Shawn Cohen is a contestant from Survivor: Pearl Islands.


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Originally from New York City, Shawn Cohen is currently single and living in Hollywood, with Russty, his rottweiler. Cohen and his twin brother have recently established a new business where individuals can post on-line portfolios and artist reels. Cohen was previously employed as an account executive in the advertising industry. He notes that his friends and family have dubbed him "The Ultimate Salesman." Cohen received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications from the University of Arizona. His hobbies include going to movies, camping, surfing, snowboarding and film editing. His father is his hero because he admires all of the accomplishments he has had in his life and all the obstacles he endured to become the success that he is. He describes himself as charismatic, spontaneous and caring. Cohen feels that he's a good candidate for SURVIVOR: PEARL ISLANDS because he's competitive, never quits, is a problem solver and someone who works extremely well under pressure.[1]


After it was revealed that the castaways would be only taking the clothes on their backs, Shawn Cohen was placed on the Drake tribe. Shawn wondered how he was going to get by with only his Armani suit. The tribes were sent off to a local Panamanian Market to gather supplies. Sandra Diaz-Twine's savviness helped Drake score big time at the market. After arriving at the campsite, Shawn immediately befriended Burton Roberts. The pair brought in Michelle Tesauro. Shawn also accepted an alliance with Jon Dalton. The duo annoyed the others with their antics. Drake dominated challenges early on. The tribe also looted the Morgan often, leaving them impoverish. Drake also found their buried treasure.

However, everyone wanted to vote out someone. Burton proposed to throw a challenge to vote out a weaker member like Christa Hastie. The tribe was against such a thought, especially Rupert Boneham. However, they reluctantly gone with the plan. Morgan won immunity and in a twist, kidnapped Rupert. Before Tribal Council, Jon told Shawn that Burton was going. Knowing voting with Burton would only alienate himself from the tribe, Shawn voted against his closest friend and ally. After Tribal Council, Shawn started talking about how he wanted Burton out like everyone else. Michelle was annoyed with Shawn for how he turned on his best friends. With Rupert on their side, Morgan won the challenge for most importantly a shower. When offered to mutiny, Rupert returned to his original tribe. Morgan sent their leader, Andrew Savage, to loot. He took a bag of rice, which the tribe filled the bag with more rice as a diplomatic gesture. The next challenge was a gross smoothie drinking contest. Michelle was told to act like to she was having trouble with the smoothie, so she can win easily in a tiebreaker. However, she didn't follow through with the plan and Drake lost immunity again. Jon blamed Michelle for the loss. Michelle tried to turn the vote against Shawn for his laziness and eating too much. However, when the vote came, Michelle was unanimously voted out. 

Rupert wanted to elevate the shelter. Shawn didn't want to help out and even made excuses why couldn't help. His incessant complaining annoyed Jon and Sandra who called him out on his lack of work ethic, but Shawn didn't want to hear any of it and told them to back off and shut up. Drake won the Reward Challenge and a barbecue feast. Jon was sent to loot Morgan. He revealed that Drake threw the first challenge that Morgan won to screw Burton. Angered by that, Andrew won Morgan immunity. Although Shawn was the initial target, he was given a life ring by Rupert. Rupert heard from Christa that Trish Dunn was targeting him. Shawn accepted and Trish was blindsided in a 4-2 vote.

Shawn and Jon gotten into another argument, which Sandra told everyone to just leave them alone. At the Immunity Challenge, everyone was shocked when first six people voted out returned. The Challenge stated if The Outcasts came in first, both tribes would go to Tribal Council, vote someone out and would be replaced by an outcast. Despite Drake leading for most of the challenge, The Outcast won. Before Tribal Council, Shawn made his plea to keep him because he was loyal to Drake and Jon was untrustworthy. However, he was unanimously voted out. 

Voting History

Shawn's Voting History
Episode Shawn's
Voted Against
1 Drake Tribe Immune
2 Drake Tribe Immune
3 Drake Tribe Immune
4 Burton -
5 Michelle Michelle
6 Trish -
7 Jon Christa, Jon,
Rupert, Sandra
Voted Off, Day 19


  • On January 9, 2010, Shawn attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party.


  • Shawn was the youngest male on Drake.
  • Shawn is the first person to be voted out on Day 19.
  • Shawn was the only person in Pearl Islands that was voted out pre-merge to not be apart of The Outcasts twist.