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"Suck It Up and Survive"
Day 0 sjds
Jeff Probst welcomes the castaways of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.
Episode Information
Season: San Juan del Sur
Episode Number: 1/14 (400)
Original Release: September 24, 2014
Viewership (in millions): 9.75[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.7/9 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "It's Do or Die"
(previous season)
Next: "Method to This Madness"

Suck It Up and Survive is the premiere episode of Survivor: San Juan del Sur.


Day 0

One year ago, Survivor: Blood vs. Water pitted loved ones against each other, testing the core of human emotion in a way we've never experienced before. It was so compelling we're doing it again. Scattered below, nine pairs of Loved Ones have been dropped in the jungles of Nicaragua to begin the adventure of a lifetime. It's not even Day 1 and the game has already begun. Each pair has been given a flint to practice making fire together. It may be their only chance to help each other in the game. They come from all walks of life. Boyfriend, girlfriend Jon and Jaclyn are already experienced winners. She's Miss Michigan 2013, he played football for Michigan State.

Jeff Probst

Jon: We have a phenomenal relationship.

Jaclyn: We have fun.
Jon: But it's not all just this pretty beautiful picture that people just love to paint.
Jaclyn: Yeah, I don't want people to hate us and think that we're this like crazy perfect couple.
Jon: Yeah.

–Jon Misch & Jaclyn Schultz

Former professional baseball player John Rocker was at the center of controversy 15 years ago.

Jeff Probst

I've spent the last 15 years of my life trying to say "I'm not the loud, obnoxious, boisterous kind of guy" but media has loved over the years, you know, to label me racist, bigot, homophobe and everything else. I'm not a bigot. Thems are fighting words right there.

John Rocker

Long time girlfriend Julie, hopes to provide him with the support they need to pitch a perfect game and get to the end.

Jeff Probst

I have a lot to prove because everybody may say "look at the girl with the hair and the boobs, and, you know, and the boyfriend" but I am very independent. I can stand on my own two feet.

Julie McGee

Mother, daughter: Missy and Baylor are no strangers to adversity. Missy's three divorces have forced Baylor to take on the motherly role in this complicated relationship.

Jeff Probst

Baylor: The divorces have definitely brought us closer, you know, whatever happens to me affects her, whatever happens to her affects me.

Missy: Absolutely. There's this bond between mother and daughter that is so unbelievable, you can't tear it apart. I mean there's no stopping us. I mean, no way.

–Baylor Wilson & Missy Payne

Brothers Drew and Alec from rural Florida have always had a sibling rivalry. Now, younger Alec would love nothing more than to outlast his older brother in the game.

Jeff Probst

Alec: Drew and I have been going at it pretty much since I came out the womb, I mean I hope I can prove to him that I can beat him at this game.

Drew: I would love to see him beat me at this game honestly, I really would.
Alec: I'm gonna give you a front row seat.

–Alec Christy & Drew Christy

For hard working Dale, farming is the only life he's ever known but growing up, daughter Kelley couldn't wait to make her own path.

Jeff Probst

Kelley: My dad and I, we have had a up and down relationship over the past 10 years or so. We didn't talk for probably 3 or 4 years.

Dale: But I think Survivor will help us grow back together. This will be something that we can share for the rest of our lives together.

–Kelley Wentworth & Dale Wentworth

Longtime Survivor fans and couple, Josh and Reed performed on Broadway in New York and both feel they have what it takes to survive 39 Days in this jungle.

Jeff Probst

Josh: We both are such fans of the game. This guy, for our first Valentine's Day, gives me flint.
Reed: I got him flint! We're actually really comfortable being outdoors and sleeping in the dirt.

Josh: And we are now ready for it.

–Josh Canfield & Reed Kelly

They've left behind the comfort and safety of their normal world. For 39 Days they will be left to fend for themselves. Boston police officer Val and her firefighter husband Jeremy have an ongoing rivalry over their jobs despite being madly in love with each other.

Jeff Probst

Jeremy: I tried to get on Survivor for 10 years. I didn't bring her out here and leave our daughters at home to lose.

Val: I know that we're both in it to win it so may the best profession win.

–Jeremy Collins & Val Collins

Sri Lankan twins, Nadiya and Natalie took an aggressive approach on The Amazing Race and it failed them twice. Now they're looking to take on their biggest adventure yet and go all the way.

