"Stuck in the Middle"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Nicaragua
Episode Number: 10/16 (315)
Original Release: November 17, 2010
Viewership (in millions): 11.98[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 3.5/10 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Running the Camp"
Next: "We Did It Guys"

Stuck in the Middle is the tenth episode of Survivor: Nicaragua.


Day 24

Day 25

Day 26

Day 27

Before tribal Holly Hoffman decides to pull a plan to blindside Brenda, seeing her as a huge threat, the majority of the tribe joins in. Brenda believes that Sash would play his idol on her but he doesn't, sending Brenda home.


Challenge: Barrel Bridge
The tribe would be split into two teams by school yard pick. The teams would be given four barrels, two wood planks, and 10 feet (3.0 m) of rope that they would use to cross the beach without stepping on the sand. If any team member steps onto the sand, the entire team would have to restart from the beginning. The first team to reach the finish line would win.
Reward: A helicopter trip to the Cerro Negro volcano with volcano surfing and pizza, brownies, and soft drinks.
Winners: Blue Team (Chse Rice, Fabio Birza, Jane Bright, Kelly Shinn, and NaOnka Mixon)

Challenge: Splash Back
The castaways would stand on small platforms and hang on to a rope while leaning backwards over a pool of water. The rope would have knots tied along its length. In five-minute intervals, the castaways would have to move further down the rope to the next knot, increasing the angle at which they were hanging over the water. The last castaway to hang on to the rope would win.
Winner: Jane Bright

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
S21 brenda t
Brenda (8 votes)
S21 benry tS21 chase tS21 dan tS21 fabio t
S21 holly tS21 jane tS21 naonka tS21 sash t
Benry, Chase, Dan, Fabio, Holly, Jane, NaOnka, Sash
S21 benry t
Benry (1 vote)
S21 kellys t
Kelly S.
S21 naonka t
NaOnka (1 vote)
S21 brenda t
S21 brenda bw
Brenda Lowe

Voting Confessionals

Dan and Kelly S. did not say anything when they voted.

(voting for Brenda) Love you B, but I've gotta get rid of you before you can get rid of me.

Benry Henry

(voting for NaOnka) I was going to vote for Benry, but why if you are my real, true enemy? I thought you were my friend.

Brenda Lowe

(voting for Brenda) You know this isn't what I wanted at all. Believe me, you'll see that NaOnka's the one that screwed the whole damn thing up.

Chase Rice

(voting for Brenda) Super-cool girl, Brenda, but this game is not as easy as you think.

Fabio Birza

(voting for Brenda) You just thought things were gonna come easy to you. You should have scrambled.

Holly Hoffman

(voting for Brenda) Brenda, you and I would have made a great team, but when you start trying to bust up original alliances between my Carolina homeboy Chase - he and I are both die-hard Earnhardt fans; that ain't gonna work - then you try to bust up my original Espada alliance, my only friend I had at Espada. That ain't gonna work. I tell you I ain't gonna write your name down, I mean it. I'm holding true to the people I made a solid alliance with.

Jane Bright

(voting for Brenda) It's amazing the things people will say when they know they're about to go home. I talk too much? Maybe you just talked yourself home.

NaOnka Mixon

(voting for Brenda) I really wanted to go to the end with you, but your plan is to backstab me, so I have to strike first.

Sash Lenahan

Final Words

I'm still in disbelief, really, at how outplayed I was by the person that I trusted the most, NaOnka. It's just funny how the game changed so fast for me. One day I was at the top, and now, I'm out. It was a crazy game that I didn't expect would end so soon for me, but I am kind of sad that it's over.

Brenda Lowe

Still in the Running

S21 wendy bw
S21 shannon bw
 Jimmy J.
S21 jimmyj bw
 Jimmy T.
S21 jimmyt bw
S21 tyrone bw
 Kelly B.
S21 kellyb bw
S21 yve bw
S21 jill bw
S21 alina bw
S21 marty bw
S21 brenda bw
S21 benry t
S21 chase t
S21 dan t
S21 fabio t
S21 holly t
S21 jane t
 Kelly S.
S21 kellys t
S21 naonka t
S21 sash t


  • At the live reunion show, Brenda explained that her abrupt elimination was caused by her scheming to vote Sash. She told the plan to NaOnka, who then relayed the message to Sash.
  • The key that Brenda drew on her vote for NaOnka was intended to be a sketch of the Hidden Immunity Idol (the idol is shaped like a key). In an interview, Brenda revealed that the purpose for that was to let everyone know that NaOnka had the idol.
  • Fabio is the only person who cast a vote against Brenda in a previous episode to successfully vote her off in this episode.
  • The episode title is said by Chase, describing his predicament of being torn between two alliances.