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Merged tribe cagayan solarrion
Tribe Profile
Season Cagayan
Namesake Portmanteau of

Aparri and Luzon.

Tribe Type Merged tribe
Day Formed Day 17
Tribes Merged Aparri
Lowest Placing Member Sarah Lacina (11/18)
Highest Placing Member Tony Vlachos (Winner)

Solarrion flag2



Solarrion is the Merged tribe of Aparri and Solana from Survivor: Cagayan.


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S28 morgan cS28 sarah cS28 spencer cS28 tasha c
S28 tony cS28 trish cS28 woo c

Tribe HistoryEdit

Episode 6-7Edit

Long before the Merge, the game started with three starting tribes ( Brawn, Brains, and Beauty). They were later shuffled into the two tribes of Aparri and Solana (with Luzon tribe being disbanded). On Day 17,[1] Solana arrived at Aparri's beach for the Merge, where the remaining eleven enjoyed a feast and named the tribe Solarrion, a combination of the original tribes Solana, Aparri and LuzonKass McQuillen worries that Sarah may flip to her former Brawn tribe-members. Sarah and Tony have a conversation about Sarah potentially flipping to her former side and Tony gives Sarah the opportunity to pick who gets voted off. Then Sarah talks to the former Aparri alliance members (Jeremiah and Kass) and Kass decides to argue with Sarah about whether Woo or Trish should be the target.  At the Immunity Challenge, Morgan, Tony, and Woo were the last three left remaining with Woo winning immunity.  Kass not liking that she is no longer in charge or the swing vote, she is approached by Trish to vote for Sarah.  Sarah tells New Aparri to vote for Tony, but at Tribal Council Tony reveals his Hidden Immunity Idol. Tony demands Jeff that he verifies the Brawn idol and then after verification he transfers its powers to LJ, while LJ gives Jeff his Beauty idol to use on Tony. Though the two idols didn't protect the majority's target, Kass flips over and saves Jefra. Sarah is voted out by a vote of 6-5.

Back at camp, Kass tells Spencer that he is just mad that he got out-strategized and says in a confessional that she pulled a hat trick with eliminating her target while getting two idols out of play.  Though Kass is confident and states she is free agent.  Seemingly not seeing the irony of her comment because Sarah was deemed the hot-ticketed free agent and she was eliminated. At the Reward Challenge, the Orange Team consisting of the former Beauty (Morgan, Jeremiah, Jefra and LJ) with Spencer, wins a short trip to a Outback Steakhouse locale with a feast waiting for them again the Purple Team consisting of the former Brawn (Woo, Trish and Tony) and their "ally/free agent" Kass with Tasha as their last member. Tony tries to find the special idol, while Spencer finds a clue and also tries to find the special idol. Woo takes clue and a treasure hunt ensues. While Kass is instructed to keep an eye on Spencer, Spencer is able to grab an idol (which seems to be a "normal idol"). At the immunity challenge, the final four consists of Jefra, LJ, Tasha, and Spencer. Spencer wins individual immunity. The majority Solana alliance wants Morgan out with the minority Aparri alliance wants Tony out.  Kass sticks to the Solana majority and Morgan is voted out by a vote of 6-4.

Episode 8-10Edit

In Bag of Tricks, Tony tries to setup another member that he feels is a threat.  The green team of Spencer, Jeremiah, and Tony defeats Woo, Tasha, and Kass (Purple team) and Jefra, LJ, and Trish (Orange team).  Tony is scared with all the votes cast against him, though all of them have either been casts by an eliminated player or from the minority New Aparri alliance. LJ tells Trish that Tony wants to possibly get rid of Woo (playing into Tony's plan) and Tony comes back from reward with a story that LJ wants Woo out.  Trish is unsure which is the lie. Tasha wins immunity.  At the vote Tony and Woo flip and LJ is voted out by a vote of 5-3-1 (with Jeremiah and Spencer receiving votes respectively). With Tony's flip (Woo also voted with the minority New Aparri) in the last tribal council, the majority alliance has some concerns on if the alliance is still in power. Tony makes his alliance feel comfortable about the alliance, but Jefra isn't as convinced. At the reward challenge, the teams was (intention or not) divided by alliance allegiances of the core four of Tony, Trish, Woo, and Kass versus the dwindling New Aparri alliance of Spencer, Jeremiah, and Tasha with the majority alliance's outsider Jefra joining them. The minority alliance plus Jefra wins reward.  At the reward trip, Jefra states that she is aligning with them. This would cause a 4-4 tie vote, unless idols are played on the right people. Tasha again wins immunity. Tony rushes around camp trying to find the special idol, which he successfully accomplishes. The instructions as read by Tony say that it is a "Get Out of Jail Free" Idol for himself and he can not transfer its power to someone else. Jefra tells Jeremiah that she is backing out of the reward allegiance and going back to her original alliance. Before reading the votes, Tony shows what looks to be an idol and Spencer plays his regular idol on himself. Tony then claims that item that he shown was a fake idol. Tony doesn't have to play his special idol, due to Woo being the target and Jefra sticking with the majority alliance. Jeremiah is voted off, being the majority's target, by a vote of 5-3. After an easy vote-off and alliance-confirming Tribal Council, the women of the majority alliance (Kass, Trish, and Jefra) perceived a simple path to the final five. 

