know, everything's just unknown. It's just really hard to deal with, especially when there's only three of us here and there's so many over there.

–Jaime Dugan

Back at the tea house, Todd pulled James aside and told him to give him "what's inside the tube" and in return, he'd save James through a plan he'd reveal once James came through. James later snuck away from the tea house to open the tube, and upon discovering that a clue of Fei Long's Idol was within, he decided to gamble on Todd's promise, stating "I hope this works. I need somethin' to save me."

Y'know, sometimes throughout this game, I feel like I am the only one playing. So I knew right away when we kidnapped James that I would approach him.

–Todd Herzog

I'm in a bad spot right now. Todd's gone storm all the alliances on this tribe, so I'm gonna roll the die. Roll those dice, and maybe it'll come up right. If not, I'm pretty much goin' anyway, so I have to do it.

–James Clement

Day 18

At Fei Long the next morning, James gave Todd the next clue to the Idol: There are four that surround it / and four match the same. / The one etched finer / could salvage the game. Todd immediately recognised what that the Idol was the panel on the archway, saying, "It's the stupid bats above the freakin' thing!" He shared the information with Amanda, who went over to the archway and began loosening the shingles to create a distraction whilst Todd could get the Idol. However, Frosti approached and climbed up into the archway to knock the shingles down by hand, despite pleas from Todd and Amanda, who urged, "You're taking away my thing to do for the day." Frosti nonchalantly replied that he hadn't "gotten to do anything cool since I've been here." However, Todd panicked and pried the panel loose, handing it to Amanda, who stood on it. However, Frosti noticed and tried to get a look at it, whilst James, watching from a distance, buried his face in his hands.

I went over where we thought the Idol would be and I was just hitting off shingles so people wouldn't know what I was doing. And then Todd comes over. He gets up there and starts pulling on the thing.

–Amanda Kimmel

All of a sudden, Frosti comes running over, climbs up. So, I go into panic mode of, "Oh! He's gonna find out! He's gonna see it!" And Amanda's like, "Get down, Frosti, get down Frosti!" 'cause she knows about it. I'm tellin' him to get down and I start panicking. All I could think was: "Frosti! Frosti! NO!"

–Todd Herzog

Todd led Amanda and Frosti down to the river, where he reluctantly shared the secret with Frosti. However, he made it clear that Frosti had to keep it under wraps, to which he agreed. Once Frosti had left, James came down and Todd handed him the Idol, telling him to throw the challenge and use the Idol to get rid of Jaime. He also suggested taking the Zhan Hu Idol, which James was more than willing to do, slapping Todd hard on the back. When Todd almost fell over ("I nearly died!"), James answered with a gleeful, "That's love, baby! Makes you strong!"

This has to be the worst way in history of getting a Hidden Immunity Idol. Like, honestly. In front of everybody, Todd's yelling. He's so impatient. I knew something like that was going to happen.

–Amanda Kimmel

Being there when they got the Idol cements my place in their little group. I'm there, for sure. Frosti's in! In!

–Frosti Zernow

James came down, I gave him the Idol and I told him what needs to happen. So if James takes that Idol, loses Immunity, they vote for him, but he uses the Idol to get rid of Jaime. We sever the tie between her and Erik. Hopefully, at ten we'll merge and we'll still have our numbers to go strong into the merge.

–Todd Herzog

Well, I cannot stop smilin'. It's all good because I'm not goin' anywhere. I have the Immunity Idol! It's all good, baby! I'm the only one with real access to the other Immunity Idol at the other tribe, so now I gotta do is stay focused, keep my head in the game, lose the Immunity Challenge, get the other Idol and now I have both of them. I mean, it's gonna be wonderful! I'm havin' a great time!

–James Clement

Todd then spread the word, pulling aside Denise and Courtney to let them in on the secret of the Hidden Immunity Idol. He told his surprised allies that James now had the Idol and was going to try to throw the challenge to get rid of Jaime. He made sure they knew it was imperative that Fei Long win Immunity for the plan to work, and the tribe departed for the challenge.

I can't believe it. Here it was, sitting right in front of us, right in camp, the whole time. So I will be doing my best, as I always give a hundred and ten percent, because that's the only way I know how to go.

–Denise Martin

Me telling Courtney and Denise about the Hidden Immunity Idol will help them realize they have to try harder for Immunity today. Especially if they're fighting to lose, which we don't even know is the case.

–Todd Herzog

Over at Zhan Hu, I'm pretty much a dead man walking. But now I have the upper hand. They think they're safe? Wrong! I'll be able to get 'em.

