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Tribe Profile
Namesake: Filipino word meaning "Destiny"
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Galang
Tribe Status: Merged with Galang on Day 19
Challenge Wins: 3
Lowest Placing Member: Rachel Foulger (18/20)
Highest Placing Member: Ciera Eastin (5/20)

Tadhana1 flag

Tadhana Insignia

Tadhana Buff

Tadhana was a tribe on Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Originally comprised of new players competing against their returning loved ones from the other tribe, the original Tadhana tribe was weaker in challenges than its counterpart. Their tribe color was red.


Original Tribe

S27 brad tS27 caleb tS27 ciera t
S27 hayden tS27 john tS27 katie tS27 laurab t
S27 marissa tS27 rachel tS27 vytas t

Post-Loved Ones Switch

S27 brad tS27 caleb tS27 ciera t
S27 hayden tS27 john tS27 katie t
S27 marissa tS27 rachel tS27 vytas t

While Galang received Laura B. after being switched with Rupert Boneham (sending Rupert to Redemption Island instead) after she was voted out, Tadhana didn't receive any new castaway as John opted to leave his wife, Candice Cody on Redemption Island.

  • Brad Culpepper
  •  Caleb Bankston
  • Ciera Eastin
  • Hayden Moss
  • John Cody
  • Katie Collins
  • Marissa Peterson
  • Rachel Foulger
  • Vytas Baskauskas

Post-Tribe Switch

S27 aras tS27 caleb tS27 ciera t
S27 gervase tS27 hayden tS27 tyson t

Tribe History

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  • Tadhana is the first tribe to oppose a tribe of returning contestants and not be addressed as "Fans."
  • Tadhana is the second known tribe to have a camp near a waterfall, following Rotu.


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