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Snakes Are Misunderstood... We Have an Understanding Now is the second episode of Survivor: Fiji.


Day 4

On Day 4, Moto is enjoying their reward, enjoying each other's company.

This so vicious, it's delicious.


But Boo at Moto kept eating and eating, eating so much that he was too full to eat.

At Ravu, the tribe is struggling to move along. They can't make fire and they had no food nor water. All they do is rub sticks hoping that a spark will come. But Yau-Man attempted to hydrate the tribe by filling up all of the canteens with coconut water. The tribe all helps, hydrating them. But then they will fall asleep.

...nobody has the energy to chop anything open, you chop up like five coconuts and nap for an hour. I'm telling ya right now, nobody has a clue. We're walking around into the walks of the trees. None of us can't even stand up for like an hour and a half. I just...just never experienced dehydration like this so much.

I was eating clams off the ground. I don't do that! I eat clams, too; I don't eat them off the ground. Hun! No! It's crazy, we're starving here, bro.


Over at Moto, Boo has something in his eye. It's severely red and has an indent on it. Alex flushes it out. But after he gets back up, Boo cuts his hand and it is covered in blood. It goes through Boo's finger and hits his knee.

...Boo will hurt himself out of the game.


But then, all of a sudden, Boo's hammock falls and Boo hits the ground, taking up his injuries to four.

Day 5

Day 6


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Supply Ships
Eight players row a catamaran to a floating crate and back, over four crates on the way back while the other player attaches each crate to a rope. Those players will then pull them to shore, carry them to the tribe mat, and untie them to find pieces for a puzzle pole and a flag. After that, they must assemble the pole, put the flag in the top, and place the pole in its holder.
Reward: Fishing gear
Winner: Moto (exiled Earl Cole)

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S14 erica t
Erica (6 votes)
S14 michelle tS14 mookie tS14 rita t
S14 rocky tS14 sylvia tS14 yauman t
Michelle, Mookie, Rita, Rocky, Sylvia, Yau-Man
S14 sylvia t
Sylvia (2 votes)
S14 anthony tS14 erica t
Anthony, Erica
S14 erica bw
Erica Durousseau

Voting Confessionals

Erica's voting confessional is currently unavailable.

(voting for Erica) Sorry, you're too compulsive, you're too impulsive, and you panic easily. I'm sorry.


(voting for Erica) The person I'm voting for tonight is Erica. I just can't read you anymore, and quite frankly, you're my biggest threat right now. Sorry, babe.


(voting for Erica) Erica, I'm sorry to do this, but you just can't panic in a survival situation.


(voting for Erica) I heard and noticed that you are aligned with Earl. I don't think Earl likes me, and that scared me, and that's why my vote tonight is for you.


(voting for Syliva) I'm voting for you 'cause you've been a little bit pushy for me. I can't vote my girl. Sorry.


(voting for Erica) Sorry sweetie, but you're a threat to my alliance.


(voting for Erica) Girl, you are not who I wanted to vote for tonight.


Final Words

I was very, very shocked by the vote tonight. It kinda hurts to be blindsided like that. I also don't think it was a smart move to vote off somebody who is strong. When the next challenge comes around I hope you guys win but if you don't, I want you to think about voting me off and think about what you kept. And If you're going home empty handed Maybe you should think about the decision that you make.

–Erica Durousseau

Still in the Running

S14 jessica bw
S14 erica bw
S14 alex t
S14 anthony t
S14 boo t
S14 cassandra t
S14 dreamz t
S14 earl t
S14 edgardo t
S14 gary t
S14 liliana t
S14 lisi t
S14 michelle t
S14 mookie t
S14 rita t
S14 rocky t
S14 stacy t
S14 sylvia t
S14 yauman t