–James Clement

At the Immunity Challenge, James first rejoined Zhan Hu. Jeff took back the Immunity Idol from Fei Long and announced the challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord. Squaring off one on one, the first person to finish devouring a Chinese delicacy would score a point for their tribe, with the first to four winning Immunity. To even the numbers, Jean-Robert, Sherea and Todd sat out for Fei Long. In the first round, Frosti squared off against Peih-Gee eating ten chicken hearts. Frosti easily won the round, licking the plate for emphasis, giving Fei Long a 1-0 lead. In the next round, Courtney and Jaime were each given three whole eels. Despite a tight race, Jaime edged out to win a point for Zhan Hu, evening the score. Next, Amanda and Erik tackled three whole baby turtles. Erik narrowly beat Amanda to give Zhan Hu the lead. In the fourth round, Denise and James squared off on two balut (chicken fetus). Denise shouted and attacked the balut in a fury, but despite her best efforts – and James' deliberate slow consumption to throw the challenge – she couldn't do it, forcing James to score a third point for Zhan Hu. In the fifth round, Frosti and Erik competed to down a thousand-year-old egg. Erik beat Frosti by a fraction of a second, scoring the fourth and final point for Zhan Hu, winning them Immunity.

As Fei Long returned to camp, the tribe consoled Denise, but she remained disappointed in her performance. However, the Fei Long Alliance was determined to make the decision based on numbers, rather than challenge performance. Amanda, Denise and Todd went to the well to discuss the plan: the three of them, plus Courtney was solid, and Amanda was certain James was on their side (given his effort to throw the challenge), whilst Todd thought it was prudent to gain Frosti's trust, putting the target on Sherea. When Courtney joined the trio at the well, she agreed with the plan. However, upon processing the plan, she later came to realize that she trusted Sherea more than Jean-Robert. Courtney then sat down with Sherea at the campfire, and told her that the alliance was targeting Sherea, but she was planning to vote for Jean-Robert, claiming she wasn't going to "vote for anyone who likes me more than him."

I let myself down today. James tried to eat that balut as slow as he possibly could so I could keep up with him, but unfortunately, I just could not get that down my throat. So we ended up on the losing end.

–Denise Martin

Perfect plan. Genius idea. Smashed. So we're trying to look and the positive side and say: hey, we lost, but we can still get rid of one of the old Zhan Hu and we still have our numbers.

–Todd Herzog

So after Todd and Amanda's plans went awry, they're like, "Okay, no question about it, we're voting off Sherea. Okay? Sherea, Sherea, Sherea." And I'm like, "Yeah, okay, whatever." But then, after thinking about it for a little while, I actually like Sherea. And if it came down to it, of who I thought would vote me out quicker, I definitely think she would keep me around longer than Jean-Robert.

–Courtney Yates

Well, right now, the people at Fei Long want me to go home. But what they don't understand is that they need to be scared of the people in their tribe too, y'know, as far as Jean-Robert. He'll vote any of them out. So the same time they're looking at me, they need to be scared of each other.

–Sherea Lloyd

Later, at the river, as Todd, Amanda, and Courtney let Frosti in on the plan, he gave a better-her-than-me agreement to the plan. However, Courtney suggested getting rid of Jean-Robert. The option was met with reluctance from Amanda, who felt it would be safer to stick with their own tribe for the time being, but Courtney returned that their plans hadn't worked earlier that day, with them still losing the challenge and James "having an Immunity thing for no reason."

Jean-Robert was beginning to feel uncertain about his position in the game, despite assurance that Fei Long was united against Sherea, and he voiced his concern in a confessional.

I like to trust my gut and my vibe, and, uh, so far, I've really felt comfortable about my position in the game. All of a sudden, something doesn't feel a hundred percent to me. The plan was either Sherea or Frosti, most likely Sherea, but I gotta tell ya, I'm uneasy right now.

–Jean-Robert Bellande

Meanwhile, Todd was giving serious thought to Courtney's suggestion, pulling Amanda aside to suggest that they do vote out Jean-Robert. Amanda remained hesitant, and whilst admitting that Jean-Robert needed to go, she dind't think that the time was right. Todd was worried that he would turn on them, and Sherea was less likely to, and also pointed out that if they didn't start doing "what people want" then the two of them could become targets. The two debated their options, only agreeing that would it come down to who they could trust at this point in the game.

At Tribal Council, Jeff opened by pointing out how winning or losing can affect the tribal dynamic. He asked Sherea what her feelings were coming out of the Immunity loss, and she answered that she saw a lot of "shadiness" and scrambling. Jean-Robert was then asked about how he adapted to an ever-changing game, and he claimed he was a "changed man," having become more helpful around camp. Sherea, however, interrupted him by saying that he wasn't answering the question, and he was just "running his mouth, story after story." Jean-Robert tried to back down, admitting, "What do you say to that?" Sherea persisted, revealing that he didn't speak to her because he knew she would talk back, and stating that nobody else liked him.