Tasha spends time with the other women (that are in the majority) and tries to stir the pot.  Spencer tells Tony that Jefra was afraid about the alliance when LJ was blindsided in episode 8.  Spencer also gets Tony worried about a possibility of a women's alliance (the three women in the majority plus Tasha).  At the Survivor Auction, the majority women and Woo buy the food items cheap, while Spencer, Tasha, and Tony wait for a possible advantage.  Jeff states that the bid process for the advantage is different.  Castaways can place the maximum bet of $500 to enter a drawing of rocks and the holder of the black rock wins the advantage.  Despite the possibility that Tasha could increase the odds if she enters the draw (2/3 for Spencer and Tasha against Tony vs. just 1/2 shot for Spencer against Tony), Tasha doesn't enter the draw.  Spencer and Tony pay up and draw rocks.  Tony gets the favorable black rock and gains the (greater) advantage.  Tasha was hoping that the advantage was for the Immunity Challenge and there was going to be another auction item for a clue afterwards, however, the advantage turns out to be the clue.  Tasha wins immunity again.  Tony finds a normal hidden immunity idol to go with his special idol. He shows it to his alliance and eventually to Spencer and Tasha. Tony talks to Spencer about voting off Jefra with Woo and Tasha's help.  Tony convinces Woo and has Spencer convince Tasha about the plan.  Spencer goes looking for the special idol, not knowing that Tony has it.  This worries Tony, but not enough because another blindside occurs. Jefra is voted off 4-3 with Tony's spearheading (but also note that the successful plan to another member of the New Solana's alliance to backstab).

Episode 11-12Edit

Once again, Tony comes back to camp after flipping a second time and finds a way back to their good graces. Though initially he doesn't get back on good terms when he gets into an argument with Kass.  In the morning, Tony is talking to Spencer and Woo with Kass persisting that she overheard Tony talking smack about her. Spencer knows that Tony didn't say anything during the conversation, but lets the turmoil in the majority alliance keep going.  Tony says that in addition to his regular idol he has the special idol, but doesn't show it.  There is some talk between Kass, Woo, and Spencer in potentially blindsiding Tony and use Trish as a potential backup to split the votes (Kass/Tasha vote for Trish and Woo/Spencer vote for Tony, while Tony and Trish will maintain the alliance target of Spencer or Tasha whoever doesn't win immunity).  Kass, Woo, and Spencer win reward to a local village and Kass and Spencer seemingly align with a skeptical Woo.  Woo eventually confirms that he is with Kass' plan.  Woo is instructed to not say that there was any strategic talk, but this allows Tony to surmise that Woo might be aligning himself with the minority.

Spencer wins immunity, so Tasha is on the chopping block.  After a conversation, Kass realizes that Tony may not be a jury threat as Tony is their "Russell Hantz". 

Kass and Woo stick with Tony and Trish in voting out Tasha 4-1-1.

Spencer is confused on what happened with the overthrow plan of Tony in last tribal council and Kass uses the opportunity to drive in the fact that he is alone and he was played.  Though Woo tells Tony alone in the boat that Kass was more tempted than she lets on.  Tony wins the reward of pizza feast delivered to camp and picks Trish to join.  This reaffirms that Trish is Tony's puppet to Kass.  Tony confronts Kass about the plan to blindside him, but Kass uses to stir more chaos around camp.  This leads Kass and Woo to start working a plan to vote out Tony's favorite co-finalist option, Trish. Tony leads throughout the immunity challenge, but struggles at the final puzzle. This allows Spencer to win immunity. Trish is voted 4-1.

Finale & ReunionEdit

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  • Solarrion is the ninth black merge tribe following Balboa, Gitanos, Aitutonga, Hae Da Fung, Yin Yang, Murlonio, Tikiano and Dangrayne.
    • Solarrion is the tenth black tribe overall.
  • Solarrion is the tribe whose members names begin alphabetically second-to-last, after Soliantu in Marquesas, whose first member alphabetically is John. Solarrion's is Jefra.
  • Solarrion is the first Merged tribe in a three-tribe season in which there are at least three representatives from each original tribe.
    • Coincidentally, after the Day 22 Tribal Council, the tribe was left with 3 representatives from each original tribe.
    • Also, after the Day 30 Tribal Council, 3 Brawn and Brains were left (all of the Beauty have been eliminated from the game).
  • Solarrion became the third Merged tribe in seasons shot in the Philippines to originally have 11 members. Survivor: Caramoan is currently the only season shot in the Philippines to have its Merged tribe Merge with 12 members.
    • It is the first Merged tribe with 11 members to have a Final Two. It is also the first Merged tribe in a season used in the Philippines that had a Jury of nine as opposed to eight.
  • Solarrion is the first Merged tribe since Yin Yang to have more female members than male members.
  • In seasons with three starting tribes, Solarrion is the first to not live on a previously dissolved tribe's beach. In this case, they lived on the Aparri beach.
  • Solarrion is the one of six merged tribes to make their names from a combination of original tribe names: Chuay Jai, Chaboga Mogo, Xhakúm, Aitutonga and Huyopa (of Survivor: Thailand, Survivor: All-Stars, Survivor: Guatemala, Survivor: Cook Islands and Survivor: San Juan del Sur respectively) all followed a similar naming scheme.
    • It is the second tribe in a season to feature three starting tribes to follow this format. Chaboga Mogo was the first tribe to follow this format.
  • Solarrion is the first merged tribe in which the first two people voted out are female.
  • All of the Beauty castaways on Solarrion were eliminated consecutively, since the Day 22 Tribal Council, ironically not due to a Pagonging strategy.
  • All castaways who won individual immunity returned for Survivor: Cambodia.


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