Te Tuna
Te Tuna
Tribe Profile
Version: United States
Season: South Pacific
Namesake: From a Samoan legend about the origins of the coconut tree
Tribe Type: Merged Tribe
Day Formed: Day 19
Tribes Merged: Savaii
Lowest Placing Member: Jim Rice (12/18)
Highest Placing Member: Sophie Clarke (Winner)

Te tuna flag

Tribe Emblem

Te Tuna has no emblem.



Te Tuna is the merged tribe of Savaii and Upolu from Survivor: South Pacific.

They resided at the old Savaii campsite for the remainder of the competition. Their tribe color was yellow.


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 Coach Wade
S23 coach t
 Dawn Meehan
S23 dawn t
 Edna Ma
S23 edna t
 Jim Rice
S23 jim t
 John Cochran
S23 cochran t
S23 keith t
 Ozzy Lusth
S23 ozzy t
S23 rick t
S23 sophie t
S23 whitney t

Tribe History

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  • Though there have been several variations of the story over the Pacific region, the legend mostly revolved about a girl who had a growing "Tuna" (which is Samoan for "eel") for a pet. The "Tuna" fell in love with his master. Scared by this, the townspeople killed the eel, but the eel plead to the girl to bury his head underground. Once buried, the head transformed into a coconut tree.
  • Te Tuna is the first/second yellow merged tribe, following the gold Chuay Jai from Survivor: Thailand, eighteen seasons and nine years prior.
  • Te Tuna wrote the number "23" on their flag, symbolizing the 23rd Survivor season.
    • Brandon Hantz wrote "The Kid" on the tribe flag rather than his name.
    • On the tribe flag, Edna Ma wrote her surname in Chinese, "馬".
  • Te Tuna is the first tribe to merge at 12 and have equal numbers from both original tribes.
  • The Final Three on the flag is circled, which is Albert Destrade, Coach Wade, and Sophie Clarke.