Shii Ann Huang
Contestant Profile
Born: January 24, 1974 (1974-01-24) (age 43)
Hometown: New York City, New York
Occupation: Executive Recruiter
Survivor Career
Version: United States
Tribe(s): Sook Jai
Finish: 10/16
Alliance(s): Sook Jai Alliance
Chuay Gahn Five (affiliated)
Challenge Wins: 6
Votes Against: 10
Days Lasted: 21
Tribe(s): Mogo Mogo
► Chapera
Chaboga Mogo
Finish: 6/18
Alliance(s): Mogo Mogo Alliance
Challenge Wins: 8
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 33

Shii Ann Huang is a contestant from Survivor: Thailand and Survivor: All-Stars.

In Thailand, she was known for her open disgust towards her fellow Sook Jai members, particularly Robb Zbacnik. She is also remembered mainly for her assumption that the tribes merged at the final ten, only to be told they did not. Because she had made it clear that she was open to switching sides, she was eliminated.

During her return in All-Stars, she integrated herself with her tribe, and joined a tight alliance which was eventually Pagonged by a betrayal. After outlasting her alliance members, she made a futile attempt to throw eventual winner Amber Brkich under the bus before being voted out by her rivals.


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Shii Ann was selected by Jake Billingsley to be on the Sook Jai tribe. Upon arriving at the beach, she notes that this tribe was divided as they different things. Shii Ann immediately gotten into a conflict with Robb Zbacnik. Despite the dysfunction, Sook Jai won the first three challenges. At the next Reward Challenge, Sook Jai had an early lead but lost when some members broke the rules causing them to be disqualified.  After losing the Immunity Challenge, Shii Ann was targeted by Robb, Jed Hildebrand, and Stephanie Dill for being annoying and weak, but the tribe voted out Jed for perceived laziness. After winning the next two challenges, Shii Ann felt slightly alienated for being the only ethnic minority and having a different upbringing than the other members of her tribe. Jake however didn't mind Shii Ann and told her to not let the others get to her. When Sook Jai would lose the next Immunity Challenges, the tribe voted out outsiders Stephanie and Robb. When a Tree Mail said to go to Chuay Gahn's camp, everyone assumed it was a merge. After bonding with Clay Jordan, Shii Ann considered flipping. Shii Ann was glad to be making friends. In a confessional, she stated that she felt ostracized by everyone on Sook Jai except Jake and Ken. When Sook Jai got wind of Shii Ann possibly flipping, they demanded to know where her loyalties lie, to which she responded she did not know. When the competitors arrived at the Immunity Challenge, Jeff revealed the tribes had not officially merged and are still two separate tribes. Sook Jai would lose the challenge and Shii Ann was unanimously voted out for being untrustworthy.

Voting History

Shii Ann's Voting History
Episode Shii Ann's
Voted Against
Shii Ann
1 Sook Jai Tribe Immune
2 Sook Jai Tribe Immune
3 Jed Jed, Robb,
4 Sook Jai Tribe Immune
5 Stephanie Robb, Stephanie
6 Robb Robb
7 Penny Erin, Jake,
Ken, Penny
Voted Off, Day 21


Shii Ann was invited back for Survivor: All-Stars and was placed on the Mogo Mogo tribe. Shii Ann was impressed by Richard Hatch's Survival Skills, especially when he caught a shark. Mogo Mogo generally placed second in challenges, keeping Shii Ann away from Tribal Council. However, despite the early winning streak, Jenna Morasca feared her mother would die while she was in the competition and pulled herself from the game. Jenna's actions left everyone on Mogo Mogo saddened that they lost a member of the tribe. Mogo Mogo came in second at the next Immunity Challenge, meaning Shii Ann was safe again.

The next day, The tribe was given supplies to build a raft. At the challenge, it was revealed that the last place team would be dissolved and its members scattered among the two winning teams. Mogo Mogo came in first and discussed who to pick. When it came time to pick from the former Saboga's, Mogo Mogo chose Ethan Zohn and Jerri Manthey to become Mogo Mogo's. Chapera won the Immunity Challenge, sending Shii Ann to her first Tribal Council of the Season. Ethan was the intended target, but Colby Donaldson wanted Richard out. In Response to this, Richard attempted to recruit to the women to former a counter alliance. Shii Ann, Jerri, and Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien sided with booting Richard. At the next challenge, Susan Hawk who was increasingly irritated by her indecent exposure with Richard at the last challenge. Jeff and Shii Ann tried to calm her down, but Sue got more angry. Sue had a outburst of all of her pent-up rage and quit the game. The Challenge became a reward one, which Mogo Mogo won. However they were still disturbed by Sue's Rant, which included them in her hatred. Chapera won all challenges afterword. After the first loss, Chapera kidnapped Kathy, preventing her from voting. Shii Ann became the swing vote between Colby (who annoyed her lecturing her about her gameplay) or Jerri (who Shii Ann was equally annoyed with for her personality and poor work ethic). Shii Ann ultimately chose to vote out Colby for being the bigger threat.  At the next vote, Ethan was unanimously voted out for being the last winner in the game.