Jeff Probst

Nadiya: On Amazing Race we had all the basic needs. You take away all the basic needs and that's Survivor. We'll have sleepless nights, empty bellies.

Natalie: Survivor is going to be way harder than Amazing Race.
Nadiya: Our blood is thicker than anybody else's blood out here. I can guarantee you that because the longest, I think, we've ever been apart without seeing each other was like two weeks.

–Nadiya Anderson & Natalie Anderson

Father and son, Louisiana firefighters, Keith and Wes share a love for their job and the outdoors. But while Keith is nearing retirement, he is not yet ready to pass the torch to his son Wes.

Jeff Probst

Wes: This is my time to shine.

Keith: What about my time? Is it over with?
Wes: Your time has been gone.
Keith: Been gone?
Wes: It's showtime for me, I think.
Keith: Showtime for you...
Wes: I got social aspect, physical aspect, mental aspect. I feel like I got it all.
Keith: You're as mentally strong as that rock (pointing to rock).

–Wes Nale & Keith Nale

Their relationships will be put to the ultimate test. It's Survivor: San Juan del Sur – Blood vs. Water. Eighteen Americans, forced to work together while battling the elements and each other. They must learn to adapt or they will be voted out. In the end, only one will remain and claim the million dollar price. 39 Days, 18 People, 1 Survivor!

Jeff Probst

Day 1

I felt a tug on my stomach, like oh no, like what do I say to Natalie right before she goes? Being separated and not being able to know how a tribe is going to treat us. It was gut wrenching.

Nadiya Anderson

This is it. Now I'm going to be competing against my daughter. That was pretty touching for me and it just brings it all home, you know, this whole Blood vs. Water. That's what this is about.

Missy Payne

I've watched all types of sports and I'm pretty darn sure this is John Rocker, the relief pitcher for the Braves and he was an ass when he played then, he might be still an ass now.

Keith Nale

I knew it's Blood vs. Water but my worst nightmare was to do this to my wife and now she's just gone and it's my fault that she's gone.

Jeremy Collins

We walked down this beautiful beach. It's such an epic Survivor moment. I got goosebumps thinking about it, it's so crazy 'cause also you're like "Oh, now we just need to do things!" Like, this is it. Like, go!

Reed Kelly

Everyone was saying you know, good job and it was a tough decision for me to go against my wife and everything but everyone's happy that I won flint and beans for them and everything but going into the challenge against my wife... like I was like (pauses and looks away) … like I was "I ain't crying out here" you know, and like they won, you know what I'm saying? Like these dudes are going to kill me back home. Me going one on one against her, like that hurt and then to see her go away. That's my wife, you know, I need to take care of her and like I didn't do that. In Blood vs. Water you do have to think about your Loved Ones and for me and Val, I feel in this game, it's all about us as a couple but it doesn't look good for her. I have a good rapport with women, I get along with women, so it's time to go balls to wall. It's time to play.

Jeremy Collins

I really like Jeremy, you know, the way he fought today and the way he, his emotions after he had sent his wife to Exile Island showed like real true, like a good heart, you know, so I would say if I had to choose one person as my designated Twinnie, it's Jeremy. Everybody loves a firefighter.

Natalie Anderson

For being married and divorced as many times as I have, I've learned, I've learned that you have to listen to your gut and my gut tells me that Jeremy is good.

Missy Payne

This game, it moves so much. The beginning of the game messed me up right away but I feel pretty good where I'm at right now. Everybody's on my side and I'm the popular guy. Everybody wants to date the prom king so this is perfect. This will work out.

Jeremy Collins

Day 1 we are doing the necessities which is trying to get fire, trying to get some nourishment in our stomachs and trying to build a shelter. It's a young group. We're with Wes, and Baylor, and Alec. They're like this young group and then it's me, Josh and Jaclyn kind in the middle and then we got the other dude is 40, and dad is like 55 and like, come on!

