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Day 1. The scene opens to a low view of an ancient Cambodian temple, and then to a various amount of flora and fauna from seasons past.
Jeff Probst (voiceover) Survivor is the most physically demanding and emotionally taxing game on television. It strips you to your core, while offering the opportunity to prove what your made of. For those who win the reward is grand a million dollars and a high that may never be repeated. But for those who lose, the consequence is often a relentless nightmare of 'What Ifs?' that never ends... Until now.
Kelly Wiglesworth Fifteen years ago, I was in Borneo, the first season, and I almost won. Made it 39 days and lost by one vote. And that's why I'm here. It's been poking at me for fifteen years, little by little. I'm much stronger, and smarter, and I'm a mom now—I've given birth, okay, I can do anything at this point, right?
Andrew Savage I am living the dream. I have the perfect wife. My kids, they're amazing. I've got a great job. I don't have any bad things in my life except... Pearl Islands. My exit—it's haunted me for twelve years and I'm not over it. And to cure my Survivor pain, I need to give it a thousand percent. I'm gonna leave everything I got in this game and it'll be epic.
Spencer Bledsoe Last time I played Survivor I was frankly, cocky. I thought about Survivor in terms of chess but I have done a lot of maturing. I've done emotional growing in that time. People are not chess pieces and they need to be related to on a human level. Being more emotionally aware, I think I'm in a better place in life than I've ever been to play and win this game.
Kimmi Kappenberg My experience in Australia was cut way short and I wanna have that second chance at my dream of getting to the end. The Angkor Wat temple, that's a total metaphor for this whole game because, you know, you get a little bit of damage, but you know what? You can build yourself up. Fourteen years is a long time to finish that last chapter in the book.
Kelley Wentworth Last time I played the game I was with my dad. Playing with my dad was my downfall, absolutely. I probably should've written my dad's name down. But I can't go back on that now. I can take this second chance and I can make the moves that I wanted to make and have a better game.
Ciera Eastin I really messed up my first time, being scared early on. After discovering that like, I can socially work my way through this game I started to say, "Okay, Ciera. I'll start making some moves." Unfortunately, that had to start with voting my mom out. And this time, I want to be fearless and I wanna see that person I was at the end of the game, at the beginning of the game and just leave it all out on the island.
Tasha Fox The first time I played Survivor I was nice Tasha. I didn't want my family or my church members to be disappointed in the way I played the game. When I returned home, my church members were saying, "You need to be more aggressive. You need to lie and backstab like everyone else." So if the saints think it's okay... it's okay. I'm here to win a million dollars and when it's all done, I'll pray for forgiveness.
Jeff Varner This second chance means everything in the world to me. I jumped off a pole in The Outback for peanut butter and gave away a million dollars when I did it. Having to replay that history over and over for fourteen years really does a number on you. This is my opportunity to rewrite my own story. I'm more mature, I'm a lot smarter, and I'm not jumping off anything for peanut butter.
Joe Anglim Growing up as a kid, me and my dad would sit around and watch Survivor. It was really hard not getting my dad out here for the loved ones visit. It was something that I really wanted to do to prove to myself that I can make it that far in the game. I just came up short and it was devastating. I think this is my time to make it happen right now.
Kass McQuillen We all have a little devil in us. I was a bit of a troublemaker my season. Chaos Kass, well, she lives somewhere deep within me, but if I don't change someone's gonna take me down. But I kind of like my legacy thus far. I like the chaos. The only thing that needs to change is their perception of me and then when the merge comes, if I'm there, uh, all hell breaks loose.
Abi-Maria Gomes You know, when I look back on my season, I made a lot of mistakes. I created a lot of trouble... that was a mistake. I threw coconuts at Skupin's head... that was a mistake. I was too blunt with Lisa... I shouldn't have done that. But having a second chance to come back and patch those little mistakes. But I like having fun. Villains have more fun.
Jeremy Collins Last time when I played with my wife, half my mind was always with her. It's emotional, you know, with Val. I really love her and I care about what she's doing. I wasn't focused so I was blindsided by my own alliance. I went home, took it hard. Now, I want the money for Val more than for me. Like, I just need to go through this again. I'm back for some redemption.
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