South Team (Expedition Robinson 1997)
Tribe Profile
Season: Expedition Robinson 1997
Tribe Type: Starting Tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): North Team (Expedition Robinson 1997)
Tribe Status: Merged with North Team between Day 15 and 19
Challenge Wins: 6
Lowest Placing Member: Sinisa Savija (16/16)
Highest Placing Member: Kent Larsen (2/16)

Flag unavailable.

Tribe Emblem

South Team (Expedition Robinson 1997) has no emblem.


Buff unavailable.

The South Team was a tribe from Expedition Robinson 1997.

Aside from a couple of early losses, this tribe proved to be the stronger of the two inaugural tribes, winning most of the tribal challenges. Their tribe color is green.


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Robse1 kent tRobse1 marie-louise tRobse1 ola tRobse1 sinisa t
  • Åsa Vilbäck, 23, Lindköping.
  • Camilla Lundegård, 28, Borlänge
  • Erika Bälldal, 37, Oxelösund.
  • Johan Reffel, 23, Stockholm.
  • Kent Larsen, 61, Lycksele.
  • Marie-Louise Niklasson, 33, Malmö.
  • Ola Melén, 25, Lund.
  • Sinisa Savija, 34, Norrköping.

Tribe HistoryEdit

Very early on in the competition this tribe struggled in challenges. At the first Reward Challenge the tribe failed to retrieve their set of flags as quickly as the rival North Team, due to Camilla being unable to initially locate hers'.

The first Reward Challenge.

The tribe continued to struggle at their first Immunity Challenge as they were unable to correctly form the hidden word with their letters as quickly as the North Team.

Sinisa SavijaEdit

As they lost at the first Immunity Challenge, the South Team were forced to attend the first ever Tribal Council. There the tribe mainly discussed their luxury items as well as why they lost the first couple challenges. When it came time to vote the tribe seemed to be split with many names appearing on parchments. Ultimately, Sinisa Savija, the Bosnian born refugee, became the first person voted out of the tribe by a vote of 4-2-1-1.
Among some of the reasons given for his elimination, Sinisa struggled to fit in and had some issues with the Swedish language. He received votes from Kent and three more from either Camilla, Erika, Johan, or Marie-Louise (Åsa voted for Marie-Louise and Ola voted for Kent).

Winning WaysEdit

Despite a pair of early losses the South Team was able to rebound and win when they needed to. At the second Reward Challenge, the South Team pulled out their first victory when they tied with the North Team.

South celebrates a win at the third Immunity Challenge.

The tribe managed to then defeat the rival North Team at the second Immunity Challenge.

Over the next several challenges a pattern began to form as the North Team pulled out wins at the third and fourth Reward Challenges, while the South Team took the third and fourth immunities. As their rival tribe's numbers began to dwindle, the South Team began to appear unbeatable as they won the fifth reward and Immunity Challenges as well as the sixth reward.

With the prospects of having a seven-person tribe at entering the merge, the South Team entered their final tribal Immunity Challenge with a positive attitude. At the challenge the North Team managed to pull off their first immunity victory in over two weeks, dashing the hopes of South. At the sixth Tribal Council it was Camilla Lundegård that found herself the target and became the sixth person voted out of the game.

Relationship with NorthEdit

As may have been the case in many of the earlier seasons of Robinson the survival aspect appeared more prominent than the strategic. Because of this it was not particularly uncommon for the two tribes to occasionally interact with one another outside of challenges. One well known occasion occurred when the North and South teams decided to set Camilla Lundegård and Martin Melin on a date.

On another occasion, prior to the third Immunity Challenge, the North Team offered feathers to the South Team as a sign of friendship.



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