So You Think You Can Meke? is the eighth episode of Survivor: Fiji.


Day 20

Alex, Mookie, and Edgardo search for and find their camp's Hidden Immunity Idol while Lisi and Dreamz are asleep. The 3 agree not to tell the other members of their alliance. Lisi wakes up shortly afterwards and is onto Mookie. Lisi begins to search for the idol and Mookie goes as far as to help her dig to maintain the belief that the idol is still hidden.

At Moto, the tribe learns that their next challenge is a dance-off, and they spend the rest of the morning learning how to "meke" from Fijian dancers. Ravu also practices and they apply face paint to get in the spirit of things.

At the challenge, Moto performs, then Ravu. The approve of both tribes' appearance and spirit, but they felt that Ravu was less coordinated and thus Moto is rewarded with a great Fijian feast. Lisi is sent to Exile Island where she struggles with the weather, the state of her tribe, and thoughts of quitting the game. 

Day 21

Earl and Michelle discuss whether their next target should be Stacey or Boo. Dreamz hopes for a merge soon and Edgardo worries about where Dreamz's allegiance lies.

At the Immunity Challenge, Boo scores a bullseye with the blow darts to put Moto in the lead. In the second round, Yau-Man has the closest shot with the spear to increase Moto's lead. Edgardo feels confident with the bow and arrow for the third round but he can't even hit the target, giving Moto an easy immunity win.

At Ravu, Lisi's frustrations lead to her ask Alex to vote her out next. The rest of the tribe is on board with that and they discuss how they are coping at this stage of the game. Lisi changes her mind however, and urges Alex and Edgardo to vote for Dreamz with her. Her change of mind comes too late though as her tribemates vote her out, making her the second member of the jury.


Challenge: So You Think You Can Meke?
Given a lesson at camp, the two tribes must perform a traditional Fijian meke in front of three judges – Fijian dance experts – at a local village, accompanied by local singers. Best dance (in terms of appearance, authenticity, and spirit) wins.
Reward: A feast at a local village, while enjoying Fijian opera.
Winner: Moto (exiled Lisi Linares)

Challenge: Warrior's Choice
All players compete in each round, and they're playing for points for the closest to the target in each round (one point in the blowgun round, two in the spear round, three in the bow and arrow round). Highest score wins.
Winner: Moto

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 8:
S14 lisi t
Lisi (4 votes)
S14 alex tS14 dreamz tS14 edgardo tS14 mookie t
Alex, Dreamz, Edgardo, Mookie
S14 dreamz t
Dreamz (1 vote)
S14 lisi t
S14 lisi bw
Lisi Linares

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Lisi) Since you don't wanna be here, here ya go.


(voting for Lisi) Sorry about this, Lisi, but I need someone who's going to be in it for the long run, and I hope you figure everything out, and I hope we can still be friends. Take care.


(voting for Lisi) I'll see you at the other side.


(voting for Dreamz) You're a grown man; consider a name change.


(voting for Lisi) I've been waiting to do this for long time.


Final Words

You can sit there and say whatever but I know who I am. It is not a matter of will. When the ship is sinking, you get off the ship. Another thing Ravu, you guys are never going to get it together. You guys are losers over and over and over again. There is nothing I can say of them try to hold onto yourselves because together you're nothing.

Lisi Linares

Still in the Running

S14 jessica bw
S14 erica bw
S14 sylvia bw
S14 gary bw
S14 liliana bw
S14 rita bw
S14 anthony bw
S14 rocky bw
S14 lisi bw
S14 alex t
S14 boo t
S14 cassandra t
S14 dreamz t
S14 earl t
S14 edgardo t
S14 michelle t
S14 mookie t
S14 stacy t
S14 yauman t