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Survivor Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame
Survivor Media
Description Recognition and Award Giving Body

The Survivor Hall of Fame is a special recognition given to Survivor contestants with exemplary deeds such as strategic brilliance, immense popularity or infamy. It is run by Xfinity TV, a part of cable TV company Comcast.


In 2010, Survivor fan Gordon Holmes, an assistant managing producer at Comcast initiated a yearly poll on which Survivor contestants (from the first season in Survivor: Borneo to the most recent season) deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame. How voters define "worthy" is in their discretion, whether it is personality, strategy, challenge performance or any other reason. Survivor producers, crew members, the press, the Xfinity staff (including Holmes himself) and former Hall of Fame inductees make up 50% of the final score, while the remaining half will come from the Survivor fanbase. Gordon's duel-tiered voting systems was devised to prevent one party from influencing the other, though Holmes found it "unnecessary."

After announcing their inclusion to the list, Holmes interviews the new inductees about their induction to the hall.


Ballots are filed in the blog page of the Xfinity TV website. In the first batch of inductees, five contestants are inducted. However, in subsequent years, three new inductees are being added.

As of now, fans may vote three contestants from any season at the comments section of the blog post that signals the opening of voting, which also announces the deadline of the voting process. [1][2]

Tribal Council Edition

In celebration of the 5th year of the award, instead of including three former players to the Hall of Fame, the "Survivor" Hall of Fame Executive Committee (which consists of luminaries such as "Survivor" host Jeff Probst, producers of the show, Hall of Famers and others)were asked to nominate their favorite Tribal Councils. From Tuesday, November 25, 2014 through Sunday, December 7, 2014 the comitee sent their three favorite Tribal Councils, resulting in a list of sixteen Tribal Councils available to public voting. The voting will be going from December 8 through December 12, and the three most votes will be revealed from December 15 through December 17, 2014.[3]


Inductees are enumerated based on their order of announcement.


Parvati is simply one of the greatest players in the history of the game. She is a great social player and a brilliant strategist.

John Kirhoffer

Could charm you, outwit you, outperform you in challenges and looked smokin' hot in a bikini.

–Kendall (a fan)

If I had to put money down on one player every single time, it would be Boston Rob. The best combination of smart, physical and cunning.

Jeff Probst

I count him as a winner alongside Amber for 'All-Stars,' because they played the game together as one entity. They were the strongest and most powerful alliance in the history of 'Survivor,' and I doubt they'll ever lose that title.

–Tara (a fan)

His plan to establish chaos and take advantage of his disoriented tribe was evil genius. He had a solid plan and executed it almost perfectly twice.

–John Kirhoffer

Redefined the game, got robbed the first time despite absolutely dominating it (the jury should be ashamed).

–Jimbo (a fan)

Taught everyone else how to play the game. Every time anyone says the word 'alliance', Hatch should get a nickel…and then not pay any taxes on it!

–Dalton Ross - Entertainment Weekly

Whether you like him or not, he set the standard for all future Survivors."

–Christian (a fan)

Winning twice should be an automatic inclusion in the Hall of Fame.

–Gordon Holmes - XFINITY TV

She's only had one vote cast against her. Say what you want, she was born to play this game.

–Adam (a fan)


She played a great strategic and social game all three times. She is super smart and definitely someone that is a threat every time. Cirie is someone you would want in your alliance and not outside of it.

–Rob Mariano

Cirie has an almost magical ability to just tell people something and make them believe it, no matter how ludicrous.

–James (a fan)

The most physical player to ever play this game is Ozzy. You have to give him credit for that. He is the number one most physical player to ever play the game by far.

–Russell Hantz

If anyone was ever born to be left to his own devices on an island, it's Ozzy. The guy is the absolute epitome of the living off the land conceit that "Survivor" is all about.

–Dalton Ross - Entertainment Weekly

He was respected by his entire tribe who recognized his leadership abilities. Tom was a challenge dominator. His physical strength ensured several tribe and individual immunity victories, and he maintained integrity and loyalty to his alliance.

–Sandra Diaz-Twine

Tom is the Bruce Willis of 'Survivor'—only more handsome and courageous. The New York City firefighter's leadership, strength, indomitability, and integrity earned him the admiration of his fans and fellow Palau competitors, who gave him a million dollars—and top billing.

–Drusilla Moorhouse – E! Online


Amanda is a great strategic, social, and physical player. Her approach to the game is subtle yet very effective for her. She knows who she is, what her strengths are, and how to implement them to get her deep and give herself a shot.

