Merged tribe cagayan solarrion
Tribe Profile
Namesake: Portmanteau of

Solana, Aparri, and Luzon.

Tribe Type: Merged tribe
Day Formed: Day 17
Tribes Merged: Aparri
Lowest Placing Member: Sarah Lacina (11/18)
Highest Placing Member: Tony Vlachos (Winner)

Solarrion flag2

Tribe Sigil

Solarrion has no sigil.



Solarrion is the merged tribe of Aparri and Solana from Survivor: Cagayan.


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S28 morgan cS28 sarah cS28 spencer cS28 tasha c
S28 tony cS28 trish cS28 woo c

Tribe History

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  • Solarrion is the tribe whose members names begin alphabetically second-to-last, after Soliantu in Survivor: Marquesas, whose first member alphabetically is John Carroll. Solarrion's is Jefra Bland.
  • Solarrion is the first merged tribe in a three-tribe season in which there are at least three representatives from each original tribe.
    • Coincidentally, after the Day 22 Tribal Council, the tribe was left with three representatives from each original tribe.
    • Also, after the Day 30 Tribal Council, three Brawn and Brains were left (all of the Beauty had been eliminated from the game).
  • Solarrion became the third merged tribe in seasons shot in the Philippines to originally have 11 members. Survivor: Caramoan is currently the only season shot in the Philippines to have its merged tribe merge with 12 members.
    • It is the first merged tribe with 11 members to have a Final Two. It is also the first merged tribe in a season used in the Philippines that had a jury of nine as opposed to eight.
  • Solarrion is the first merged tribe since Yin Yang to have more female members than male members.
  • In seasons with three starting tribes, Solarrion is the first to not live on a previously dissolved tribe's beach. In this case, they lived on the Aparri beach.
  • Solarrion is the one of seven merged tribes to make their names from a combination of original tribe names: Chuay Jai, Chaboga Mogo, Xhakúm, Aitutonga, Huyopa, Maku Maku, and Solewa (of Thailand, All-Stars, Guatemala, Cook Islands, San Juan del Sur, Game Changers, and Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers respectively) all followed a similar naming scheme.
    • It is the second tribe in a season to feature three starting tribes to follow this format, with Chaboga Mogo being the first. It would later be followed by Solewa.
  • Solarrion is the first merged tribe in which the first two people voted out are female.
  • All of the "Beauty" castaways on Solarrion were eliminated consecutively, since the Day 22 Tribal Council, ironically not due to a Pagonging strategy.
  • Coincidentally, all Solarrion castaways who won individual immunity returned for Survivor: Cambodia.
  • On the tribe's flag, the castaways painted a crown to represent the Beauty part of the tribe, a lifting weight to represent the Brawn part of their tribe, and a book to represent the Brains part of their tribe.
  • Solarrion is one of three merged tribes to have its final four all eventually return in future seasons.
    • Rattana and Gitanos are the other merged tribes to have its final four return eventually.