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Tribe Profile
Season Marquesas
Namesake Coined by Rob and Kathy to mean
"sacred allegiance to the Sun"
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 20
Tribes Merged ██ Maraamu
██ Rotu
Lowest Placing Member Rob Mariano (10/16)
Highest Placing Member Vecepia Towery (Winner)

Soliantu is the merged tribe of Maraamu and Rotu from Survivor: Marquesas.

It is the first and only tribe that is Magenta.


S4 john tS4 kathy tS4 neleh tS4 paschal t
S4 rob tS4 robert tS4 sean tS4 tammy t
S4 vecepia tS4 zoe t

Tribe HistoryEdit

Since merging, Soliantu was a group made up of three alliances, the original Maraamu alliance of Rob, Sean, and Vecepia, the switched Maraamu alliance of Kathy, Neleh, and Paschal, and the Rotu Four alliance of John, Tammy, Zoe, and Robert. Kathy and Rob also had a secret alliance that they had made at the merge meeting.

The three original Maraamu members, outnumbered 7-3 by original Rotu members, tried to convince Neleh, Kathy, and Paschal that they would be voted out after Maraamu was gone. Paschal did not believe them and stayed true to John's alliance. Kathy, however, decided to join them after Rob tricked Zoe into revealing that Kathy was first in the pecking order, and she tried to convince Neleh and Paschal to form an alliance with them. Once again, Paschal decided to stay with John. Knowing that she was in trouble, Kathy won the first individual immunity challenge, and Rob was voted out instead.

Episode 8Edit

It appeared now that Sean, Vecepia, and Kathy were all in danger and would be picked off one by one. At the next reward challenge, Kathy won once again and enjoyed a trip away from camp. Meanwhile, Sean and Vecepia tried unsuccessfully to change Paschal and Neleh's minds about their alliance with John. The second Immunity Challenge proved to be a turning point in the game, as it became apparent that the Rotu Four alliance had a pecking order. John, Tammy, Zoe, and Robert worked together to eliminate Sean, Kathy, Vecepia, Neleh, and Paschal before taking each other out, with Tammy taking immunity. This ended Paschal and Neleh's alliance with the Rotu Four, and in one of the largest power shifts in Survivor history, they voted with the Maraamu alliance to take out John, who was seen as his alliance's leader. For reasons best known to herself, Zoe voted John as well.

Episode 10-13Edit

With the remaining Rotu allies outnumbered by the new alliance, they were eliminated in succession. Paschal and Sean won Episode 10's reward challenge and Tammy won the immunity challenge. Zoe was voted off 7-1.

In Episode 11, Paschal won reward and invited Neleh to join him. Robert won immunity. Tammy was voted off by a vote of 5-2. 

In Episode 12, Kathy won reward and Vecepia won immunity. Robert, the last member of the Rotu alliance, was voted off 5-1.

In Episode 13, Sean won reward. With the Rotu Four gone, Kathy found herself as the swing vote between original Maraamu members Sean/Vecepia and a duo alliance of Paschal/Neleh. Both sides attempted to get her vote, and Kathy ultimately sided with her original Rotu tribemates, sending Sean to the jury after Kathy herself won immunity.

Season FinaleEdit

Vecepia, as the last original Maraamu member, was planned to be the next to leave, but she won immunity at Tribal Council. With Paschal/Neleh voting against Kathy, Kathy openly made an alliance with Vecepia. The votes came up 2-2 with nobody willing to flip, and in a shocking tiebreaker, everyone except Vecepia pulled rocks out of a bag to determine who would go home. Paschal pulled the infamous "Purple Rock" and was eliminated despite never receiving a vote against him throughout the entire game.

At the final immunity challenge, Kathy dropped out first, leading to a showdown between Vecepia and Neleh. Vecepia made a deal with Neleh to vote out Kathy if she was given immunity. Immune from the vote, Neleh held her deal with Vecepia and voted Kathy out.

The jury at the Final Tribal Council was very critical of Vecepia's alliance flipping and Neleh's betrayal of the Rotu Four.

At the Survivor: Marquesas Reunion Show, Vecepia was announced the winner in a 4-3 vote. She earned Sean, John, Tammy, and Robert's votes while Neleh earned the votes of Kathy, Paschal, and Zoe.



  • All members of Soliantu were members of Rotu at some point. The only other merged tribe to have this distinction is Chaboga Mogo in Survivor: All-Stars, which was composed of nine former Chapera members.
  • Soliantu's tribe color, magenta, is tied with brown for the least common tribe color, being used only once.
    • Soliantu is the only merged tribe to have a unique color.
  • Soliantu is the first tribe to partake in the rock picking ceremony.
    • Kasama would later be the second.
  • With John being the first first name alphabetically, Soliantu is the tribe whose member's names start the latest in the alphabet, with J.
  • This is the only tribe that Rob Mariano was the lowest placing member of.


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