South Team
Tribe Profile
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): North Team (Expedition Robinson 2000)
Tribe Status: Merged with North Team between Day 15 and 19
Challenge Wins: 4 (possibly 5)
Lowest Placing Member: Charlotta Flyckt (13/16)
Highest Placing Member: Mattias Dalerstedt (1/16)

Flag unavailable.

Tribe Emblem

South Team has no emblem.


Buff unavailable.

The South Team was a tribe from Expedition Robinson 2000.

An early winning streak would launch this tribe to success both pre and post-merge as their rival North Team struggled to win Immunity Challenges. Their tribe color is yellow.


  • Adnan Amedi, 38, Stockholm.
  • Buba Badije, 32, Gävle.
  • Charlotta Flyckt, 39, Sigtuna.
  • Edward Lundberg, 34, Stockholm.
  • Hildegard Krebbs, 61, Kungälv.
  • Linda Häggkvist, 22, Sundsvall.
  • Mattias Dalerstedt, 24, Göteborg.

Tribe History

Early in the competition this tribe dominated at challenges. The South Team entered the first Immunity Challenge even to their rival North Team, however the South Team managed to pull off a decisive win sending North to the first Tribal Council. While the results of the first Reward Challenge are unknown, the South Team was able to pull off another win at the second Immunity Challenge increasing their tribe margin against North.

At the second Reward Challenge, the tribe suffered one of its earliest loses but were able to rebound as they won the third Immunity Challenge. With their third immunity in a row, the tribe managed to avoid yet another Tribal Council.

Tribal Struggles

Following the third Immunity Challenge the tribe suffered a slough of losses. Following their loss at the fourth Immunity Challenge, the tribe was forced to go to their first Tribal Council where they voted out their smallest member Charlotta Flyckt by a vote of 6-1.

After Charlotta's elimination the tribe failed to rebound and lost the fifth Immunity Challenge and were sent to their second straight Tribal Council.

The South Team at their second Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, the alliance of Edward Lundberg, Hildegard Krebbs, Linda Häggkvist, and Mattias Dalerstedt made it first move by voting to eliminate Buba Badije by a vote of 4-2.

Episode 6

The day after Buba's elimination, Adnan Amedi was ejected from the competition. As this left the South Team with only four remaining members, Buba Badije returned to the competition. Upon returning to the South's beach Buba confronted his tribemates about the events of the previous Tribal Council.

Buba and Linda clash following his return.

This eventually led to an argument with Linda in which she blamed Buba's elimination on Adnan stating that he plotted to have Buba eliminated.

Buba's return would not help the moral of the South Team at the next Reward Challenge as they lost for the fifth time in a row. The tribe did eventually managed to rebound from their losing ways as they pulled off a win at the sixth and Final Immunity Challenge.

The next day the remaining South Team members merged with the North Team to form the Robinson tribe.



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