Nadiya Anderson

Right off the bat there was a very definite "OK, I'm 25 years older than almost everybody here" (laughs). I'm a self-employed farmer. I've been there all my life and we don't get a lot of visitors. My biggest challenge on Survivor is I'm not used to being in a big group of strangers. That's tough but you're always have to be looking for the positive in a situation. My first trip down to the water, I put the lid back on the well and I looked down and there's this little emblem and I go "It's not an Idol" but it could be useful someday. So I need to look at some other way to get myself into that tribe pretty fast. I'm trying to get fire so we can boil water. It smokes but the humidity just, it won't get that red coal going. The longer I sat there, the more pissed off I was getting at myself. I'm supposed to be able to start fire. I've done it before. I used to start them all the time with magnifying glasses as a kid growing up.

Dale Wentworth

We need fire so we have two groups of people working on two different methods. Dale is working on glasses and the sunlight which I've never seen before happen or work. And then we have group 2 which is a couple of us just scrubbing, and scrubbing, and scrubbing, and scrubbing, and trying to get something.

Baylor Wilson

I snapped my glasses in half and doubled up the lenses to double the magnification on them. I'm sacrificing my ability to see in the game later on so I can start a fire.

Dale Wentworth

I have to be honest. At first, you look at the oldest guy in the tribe and you know they're immediately a target and then Dale was the one who saved us all. Like the very first thing that we really needed, he provided.

Josh Canfield

I think I don't need to worry about the social circle as much as I did. I'm the fire-starter now so that's pushed me up the food chain, so to speak.

Dale Wentworth

First landing on Exile Island was a big shock. I mean, the Coyopa tribe is now all bonding so if there were gonna get rid of somebody first it would probably be me and on top of that, Exile Island frickin' sucks! It's desolate, it's rocky, in the ocean, looks unswimmable. You're really left with nothing.

Val Collins

I'm thinking playing Survivor, I'm thinking take it to the end and then boom, I'm on Exile Island. The first, I'm the first out of the shoot, me and Val. That ain't the way I had this mapped out. I don't even know my tribe yet. I don't want to be here.

Keith Nale

He picked his urn and I picked mine. We both had a note and started to read it. I was so preoccupied for the fact that I had a clue for the Idol back at camp, that I didn't even realize that his was blank. And I think he expected that I was going to say "Oh, read it!". I wasn't going to do that.

Val Collins

Mine was blank. Story of my life. I said "What you get, Val?" She kind of hem-hawed around and um, if its got something to do with Val's tribe, more power to her. 'Cause I'm not going back to Val's tribe, I'm going back to my tribe.

Keith Nale

Come to find out, Val's husband is a firefighter. That is going to be a bond. That's going to be a big plus, probably. When I do get back to camp, I'm going to check in with Jeremy. See where he stands but who knows? I don't know what I'm going to walk into going back there. Worst case, all eight of 'em hate me. That's the end of my Survivor career.

Keith Nale

I didn't really want to but I kinda was forced to step in and really take control of the construction of the shelter. It was a lot of work to kinda build the initial foundation for our structure. Definitely important that we have something levitated off the ground that could give a nice little cool breeze from the ocean. I hope the tribe appreciates the hard work and effort that I put into the shelter. You know I was actually a successful model for the last few years. I'm kinda not a big shot here, but you know, I'm sure my face is around some different places, but I'm not here to be a model at all. I'm here to be a Survivor.

Drew Christy

Oh my God, I'm not sure why Drew thinks he's in charge. He's a little bit too arrogant, bless his heart. Being a woman and who I am, I mean, I'm dating John Rocker and he used to play in the Major Leagues. He is Type A with a capital A, so I understand the dude mentality and Drew, I mean, he's just kinda like a young dumb guy.

Julie McGee

I had a suspicion about John the minute I saw him. I said "Man, dude, I know that guy from somewhere" and I realized he played professional baseball for the Atlanta Braves and I said "Man, that's my favorite team!" Everybody watched Atlanta. That was when they were in their prime, you know.

Wes Nale

I've been hoping to skate through this game, anonymous, you know, unscathed, under the radar. If I'm recognized by some of the other players in the game, I'm gonna lie about it because I've not had a whole lot of anonymity, you know, for the last 18 years of my life. Wes busted me. It didn't take long. Two or three hours out here he asked me this: "Your name is John, huh? What's your last name?" I'm like... (lowers head in frustration)

John Rocker

He's like "Yeah, it's me. I was like, I'm trying to keep a low profile." I mean, it feels good. I feel like he's from Georgia, I'm from Louisiana. I knew who he was. Kinda got somewhat of a connection. I played baseball so...

