Tribe Profile
Namesake: Filipino word, meaning "rooster"
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Kalabaw
Tribe Status: Merged with Kalabaw on Day 17
Challenge Wins: 7
Lowest Placing Member: R.C. Saint-Amour (11/18)
Highest Placing Member: Lisa Whelchel &
Michael Skupin (Runners-Up)


Tribe Sigil
Tandang insignia


Tandang is a tribe from Survivor: Philippines.

The most dominant of the three tribes, their athleticism was only rivaled by the Kalabaw tribe on some instances. They also witnessed the destruction of Matsing, where Tandang received one of two remaining Matsing members. But despite avoiding Tribal Council during their entire tenure as a tribe, cracks within the tribe emerged, because the alliances formed within the tribe were yet to be tested. Their tribe color is yellow.


Original Tribe

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S25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t

Post-Tribe Dissolve

S25 abimaria tS25 artis tS25 lisa t
S25 malcolm tS25 michael tS25 pete tS25 rc t
  • Abi-Maria Gomes
  • Artis Silvester
  • Lisa Whelchel
  • Malcolm Freberg, a bartender from Hermosa Beach, California.
  • Michael Skupin
  • Pete Yurkowski
  • R.C. Saint-Amour

Tribe History

A Troubled Coop of Roosters

The minute the Tandang tribe reached shore, strategy immediately started when R.C. and Abi-Maria formed an alliance, and added Pete and returning contestant Michael Skupin. The four decided to eliminate Lisa for being the most distant than the much-athletic Artis. On their first night, Michael, who easily recognized Lisa from The Facts of Life, conversed with her. Lisa, who did not want to divulge her past as an actress, admitted she was the actress whom Michael adored during his youth, and told him she would want to keep her identity secret. However, all of the roosters' plans were put on hold after they won the first Immunity Challenge on Day 3 (placing 2nd). R.C. found the clue to Tandang's Hidden Immunity Idol in the bag of rice and shared it with Abi-Maria.

Tensions boiled between R.C. and Abi when the latter noticed R.C. and Michael changing the subject of their conversations as she walked up to them. Abi threatened R.C. by saying she would be "dead" to her if she betrayed her. While enduring the punishing Philippine rains, Lisa, an admitted introvert, felt she cannot fit in the group and walked away from the shelter while the rest of the tribe bonded. Lisa sat on the well and became emotional, feeling alone. Back at the shelter, the five other tribe members agreed to vote Lisa off once they lose. But at the second Immunity Challenge, Lisa led the tribe to a first-place finish and a second consecutive victory.

Despite their alliance, R.C. and Abi-Maria's relationship grew more and more strained, with Abi breaking her pact with R.C. by making Pete her new closest ally. Pete then made a power play by making an alliance between himself, Abi, and the former outsiders Lisa and Artis, isolating Skupin and R.C. But for the third consecutive time, Tandang won immunity an reward, finishing second. It should be noted that during the first six days of the competition, Michael, who went down in Survivor history as the man who fell on the fire, accumulated several wounds, which became a worry to his tribemates.

Pete continued his plan of creating chaos on his tribe by planting the Hidden Immunity Idol clue in plain sight near R.C.'s bag, forcing her to have to read the clue out loud to her tribemates and creating even more friction between her and Abi. This prompted Abi and Pete to look for the idol themselves. Finding the right opportunity, the two successfully deciphered the clue, which led them to the token with a rooster engraved on it, which served as the handle of Tandang's rice bin. Abi-Maria pried the token off, revealing a note behind it, confirming that the token was indeed the idol. They end up winning immunity again in first place.

