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Survivor: America's Tribal Council
Americas Tribal Council logo
Survivor Gameplay
Description: America votes in their favorites moments and players of Survivor.
Appearances: All-Stars

Survivor: America's Tribal Council is a special episode of Survivor: All-Stars, where one of the eighteen returning contestants would receive an additional $1,000,000 by garnering the most votes from viewers named Fan Favorite Award (later revised to be named Sprint Player of the Season and awarding various prizes such as a car and $100,000).

This episode also spotlighted bests and favorites of the viewers from Seasons 1 through 8. The favorites/bests categories were "Best Survivor Fights", "Sexiest Survivor Men", "Hottest Survivor Women", "Best Survivor Villain", and "Most Memorable Moment".


The episode also featured different categories to be voted by the viewers for fun and they were as follows:

Best Survivor Fights

Winner: Rupert vs. Jonny Fairplay (Pearl Islands)

Sexiest Survivor Men

Winner: Colby Donaldson (The Australian Outback; All-Stars)

Hottest Survivor Women

Winner: Amber Brkich (The Australian Outback; All-Stars)

Best Survivor Villain

Winner: Jonny Fairplay (Pearl Islands)

Most Memorable Moment

Winner: Rupert Boneham stealing shoes belonging to the Morgan tribe in Pearl Islands

Top Four Fan Favorites

Winner: Rupert Boneham ($1,000,000 cash prize)


  • Of the six nominated for "Greatest Villain," only Jerri Manthey and Rob Mariano returned for Heroes vs. Villains.
  • During the preview for the upcoming season Survivor: Vanuatu, Jeff incorrectly said Vanuatu was going to have 16 castaways instead of 18.


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