Wes Nale

With Wes knowing who I am, a secret like that, being kept safe with him may not be such a, such a good thing. So our first Council we go to, I will get a little jumpy, so I may try to get Wes out.

John Rocker

Day 3

All of a sudden my eyes start flaring up and now it's just burning and just constant watering. Survivor always throws a curve-ball at you and I was just like "Ah, but you're out here in the middle of nowhere where you're not used to and you get this (pointing at eyes)".

Josh Canfield

Ugh! Josh's eyes! They're so red and I hope that I don't get what he has because it looks awfully painful. Now he can't really open them so, not a good sign three days in.

Baylor Wilson

So we're figuring that the foliage that we used for roofing has some kind of poison sap or something that people were touching. So we are working to remove that and get that the heck away from our camp. We got poison sap, you got scorpions. Shoot, there could be a puma running around here I don't know about. There is definitely dangers that are far from anything I know, in Florida, around here.

Alec Christy

I've always been a goofball but I got a lot more depth to me than it would appear. Nobody here knows what's going on at home. Basically, in February they found that my dad he had a tumor in his brain, uh, right back here (pointing to back of head). It's not curable so I spent a lot of time thinking about it, obviously. Um, I think I'm cried out about it. Knowing that my dad and I don't have very much longer to be together, it was very hard to make the decision to come out to Survivor but my dad is a big fan of Survivor and I wouldn't have come without his blessing. I just hope that, uh, I can watch it with him and I just hope I can make him proud out here.

Jon Misch

It could very well could be me going home. I would be very surprised. I'm the only one that can start fire but I'm the oldest guy in this damn bunch so never know what's going to happen.

Dale Wentworth

I just rejoined my original tribe. First thing we do was the challenge. Boom, won that! And then to come out here and see what they all got accomplished. Looks like they worked together. That's a good thing. Didn't really know what to expect and uh, so I kinda worked my way into this tribe since I've been gone. I'm just going to try slip in, fit in a little bit. Just now, figuring out their names. I knew Jeremy and that was about it.

Keith Nale

So right from the beginning of the challenge, Val and I saw each other. When I see her, she's like "I'm alright" so I knew Keith took care of Val. I don't know how far that will take him but I feel like I owe him something.

Jeremy Collins

I got Jeremy kind of halfway on my side, I would think. He's a firefighter, I'm a firefighter. I mean, the fire department is a brotherhood. Now the other, boy seven, I have no idea about. Give me a day or two and we'll figure all this out. See what happens.

Keith Nale

After losing, immediately I'm thinking pretty much I haven't got to play the game and my game might be over so as soon as I knew where the well was, which was part of my Idol clue, that's where I was going. I have got to find this Idol.

Val Collins

Nadiya is a known element. Obviously, she's been on The Amazing Race. She's shown that she can backstab somebody. So the rest of the tribe I don't know that about. Nadiya, she's proven it, we've watched it.

Dale Wentworth

Dale and the guys think, you know, Nadiya should be the first one to go because, you know, she was on The Amazing Race and of course you say yes. And then Nadiya approached me, I think a couple of minutes later. I mean, of course, anybody who comes to me, I'm like "Thank God! You're coming to me!" You know, and I wanted to be that person in this game. I made it, that was one of my goals, to be the person that people are coming up to me and saying "I want to work with you." Nadiya said "Oh, I was just counting you as a girl." My boyfriend can tell you, one of the worst things to say to me! But, I don't blame her and people stereotype people all the time so I'm kind of keeping my options open right now. I feel like have a lot of choices.

Josh Canfield

So all the girls get together. It was a good opportunity for us to all to recognize that we need to stick together this point and our options are very slim if we don't. Yeah, I thought for sure I would want to work with Josh, the gay guy, you know, we already counting him as a girl and that's 5.

Nadiya Anderson

The plan is to vote Dale out because we don't think he's helpful in the challenges. If I don't go with the women, I would definitely do whatever Josh is doing. I haven't had a chance to talk to him yet about what his plans are but I kind of want to hear from him first.