When next Tree Mail came, the four Mogo Mogo's received bottles of paint and a note hinting a merge. The tribe didn't paint themselves with it due to lack of specific instruction. Things took a turn, when the tribes was revealing to switching instead of merging. Shii Ann and all of her Mogo Mogo tribemates became Chapera. Amber Brkich stay on Chapera and acted like hostess. The newcomers was impressed by how well kept the Chapera camp was and noted that they could have improved the Mogo Mogo more. The new tribe gotten a Tree Mail, that implied the challenge was Trivia from past seasons. The assumption was right. The tribes was even but the New Chapera faltered at the last question, giving the new Mogo Mogo the immunity win. Boston Rob Mariano came to Lex van den Berghe, pleading him to spare Amber. In return, he will protect him. Shii Ann wanted Amber gone, but didn't to deal with Boston Rob's wrath so she voted out Jerri.

The tribes Merged and moved to the abandon Saboga Camp. Boston Rob went back on his deal with Lex, who even Shii Ann voted against at the Tribal Council of the merged tribe. At the next challenge, the tribes was divided into teams of four. The winning team would get letters would received letters from home and a chance at individual immunity. Shii Ann's team which consisted of Amber, Boston Rob, and Alicia Calaway won. However, Shii Ann failed to win immunity. Kathy and Shii Ann tried to break the Chapera Alliance, the alliance stayed strong and voted out Kathy. Disheartened by losing the person she was closest to throughout the game, Shii Ann was fully aware that she was the next to go. This was made more apparent when Rupert Boneham won the Reward Challenge and left her with just a bowl of rice. At the Immunity Challenge, Shii Ann outlasted Rupert to win immunity. Despite the immunity win, the others still ostracized her with Alicia warning her to not get cocky with her win as she had to return to camp with them. Back at camp, Shii Ann viewed them as stupid players for not making deals with her. Amber told the others to let Shii Ann enjoy her moment. Knowing that Boston Rob, Alicia, and Rupert were all vulnerable, she decided to vote against Alicia who was voted out unanimously.

Shii Ann felt alienated being with the other five. Shii Ann, in particular was getting annoyed with Jenna Lewis. The next Reward Challenge was a Loved Ones Challenge. The loved ones would be the ones competing in eating challenge. Shii Ann saw her Mother, Lily. Lily was out in the second round. Shii didn't mind her mom losing, knowing the food was disgusting and the living conditions horrible. At the Immunity Challenge, she came very close to winning, but Big Tom beat her to immunity. Unable to break the Chapera bond, Shii Ann was unanimously voted out.

At Final Tribal Council, Shii Ann asked the finalists three reasons why should she vote for the other one. Rob said that Amber was the truest partner in the game, she never quit and her support in the alliance. Amber said that Rob should win because of his challenge performance, He was the person she could depend on and sticking to the alliance. Ultimately, Shii Ann gave her jury vote to Amber. She stated the person who she voted for would win the million dollars. The was proven true as Amber became the Sole Survivor of Survivor: All-Stars. At the All-Stars Reunion Show, believing she was the swing vote, Amber gave Shii Ann a car for voting for her.

Voting History

Shii Ann's Voting History
Episode Shii Ann's
Voted Against
Shii Ann
1 Mogo Mogo Tribe Immune
2 Mogo Mogo Tribe Immune
3 No Tribal Council
4 Mogo Mogo Tribe Immune
5 Richard -
6 No Tribal Council
7 Colby -
8 Ethan -
10 Jerri -
11 Lex -
12 Amber -
13 Alicia Individual Inmunity
14 Amber Amber, Jenna L.,
Rob M., Rupert, Tom
Voted Off, Day 33
Voted for
Sole Survivor



Statistics of Shii Ann Huang
Seasons competed: 2
Days lasted: 54
Challenge Wins
Tribal wins: 12
Individual wins: 2
Total wins: 14
Tribal Council
Total votes received: 15
Exile Island
Times exiled: N/A
Redemption Island
Duels won: N/A
Days spent on Redemption Island: N/A