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Survivor Historians
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Survivor Media
Description Podcast
Host(s) Mario Lanza
Jay Fischer
Paul Asleson
Season(s) Active Borneo - present
Website(s) Link

Survivor Historians is a podcast that chronicles the earlier seasons of Survivor hosted by Survivor analysts Mario Lanza, Jay Fischer, and Paul Asleson.


Mario Lanza, Jay Fischer, and Paul Asleson, three of the most sought-after Survivor writers during the series' earlier years, realized that due to the influx of new fans and the decreasing number of fans since Survivor: Borneo, they felt the need to archive the earlier seasons so that the new fans can get a grasp on how the Survivor series evolved into the show that it is today.

The Funny 115

The Historian's website also posts two incarnations of "The Funny 115", featuring the 115 funniest moments in Survivor history. The first version covered from Survivor: Borneo to Survivor: Guatemala, and the second version covered Survivor: Panama to Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. A third version, covering Survivor: Nicaragua to Survivor: Worlds Apart, is currently ongoing.


  • The guest in the Historians' first podcast was Beatles20147, the founder of Survivor Wiki.[1]