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Spear-it Hunt
Nicaragua-promo04Christa shoots in Pearl Islands.
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring challenge
Appearances: Africa
Pearl Islands

Spear-it Hunt is a recurring challenge from Survivor.


Survivors must use weapons to set a series of targets on fire. The first person/tribe to light all of their targets wins.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Africa as a tribal Immunity Challenge. Taking turns, the contestants had to use a bow and arrow to set alight a series of five targets ranging from thirty to seventy feet away. Boran won the challenge.

The challenge reappeared in Survivor: Pearl Islands. The contestants had to use a musket to hit sails on the beach, causing them to burn. Darrah Johnson won this challenge for immunity, making it her second Individual Immunity Challenge win.

In Survivor: Fiji, the challenge was used as a Reward Challenge. Taking turns, the tribes had to hit three large targets with a burning ball flung from a platform. Ravu won the challenge, making it their only challenge win.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"I'd Never Do It to You"
Tribal Immunity S3 clarence tS3 ethan t
S3 frank tS3 kimj tS3 teresa t
Pearl Islands
"Would You Be My Brutus Today?"
Individual Immunity S7 darrah t
Darrah Johnson
"An Evil Thought"
Tribal Reward S14 mookie tS14 rocky tS14 alex t
S14 dreamz tS14 edgardo tS14 lisi t



  • This was the only challenge that Ravu won.
  • Darrah Johnson is the only person to have won this challenge individually.
  • Both tribes that won this challenge contained the eventual runner-up.
  • Fiji is the only season to use this challenge as a reward.


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