Jean-Robert then responded by saying that he wasn't surprised that people didn't like him, given that he was "a bad boy," but that he was still proud of his game. Courtney, rolling her eyes, mocked Jean-Robert's use of the phrase "bad boy," baffled by his self-perception, and laughing, "Do you have a Harley I don't know about?" When asked how she would describe him, she said that he was loud, judgmental and "just a crappy person."

Courtney went on to say that she felt like the "outsider" of the tribe, despite having former Zhan Hu members in their midst. Todd took offense, saying that he loved Courtney "since, like, Day Three - because Day One and Two, I didn't really like you!" Although they both affirmed that they liked each other, Courtney felt the tribe was "clique-y," but Todd said that he felt he "clicked" with Courtney. Jean-Robert steered the conversation back to tribe unity, stating that despite the in-fighting, the tribe performed well together in challenges and he was happy with where they were in the game.

Denise was then called up to cast her vote, followed by Courtney. Jean-Robert then voted for Sherea ("Cherya"). Frosti and Amanda then cast their votes, followed by Sherea who returned the favor, voting for Jean-Robert ("J.R."). Todd was the last to cast his vote.

(voting for Sherea) Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to know each other a little better.

–Jean-Robert Bellande

(voting for Jean-Robert) Somebody along the way told you you were hot. I'm gonna bust that big bubble you call a mouth, and tell you: you're not.

–Sherea Lloyd

Jeff then read the votes: two for Jean-Robert, followed by two for Sherea to even the score. However, the remaining votes all came up for Sherea, eliminating her as the sixth castaway voted out of Survivor: China.

The fact that the Fei Long people decided to stick together because of numbers, y'know, it just says that they're getting played. They'll realize it sooner or later and I hope half of them get screwed since some of them screwed me. But, y'know, they knew they couldn't beat me in the challenges. I was the strong one. They were the weak ones. So, of course they're going to take out the threat.

–Sherea Lloyd (final words)


Challenge: Search & Decode
One at a time, the tribes must enter an abandoned village, grab a color-coded plank, and return. Once all eight have been found, they must slide them into a grid to form an eleven-word phrase made famous by Confucius.
Reward: Teahouse visit, a bath and shower, and the right to kidnap a member from the other tribe.
Winner: Fei Long (kidnapped James Clement)

Challenge: Survivor Smorgasbord
Head-to-head eating contest. One at a time, the contestants must eat the item served to them quicker than their opponent to score a point. First to four wins.
Winner: Zhan Hu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 6:
Fei Long
S15 sherea t
Sherea (5 votes)
S15 amanda tS15 denise t
S15 frosti tS15 jeanrobert tS15 todd t
Amanda, Denise, Frosti, Jean-Robert, Todd
S15 jeanrobert t
Jean-Robert (2 votes)
S15 courtney tS15 sherea t
Courtney, Sherea
S15 sherea bw
Sherea Lloyd

Voting Confessionals

(votes for Sherea) Sherea, I'm sorry I have to vote for you. I don't know you that well, but I've gotta stick with our group, Fei Long. So, I'm sorry, but you gotta go.


(votes for Jean-Robert) Still you. I like Sherea, I'm not voting for her. It might not do anything tonight, but it still makes me feel better.


(votes for Sherea) Just gotta go with the group, and, uh, it's unfortunate that we didn't get a chance to know each other a little better. Enjoyed that one hour we spent together.


(votes for Sherea) In a game of trust, all I can trust is that you're playing for you, and I'm playing for me, and you'd a done the same thing.


(votes for Sherea) I think you're a really nice girl, but it's just too many conflicting personalities in the tribe right now. Good luck to you.


(votes for Jean-Robert) Somebody along the way told you you were hot, I'm gonna bust that big bubble you call a mouth and tell you, you're not.


(votes for Sherea) It's definitely not something I wanted to do. Gotta stay with my numbers, 'cause I gotta get myself one step further, Sorry, baby.


Final Words

The fact that the Fei Long people decided to stick together because of numbers, you know, it just says that they're getting played. They'll realize it sooner or later, and I hope half of them get screwed, since some of them screwed me. But, you know, they knew they couldn't beat me in the challanges. I was the strong one, they were the weak ones. So of course they're going to take out the threat.


Still in the Running

S15 chicken bw
S15 ashley bw
S15 leslie bw
S15 dave bw
S15 aaron bw
S15 sherea bw
Fei Long
S15 amanda t
Fei Long
S15 courtney t
Fei Long
S15 denise t
Zhan Hu
S15 erik t
Fei Long
S15 frosti t
Zhan Hu
S15 jaime t
Zhan Hu
S15 james t
Fei Long
S15 jeanrobert t
Zhan Hu
S15 peihgee t
Fei Long
S15 todd t


  • This is the only episode of China in which both tribes win a challenge.
  • The episode title is said by James Clement. After he gets the Hidden Immunity Idol from Todd, he slaps Todd on the shoulder and thanks him. Todd jokes that James could have killed him just then and James replies, "That's love baby! It makes you strong!"