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Takali tribe

New takali tribe millennials vs gen x

Tribe Profile
Namesake: Fijian word for "open sea"
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Ikabula
Tribe Status: Merged with Ikabula & Vanua on Day 21
Challenge Wins: 4
Lowest Placing Member: Rachel Ako (20/20)
Highest Placing Member: Ken McNickle (Co-Runner-Up)

Takali flag

Takali Insign


Takali is a tribe from Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X. They are the "Gen-X" tribe. Their tribe color is purple.


Original Tribe

S33 bret tS33 cece tS33 chris t
S33 david tS33 jessica tS33 ken tS33 lucy t
S33 paul tS33 rachel tS33 sunday t

Post-Tribe Switch

S33 adam tS33 figgy t
S33 jessica tS33 ken tS33 taylor t
  • Adam Klein, a homeless shelter manager from San Francisco, California.
  • Figgy Figueroa, a bartender from Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Jessica Lewis
  • Ken McNickle
  • Taylor Stocker, a snowboard instructor from Post Falls, Idaho.

Tribe History

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  • Takali is the fourth "older tribe" to go against a "younger tribe", following Casaya, La Mina, and Espada.
    • Like Espada, both tribes only won one Immunity Challenge before the swap, with it being the second one.


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