A New Kid on the Block

On Day 11, both Tandang and Kalabaw learned they would acquire one of the two members from the ill-fated Matsing tribe, which suffered heavily from Tandang and Kalabaw's prosperity. Out of Matsing's two remaining members, Malcolm, who was visibly excited to drop his blue buff, moved to their tribe. After delivering victory to Tandang, Malcolm, whose disposition elated his tribemates, found himself very popular and in a powerful position. Pete and R.C. vied for his undivided attention, but it was Pete who was victorious by telling Malcolm about the tribe's dynamics and his and Abi's possession of Tandang's idol (unknown to Pete, Malcolm had Matsing's idol). On Day 13, during the first Immunity Challenge as two tribes, the tribe then rallied to another victory, avoiding Tribal Council for the fifth straight time.

Two weeks into the game, the tribe realized their rice supply was in an all-time low. Pete and Artis blamed Michael for mismanaging the rice (e.g. eating the rice raw when their fire runs out). This problem was slightly resolved at the next Reward Challenge, where the two remaining returning players, Skupin and Kalabaw's Jonathan Penner. With the challenge being physical in nature and seemingly no-win scenario, the two returning players brokered an unprecedented deal. Jonathan proposed to make Tandang forfeit the challenge entirely, and his tribe would give their remaining rice supply in return. Michael accepted the deal with little input from his tribemates, giving up the actual reward to Kalabaw. However, the deal was deemed a double-loss for the tribe, as the rice they got from the barter was not as much as they hoped, with their replenished supply being good for only two days. Nonetheless, Michael's controversial move left him vulnerable. With Malcolm in the fold, Artis considered Michael to be expendable. Artis, Abi, and Pete expressed their dismay on the deal, but Michael rebutted that nobody voted against it. On Day 16, Tandang proved they benefited better from the rice deal, winning their sixth Immunity Challenge over the hungry and weakened Kalabaw tribe.

On Day 17, Kalabaw and Tandang merged into one tribe. Abandoning their yellow buffs, the six starting members of the Tandang tribe entered the merge complete. They moved to the deserted Matsing tribe camp for the remainder of the competition as the Dangrayne tribe. 



  • Yellow is one of the three colors represented in the Philippine flag by the means of the three five-point stars and a sun with eight rays.
  • Tandang holds the record for going the longest without losing a single member, 19 days, thus making it the only tribe to have all of its members make the merge.
  • Tandang is one of the seven tribes to never lose in all the Immunity Challenges they competed in, preceded by Koror, Bayoneta, Viveros, Puka Puka, and Moto, and followed by Tavua.
    • The only challenge they lost was a Reward Challenge via forfeit, if this is not counted as a defeat then they are the only tribe to never lose a challenge.
  • Tandang is the first tribe to have all of its original members make the merge.
    • Ostensibly, Tandang is also one of five tribes to never visit Tribal Council, preceded by Viveros, Bayoneta, and Puka Puka, and followed by Tavua, but it is the first and currently only one to be successfully dissolved by the merge.
  • R.C. Saint-Amour was the only member of this tribe to get a double-digit placement (11th place).
  • Tandang became the second tribe to have a tie as the season's highest-ranking members, Lisa Whelchel and Michael Skupin, following Moto's Dreamz Herd and Cassandra Franklin in Survivor: Fiji.
  • Tandang is the only tribe in Survivor: Philippines that the eventual Sole Survivor of the season, Denise Stapley, was never a member of.
  • Tandang is the only tribe to produce female Jury members in Philippines.
  • It is one of only two original tribes to enter the merge with more members (7) than it started the game with (6) (the other being Casaya from Panama)
  • Tandang is somewhat similar to the Chapera tribe of All-Stars.
    • Both tribes generally won challenges during the three-tribe phase.
    • Both tribes won the majority of challenges during the two-tribe phase.
    • Both tribes had a man and a woman at Final Tribal Council.
    • Both entered the merge with more members than both other tribes.
    • Both absorbed member(s) from another tribe.
  • Tandang has the highest average age out of the three tribes in Philippines, at approximately 41; Tandang had the eldest male and female contestants, and three out of the four eldest contestants of the season.
  • They are the first tribe to forfeit a challenge. They forfeited the last tribal reward of the season.
  • Tandang lived on Catanawan Island, the same island where Matsing and Gota lived.