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Selatan tribe
Tribe Profile
Season: Survivor: Champions (South Africa)
Namesake: Indonesian word for "south"
Tribe Type: Starting tribe
Day Formed: Day 1
Rival Tribe(s): Utara
Tribe Status: Merged with Utara on Day 18
Challenge Wins: 12
Lowest Placing Member: Ashleigh Bryant (20/20)
Highest Placing Member: Graham Jenneker (Winner)

Selatan flag


Selatan has no insignia.


Buff unavailable.

Selatan is one of two competing tribes on Survivor: Champions (South Africa).

They were led by former Springbok rugby captain, Corné Kriger, and its color was white.


Original Tribe

Sa5 altaaf tSa5 ashleigh tSa5 david tSa5 gena t
Sa5 graham tSa5 marsha tSa5 moyra tSa5 philip t
Sa5 shona tSa5 zavion t

Switched Tribe

Sa5 altaaf tSa5 buhle tSa5 graham t
Sa5 moyra tSa5 solly tSa5 vel tSa5 zavion t
  • Altaaf Sheik;
  • Buhle Madlala, an enterpreuner from Northcliff, GP;
  • Graham Jenneker;
  • Moyra Makina;
  • Solly Mathiba, a sports manager from Kathu, NC;
  • Vel Bodiba, an actress from Mabopane, GP;
  • Zavion Kotze.

Tribe History

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  • Despite winning all the duels for help of a sports champion at the next challenge, Selatan never won a challenge with help of one of them.


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