"Starvation and Lunacy"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Panama
Episode Number: 4/16 (172)
Original Release: February 23, 2006
Viewership (in millions): 14.85[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 5.5/14 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Crazy Fights, Snake Dinners"
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Starvation and Lunacy is the fourth episode of Survivor: Panama.


Day 9Edit

At the La Mina camp, The men eres trying to start a fire and succeeded. Sally walks and said hello in a dejected voice. In a confessional, Sally reviews the events of Tribal Council and pointed out that the men said that Ruth-Marie was going and states that she feels as the odd one out. She finishes her confessional Dan talks to Ruth-Marie and offers her to join in the alliance with her. Ruth thanks him. In a confessional, Dan says that Ruth was the fifth that the alliance is looking for. The two continue to talk. Dan believes that Sally would flip when the tribes Merge. The men talk about the alliance and Ruth-Marie as a fifth.  At Casaya, Shane, Aras, and Bruce are collecting snails. When they return, the men see Courtney doing yoga. Danielle and Bobby were sleeping in the shelter. Aras made a confessional about how his tribe doesn't realize they are on an island. When asked if the water was ready for boiling, Courtney replied that the fire was out. Aras was annoyed and talked to Danielle and Courtney about tribe responsibilities. Aras reveals in a confessional that despite his alliance, he is annoyed with Courtney. The tribe eat the snails. Cirie makes a confessional about the drama and how she loves it as it gets the target of her back.

The tribes arrive for the challenge. Jeff explains how the challenges work and reveals the reward is a full-on Survivor bathroom. La Mina initially had a slight lead, but it then became neck and neck. However, Austin had trouble unclipping his piece which was made worse by his piece not being in the ring. This allow Casaya to gain the slight lead. Casaya would win the challenge and Exile Terry.

La Mina returns from the challenge and Sally talks in a confessional about the challenge. The tribe decided to improve the camp. The tribe was immediately divided on priorities. In a confessional, Austin says he misses Terry and wants him to come back.

Casaya returns to camp to a bathroom and happy that they won. Danielle reviews what they won in the challenge in a confessional. Aras proposes to use the outhouse as a storage place for firewood. Bobby asked if he can use the bathroom. Bobby uses it and reveals in a confessional he was going to use the bathroom before they started storing stuff in it. Danielle makes a confessional, voicing her frustration with Bobby and lists the reasons why she doesn't like him. When asked about his experience in the bathroom, Bobby says he feels ten pounds lighter. Aras propose to celebrate the victory. Shane explains that they have La Mina's leader, Terry, where they want him. 

At Exile, Terry climbs the skull to get his Tree Mail. His clue states that the idol is under a rock. Terry reviews the previous clues and was able to find the idol fairly quickly. He makes fire and in a confessional, Terry states that Casaya did him a favor.

Day 10Edit

No footage from Day 10 was shown.

Day 11Edit

The Casaya wakes up to an empty fire pit. Aras and Shane decided to build a new one near the shelter, which was the subject of Cirie's confessional. Aras makes confessional about if he or Shane pushes for something, they get it. He praises Cirie's work ethic but describes the rest of the tribe as pathetic. Danielle just stands and watches Cirie digging. Shane calls Danielle out for her laziness. Shane repeats himself when she didn't hear him the first time and says that is the consensus along the tribe. Danielle points out the sleeping Bobby, but Shane counters that this was about her. Danielle makes a confessional about Shane's attitude. Shane calls for Aras and asked him if he share in his opinion. Aras agrees with Shane. Danielle and Shane argue over what they do for the tribe. Cirie, makes a confessional on how she should have left when Shane asked her for her opinion. Cirie says Danielle does stuff but the others do more. In a confessional, Cirie describes the majority alliance as a psychotic joke that is slowly unraveling.

At La Mina, tribe is doing chores. However, Austin and Sally started complaining about the lack of food. Nick goes fishing but with little success. Austin describes how difficult making fire with Terry is. Things gotten worse because of it. Sally describes how the men are struggling and she is in danger if La Mina loses immunity.

The tribes arrive for the challenge and Terry is welcomed back from exile. He explains that the idol could have been found by Bruce or Terry or still out there. Jeff explains how the challenge works and asks who is the sit out, which was Bobby. The challenge was close, but Casaya won the challenge.