–Rob Mariano

She was skilled in creating powerful alliances for herself and using them to achieve her goals. She was also a great competitor in challenges and a clever strategist in her own right.

–Dylan (a fan)

He was an aggressive strategic player who didn't believe in loyalty. He was effective at switching alliances to keep himself in the game, and always had several deals on the table. He went with whatever benefited him and kept him alive in the game.

–Sandra Diaz-Twine

He changed the game for better and…had a bigger effect on the game than anyone except Richard Hatch. No longer was the gamer or the strategist the bad guy.

–Jamie (a fan)

He's probably the only guy to ever win "Survivor" by playing nice. Since winning Africa he's devoted his life to developing his charity, Grassroot Soccer and is a Hall of Famer in my book.

–Parvati Shallow

Not only is Ethan a winner at the game of "Survivor," but his work with Grassroot Soccer proves that he's a winner in life.

–Paul (a fan)


Kim Spradlin provided the single greatest performance by any first-time player.

–Parvati Shallow

She dominated the game physically, strategically, and socially. She made strong alliances (with Chelsea and Sabrina), had impeccable timing (blindsiding Kat, not playing her Hidden Immunity Idol), and had amazing jury management skills.

–Baus (a fan)

He went from the "zero in 90210″ the first time he played — to the winner of "Fans vs. Favorites." And yet, despite winning the game, his self-deprecation remains intact. If you congratulate him for winning, he'll say "Yeah but it took me two times, so I can't be that good." You are that good, Cochran and you deserve a spot in the "Survivor" Hall of Fame.

–Jeff Probst

One of the few who really learned from his mistakes and improved his game.

–Sue (a fan)

His calculated, pre-planned lie about his grandmother's death was brilliant and opened the door for future A-holes to use this strategy to get ahead. Not everyone can be the nice guy, right?

–Ethan Zohn

He changed the game by bringing the outside world into the game. Worked back and forth between alliances and had the trust of many different people in the game.

–Eric (a fan)


The very first season of 'Survivor' rocked my world even though I didn't see it until a week before boarding my plane to the Cook Islands. When Sue Hawk tore into the final two, describing her desire to 'watch the snake eat the rat,' she spoke to the raw emotion people feel upon being voted out or betrayed. That was my first glimpse into the heavy reality of competing in the 'Survivor' arena.

–Parvati Shallow

If the Borneo Tribal doesn't make it into the 'Survivor' Hall of Fame, the voters deserve no water. They should just lay there and let the buzzards do what they will with them.

–Erin (a fan)

We're coming up on our 30th season and prior to the gazillions of idols floating around how many people gave away immunity at Tribal Council and were voted out IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS?

–Cirie Fields

It was like watching a car crash in slow motion. I was screaming at my TV 'Dude! What're you doing?!

–Thomas (a fan)

Any time the idol king Russell gets caught with his pants down and egg on his face is a great moment for me and the viewers. I'm not a fan of Parvati, but she is easily the lesser of two evils.

–Jonny Fairplay

Queen Parvati makes a move that gives the advantage to the villains for the rest of the game. I think it was Candice saying if they have an idol they're not going to give it to Jerri… and they did, well Parvati did.

–Ignas (a fan)


What makes Jerri truly special is her three-season arc. Who else in 'Survivor' history has gone from literally being booed offstage to, in her last season, emerging as America's sweetheart? Nobody, that's who!

–John Cochran

She's a 'Survivor' legend and is hands down the most iconic female villain in the show's history.

–Ramsey (a fan)

He rose to the occasion his third time around, becoming a father figure to his flock and securing a spot in the final three. Sadly, Coach missed out on winning the game, but he still wins at life.

–Parvati Shallow

I'll talk to my parents who haven't watched 'Survivor' in 10 years and they know who Coach is. My roommates, who get annoyed with my obsession with 'Survivor,' know who Coach is and they haven't seen a single episode. He is one of the most iconic people to ever play the game of 'Survivor' and he needs to be inducted.

–Zach (a fan)

When the tribe was scrambling to make a shelter to sleep above the flea-infested beach and find water to boil and drink in order to survive the elements, the oldest contestant ever, Rudy, dug a 6-foot trench in the beach, lined it with palm leaves, and slept in it. Then he proceeded to drink the unfiltered, un-boiled water from a tiny stream. 'I used to drink water with dead bodies floating in it…this stuff is fine.

–Ethan Zohn

Richard Hatch quit an Immunity Challenge because he knew he couldn't beat Rudy in front of the jury.

–Donna (a fan)



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