Baylor Wilson

There is a lot up in the air tonight and I do feel a lot of that weight is on me. I think I'm kinda right in the middle between the guys alliance and the girls alliance. Being a fan of the show, this is a big deal but it ultimately is which one I think is going to get me furthest in the game. Sometimes the people with the swing vote end up in the worst position so I don't even know if I'm going to really decide until Tribal Council which one I'm going to go with.

Josh Canfield


Reward (Hero Duel)

Challenge: Man in the Box
One person from each tribe will race through a wood cube, while untangling rope and searching for two rings. When they reach the first ring, they will use it to retrieve a platform and drag it back. They will then head back into the cube to untangle the rest of the rope and get the second ring. It will be used to retrieve a second platform. The first person to retrieve both platforms and get them across the finish line wins reward for their tribe.
Reward: Flint and a bag of beans.
Winner: Hunahpu (Jeremy Collins chose Keith Nale to accompany Val Collins to Exile Island).

Reward Challenge (Hero Duel): Man in the Box
Result Tribe Representative Spectators
Won Hunahpu S29 jeremy t
S29 drew tS29 jon tS29 julie tS29 keith t
S29 kelley tS29 missy tS29 natalie tS29 reed t
Drew, Jon, Julie, Keith, Kelley, Missy, Natalie, & Reed
Lost Coyopa S29 val t
S29 alec tS29 baylor tS29 dale tS29 jaclyn t
S29 john tS29 josh tS29 nadiya tS29 wes t
Alec, Baylor, Dale, Jaclyn, John, Josh, Nadiya, & Wes


Challenge: Temple of Syrinx
Each tribe will race through a series of obstacles to get to the top of a giant tower. First both tribes will crawl under an obstacle. They will then work together to retrieve three bags, which contain pieces they will need to get to the top. For the first wall of the tower they will use a rope to get over it. For the second wall they will use pegs. For the third and final wall they will have only each other to help climb it. Once the entire tribe is at the top of the tower, four people from each tribe will solve a puzzle. The first tribe to finish wins immunity.
Addition Stipulation: Coyopa gets flint if they win the challenge.
Winner: Hunahpu

Immunity Challenge: Temple of Syrinx
Result Tribe Obstacles Only Puzzle Solvers
Won Hunahpu S29 drew tS29 jeremy tS29 keith tS29 missy tS29 natalie t
Drew, Jeremy, Keith, Missy, & Natalie
S29 jon tS29 julie tS29 kelley tS29 reed t
Jon, Julie, Kelley, & Reed
Lost Coyopa S29 baylor tS29 john tS29 nadiya tS29 val tS29 wes t
Baylor, John, Nadiya, Val, & Wes
S29 alec tS29 dale tS29 jaclyn tS29 josh t
Alec, Dale, Jaclyn, & Josh

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
S29 nadiya t
Nadiya (5 votes)
S29 alec tS29 baylor t
S29 dale tS29 john tS29 wes t
Alec, Baylor, Dale, John, & Wes
S29 dale t
Dale (3 votes)
S29 jaclyn tS29 nadiya tS29 val t
Jaclyn, Nadiya, & Val
S29 baylor t
Baylor (1 vote)
S29 josh t
S29 nadiya bw
Nadiya Anderson

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Nadiya) Y'know, I love you sweetheart. Great personality. But just way too much experience on The Amazing Race.

John Rocker

(voting for Dale) 'Cause you're the odd man out.

Nadiya Anderson

Final Words

This is the second time I'm out first. It sucks! I don't know if because of Amazing Race I had a target on my back. Anything's a possibility. You can have regrets in this game, but it is what it is. So I'm not surprised, but I'm definitely disappointed. I hope Natalie wins it all. It's gonna be hard without a Loved One there with her, but I'm gonna be rooting for her all the way.

Nadiya Anderson

Still In the Running

S29 nadiya bw
S29 alec t
S29 baylor t
S29 dale t
S29 drew t
S29 jaclyn t
S29 jeremy t
S29 john t
S29 jon t
S29 josh t
S29 julie t
S29 keith t
S29 kelley t
S29 missy t
S29 natalie t
S29 reed t
S29 val t
S29 wes t


Behind the Scenes


Episode Title

  • The title was said by Josh Canfield, referring to his eye condition.


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