Not to be confused with Takéo, a starting tribe in Koh-Lanta: Cambodge​.

Ta keo tribe

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New Takeo

Tribe Profile
Namesake: The Ta Keo temple
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Angkor
Tribe Status: Merged with Bayon on Day 17
Challenge Wins: 7
Lowest Placing Member: Vytas Baskauskas (20/20)
Highest Placing Member: Spencer Bledsoe (Co-Runner-Up)


Tribe Sigil

Ta keo buff

Ta Keo (ប្រាសាទតាកែវ) is a tribe from Survivor: Cambodia. Their tribe color is green.

In addition to being the physically weaker of the two starting tribes, Ta Keo's poor intertribal dynamics and general bad luck caused the tribe to enter the merge weakened in terms of numbers.


Original Tribe

S31 abimaria tS31 jeff tS31 kelley t
S31 kelly tS31 peihgee tS31 shirin tS31 spencer t
S31 terry tS31 vytas tS31 woo t

Post-Tribe Switch

S31 ciera tS31 joe tS31 kass t
S31 keith tS31 kelley tS31 terry t
  • » Ciera Eastin, from Blood vs. Water, known for voting out her mother and causing the second rock drawing tiebreaker in Survivor history.
  • » Joe Anglim, from Worlds Apart, notable for his leadership on the No Collars and his immunity run after the merge.
  • » Kass McQuillen, from Cagayan, remembered for her antagonistic nature and abrasive attitude after the merge.
  • » Keith Nale, from San Juan del Sur, remembered for his lack of strategic prowess, leading to the now-infamous "stick to the plan" phrase.
  • Kelley Wentworth
  • Terry Deitz

Post-Tribe Dissolve

S31 abimaria tS31 andrew tS31 ciera t
S31 kass tS31 kelly tS31 spencer tS31 woo t

Tribe History

Original Ta Keo

First Switch

Second Switch



  • Ta Keo's insignia is based on Hanuman, the Hindu monkey god.[1]
  • The correct Khmer pronunciation for Ta Keo is "Tae-Kell" with the Spanish /t/ sounds, however, it was Americanized as "Ta-Kay-o" throughout the season.
  • Ta Keo is the second green starting tribe on an all-Returning Players season, following Mogo Mogo in All-Stars
  • Ta Keo is the first tribe to feature two contestants with homophonic names: Kelley Wentworth and Kelly Wiglesworth.
  • Despite only attending Tribal Council three times, Ta Keo would lose six of its original members pre-merge, leaving a 9-4 deficit at the merge against the original Bayon tribe.
  • Ta Keo is the third tribe to have no members who remained on the tribe during its entire existence.
  • If The Outcasts from Pearl Islands are considered to have been an official tribe, Bayon and Ta Keo are the 99th and 100th tribes in Survivor history.
  • The location of the Ta Keo camp is in the same place as the Chan Loh camp in Kaôh Rōng. This beach is called Lonely Beach.