La Mina goes back to camp, asking Terry what to do. He says to work on the fire. Ruth Marie describes how the tribe was glad to have Terry back. Terry was asked about his time on exile, but because he wasn't asked about the idol, he decides not to tell anyone. In a confessional, Austin said that Sally is going. Sally says she expects the vote but she had game left in her. Austin talks to Terry about how they must win challenges to avoid being picked off one by one at the merge, starting with Terry. Austin points out the tribe must be strong and points out Sally's performance in the challenge. He also points that they didn't make any promises to Ruth-Marie. Terry agrees and goes to tell Dan about the change. Dan make a confessional about the change and views it as a mistake. Dan lobbied to Austin to keep Ruth-Marie. Nick makes a confessional about the situation and felt bad about it. Sally makes a confessional about how shameful it would be for her to pack her things when she has so much to offer the tribe. La Mina eats a pot of boiled snails. Ruth Makes a confessional, stating that she believes Sally is going provided no last minute changes she is unaware of. Austin makes a confessional about how he doesn't know how the vote will go.

At Tribal Council, the tribe was questioned about Terry's stay on exile and how it affected the tribe along with tribe performances. When the vote came, Ruth-Marie was voted out in a 4-2 vote.


Challenge: Puzzle Paranoia
Each tribe has six floating puzzle pieces, and one at a time a member will race out to unclip a puzzle piece and get it inside the puzzle frame. Once all six pieces are inside the puzzle frame, the tribe will start to assemble the puzzle, matching the corresponding images on each side of every puzzle piece. The first tribe to correctly assemble the puzzle.
Reward: Towels, soap, sink, toilet seat, shower, fresh water.
Winner: Casaya (exiled Terry Deitz)

Challenge: Sea Level, Tree Level
One player sits on a swing-style chair attached by rope-and-pulleys to a barrel; another stands on a platform near the raised barrel. The four remaining players, tied together in pairs, cross a long balance beam holding buckets to reach the sea. Fill them up, come back across the beam, and pour it into a bucket, which will be winched up by the player on the platform, who pours it into the barrel. Eventually, the bucket will fall, raising the player on the chair until they can pull a pin releasing the tribe flag.
Winner: Casaya

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 4:
La Mina
S12 ruthmarie t
Ruth-Marie (4 votes)
S12 austin tS12 nick tS12 sally tS12 terry t
Austin, Nick, Sally, Terry
S12 sally t
Sally (2 votes)
S12 dan tS12 ruthmarie t
Dan, Ruth-Marie
S12 ruthmarie bw
Ruth-Marie Milliman

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

(voting for Ruth-Marie) Ruth-Marie, you're an incredibly strong woman. Any Carolinian would be proud to call you one of us.


(voting for Ruth-Marie) Ruthie, I, I'm gonna miss you already. Uh, it's a terrible decision, but we're all gonna... I don't know. Hopefully, we'll see each other again. I love you out here. You did so much for me, and I hope I can repay you at some point.


(voting for Ruth-Marie) We talked about this earlier, and I love you so much and respect you so much. Um, it's probably gonna be you or me tonight, girl, so I'll miss you.


(voting for Ruth-Marie) Ruth-Marie, sorry it had to come down to it. It's really unfortunate. But as the unknown challenges show up, I think Sally's better matched up with Courtney and Danielle. You're a great woman. Thanks for your teamwork. Take care of yourself.


(voting for Sally) Sally, I adore you, but I'm voting with my alliance.


(voting for Sally) Ruth-Marie, we had a deal to go to the final five. I stick to my word, I stick to my deal. So I vote for Sally tonight, even though I think, Ruth-Marie, that you're going home.


Final WordsEdit

I think my tribe underestimated the endurance that I have. I'm not upset about the decision. It's a game. It's fun. There's lots of twists and turns but when you go through an experience like this it humbles you a little bit. So Sally, Dan, Terry, Austin and Nick...I just wish them good luck.

Ruth-Marie Milliman

Still in the RunningEdit

S12 tina bw
S12 melinda bw
S12 misty bw
S12 ruthmarie bw
S12 aras t
La Mina
S12 austin t
S12 bobby t
S12 bruce t
S12 cirie t
S12 courtney t
La Mina
S12 dan t
S12 danielle t
La Mina
S12 nick t
La Mina
S12 sally t
S12 shane t
La Mina
S12 terry t


  • After Ruth-Marie's elimination, Cirie Fields was the only remaining member of the original Casaya tribe left.