Syndicate Alliance
Syndicate alliance
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Fiji
Founder: Earl Cole
Members: Remained Loyal:
Earl Cole (Day 15-39)
Cassandra Franklin (Day 15-39)
Michelle Yi (Day 15-24)
Yau-Man Chan (Day 15-38)
Dreamz Herd (Day 27-39)
Boo Bernis (Day 25-37)
Stacy Kimball (Day 27-36)
Day Formed: Day 15
Enemies: Four Horsemen
Lowest Placing Member: Michelle Yi (10/19)
Highest Placing Member: Earl Cole (Sole Survivor)

The Syndicate Alliance is the majority alliance of Bula Bula in Survivor: Fiji.


Tribe Switch

On Day 15, a tribe switch occurred. All the members of the original Moto tribe with the exception of Boo Bernis and Cassandra Franklin were switched to the Ravu tribe. However, original Ravu members Earl Cole and Yau-Man Chan switched to Moto.

Michelle's Elimination

After the merge, the castaways had a twist where only half of the castaways would go to Tribal Council and vote, and the others would remain at camp. One team consisted of members Yau-Man Chan, Earl Cole, Cassandra Franklin, Boo Bernis and rival Edgardo Rivera. The other team consisted of members Stacy Kimball, Michelle Yi and rivals Mookie Lee, Dreamz Herd, and Alex Angarita. The tribe consisting of Boo, Cassandra, Earl, Edgardo, and Yau-Man won. This left alliance member Michelle vulnerable. Michelle had Mookie's vote and Stacy had Alex's vote. Swing vote Dreamz cast his vote for Michelle, eliminating her 3-2.

Four Horsemen Picked Off

The alliance was up in numbers 5-4 over the Four Horsemen, though the Four Horseman obtained an idol, which was told to the Syndicate Alliance by the Hourseman defector, Dreamz. He also told them that they were going to play the idol on either Mookie or Alex. Stacy came up with the idea to cast their votes toward Edgardo because his name has not came up. At Tribal Council, Alex played the idol and an unexpecting Edgardo was sent home in a 5-3-1 vote. The remaining members were picked off consecutively, with all three members joining the jury.

Everyone For Themselves

After Alex's elimination, the alliance was forced to turn on themselves as they were the only ones remaining.

The Truck Deal

At the final six Reward Challenge, Yau-Man won a truck, but then dealt the truck to Dreamz in exchange for individual immunity should Dreamz win it at a prospective final four. Dreamz wanted to take Yau-Man out without breaking the deal. He tried to vote him out at the next Tribal Council, but Yau-Man saved himself by playing his Hidden Immunity Idol. Dreamz then decided to get rid of Yau-Man at the final five, but Yau-Man thwarted his plan again by winning the Immunity Challenge. Dreamz won the Final Immunity Challenge. At Tribal Council, Dreamz reneged on his agreement with Yau-Man to hand over the Immunity Necklace, so Yau-Man was unanimously voted out.

Final Tribal Council

Earl, Dreamz, and Cassandra made it to the end of the game. At the Final Tribal Council, Dreamz was blasted for his numerous betrayals, and Cassandra was berated for being greedy and a user. Ultimately the jury voted for Earl to win in a 9-0-0 vote.


  • Yau-Man Chan is the only member of the alliance to return to compete for a future season.