Ted Rogers, Jr. (also known as Big Ted) is a contestant from Survivor: Thailand.

He is remembered for being accused of "grinding" against Ghandia Johnson at night.


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Ted Rogers, Jr. was born and raised in Roosevelt, New York. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Management in Information Systems and is a member of the Iota Phi Theta Fraternity (Alpha Chapter) at Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. A former football player, Ted fulfilled a dream by playing in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys during their 1994 pre-season.

Ted is currently a software development manager at a major computer corporation. He previously worked as a software engineer, software designer, software developer and substitute teacher. He enjoys motorcycle riding, web page designing, and listening and dancing to music. Ted is most proud of creating the Big Dog Riders Motorcycle Club, which he feels not only eliminates the stereotype of a sports bike rider, but also provides a way to affect his community directly in a very positive manner.

Ted currently lives in Durham, North Carolina, with his wife and their child, Morgan. They have a miniature schnauzer named Nino and mixed breed dog named Sade. His birth date is December 28, 1964.[1]


Ted was a member of the older Chuay Gahn tribe in Survivor: Thailand. He, Brian Heidik, Helen Glover, Jan Gentry, and Clay Jordan bonded together early in the game and held true until the tribes merged. Ted was also involved in the controversial "Grindgate" incident of that season when on Day 8, fellow Chuay Gahn member Ghandia Johnson accused him of snuggling too close while sleeping in the cave during the night. Ted (who was married) felt guilty about the incident and apologized to Ghandia (who was also married). The next morning, he said that she reminded him of his wife. At that moment, Ghandia appeared to be fine, so she accepted Ted's apology and hugged him.

Later that afternoon, however, things turned out ugly when Ghandia learned from Helen (who actually learned from Brian) that Ted said that "nothing happened". She angrily went to the beach and began to scream and throw rocks into the ocean. She then went to both Helen and Jan and accused Ted of harassing her and tried to organize a plot to vote him off at the next Tribal Council. Ted got word of Ghandia's accusations and immediately called the tribe together to recap what actually happened to finally put the issue to rest. Ted punctuated his speech to the tribe by letting Ghandia know, in no uncertain terms, that he is not attracted to her, and is also happy with his relationship with his wife. Ted and the remaining members then concluded that Ghandia could not be trusted, and voted her off on Night 12. Since Ghandia's elimination, the remaining five Chuay Gahn members would remain in the game, by winning two successive Immunity Challenges, leveling the tribes with five members each.

On Day 19, when it appeared the tribes would merge, Ted invited Shii Ann Huang, who was the lowest rung in the Sook Jai majority alliance, to become part of theirs. But in the subsequent Immunity Challenge, the two tribes were shocked upon learning that the tribes merely just lived together, but did not merge. Chuay Gahn went on winning the next two challenges, decimating the rival Sook Jai tribe to three. The eight remaining players would then merge as the Chuay Jai tribe, where the five ex-Chuay Gahns systematically eliminated the remaining Sook Jai members, Ken Stafford, Penny Ramsey, and Jake Billingsley respectively.

Once the Chuay Gahn members had to turn on each other at ensuing Tribal Councils, Ted was first to go, being the biggest physical threat remaining.

At the Final Tribal Council, Ted castigated Brian for abusing their friendship and accused Clay of making racial slurs behind his back, which Clay denied. In the end, Ted voted for Brian to win, stating that he was the lesser of two evils.

Voting History

Ted's Voting History
Episode Ted's
Voted Against
1 John -
2 Tanya -
3 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
4 Ghandia -
5 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
6 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
7 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
8 Chuay Gahn Tribe Immune
9 Ken Jake, Ken, Penny
10 Penny -
12 Jake Individual Immunity
13 Jan Brian, Clay,
Helen, Jan
Voted Off, Day 36
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Ted attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Ted's luxury item was a shaving kit. He did not use it to shave his facial hair, and instead shaved his head, once every three days.
  • Ted was on the Dallas Cowboys' 1994 preseason roster but was cut before the season started.
  • Ted was the first person to be selected by Schoolyard Pick.
  • Ted is the first contestant to write a single letter in casting a vote for Ghandia Johnson at the time of her elimination.
  • Ted is the first Chuay Gahn member to be voted off unanimously.