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Scout Cloud Lee
S9 Scout Cloud Lee
Contestant Profile
Born: November 8, 1944 (1944-11-08) (age 71)
Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma
Occupation: Rancher
Survivor Career
Version: United States
Tribe(s): Yasur
Finish: 3/18
Alliance(s): Yasur Alliance
Final Four Alliance
Challenge Wins: 6
Votes Against: 3
Days Lasted: 38

Scout Cloud Lee (born Janet Spencer[1]) is a contestant from Survivor: Vanuatu.


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Dr. Scout Cloud Lee's professional career spans more than 30 years, featuring stints as the CEO of her performance consulting company, a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, rancher, former university professor (University of Illinois and Oklahoma State University) and author of eleven books and more than 100 articles. She is also the founder of The Magical Child Foundation and a faculty member for the Institute for Management Studies. Utilizing her keen observation skills, she strategically assists individuals and teams in identifying and repeating their personal excellence. Her work has been featured in documentaries and television specials on all major networks.

Lee did undergraduate work at the University of South Florida in Tampa before receiving a Bachelor of Science in theology from Toccoa Falls College in Georgia. She then received master's and doctorate degrees in Education from the University of Georgia (Athens).

In the 1980s, Lee began focusing her skills as a singer/songwriter and has since produced two compact discs. She calls her original tunes "Country Rock Gypsy Funk."

Among her many accomplishments, Lee was voted Outstanding Teacher of the Year at Oklahoma State University in 1980, and Oklahoma's Outstanding Young Woman in American in 1980. In 2002, Lee was honored to carry the Olympic torch, exemplifying the theme of "Light the Fire Within."

Lee has survived cancer, bankruptcy, divorce, car wrecks and horse bucks. In the 1990s, Lee was diagnosed with a fatal form of cancer, melanoma, and managed to beat the odds and is going strong 14 years later. Most recently, she received a total knee replacement, which she refers to as her "bionic knee." Lee is in a committed relationship with Annie, her best friend and playmate of twenty-six years. She owns eight horses, four dogs, two cows, and several cats, llamas and squirrels. She and Annie also have a second home in Hanalei, Kauai, Hawaii. She loves to spend her time writing her own music, building indigenous lodges, camping and riding her horses. She is most proud of living her life on her terms and from shying "away from social prescriptions, overcoming many obstacles, and becoming a successful, affluent, land-bearing Bohemian in the international corporate arena."

Lee currently lives in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Her birth date is November 8, 1944.[2]

Survivor: Vanuatu

Scout Cloud Lee got soaked because the canoe she was in capsized. After the welcoming ceremony ended, the tribes were divided by gender. The women's tribe was called Yasur, while the men's was called Lopevi. Because of her artificial knee and due to the fact the tribe was walking on wet, slippery rocks at night, Scout wanted to rest for the night. While some agreed with her, the women kept walking and made it to camp that night. In the morning, the women worked on camp life. While Scout and others like Twila Tanner worked on shelter, the younger women took breaks to hang out at the beach. Scout referred them as "Bowheads", a term for sorority girls in Oklahoma. Scout was the most annoyed with Eliza Orlins for being for the most talkative. At the first challenge of the season, Scout slowed the women down. However, Chris Daugherty fell off the balance beam. This allowed the women to surge ahead and win immunity and flint.

At the Reward Challenge, Scout sat out. The women easily won the challenge and the comfort items. At this point, the tribe were divided between youth and work ethic. Lisa Keiffer preferred the company of the younger women. The working women were hoping to get Dolly Neely on their side due to her work ethic. At the Immunity Challenge, Scout was the caller. She did not make an effective caller, and she even missed a pair of puzzle pieces in the water, sending Yasur to their first Tribal Council. Despite being weak in challenges, Scout was not on the chopping block. Dolly shifted the vote from Eliza to Leann Slaby for being under the radar. However, Dolly had no intention of flipping. Fortunately for the working women, Eliza became paranoid of Dolly flipping and voted out Dolly, blindsiding the latter.

Later on, Mia Galeotalanza had an argument with Twila about what the latter said at Tribal Council. At the challenge, it was revealed that both tribes would be going to Tribal Council and the tribe who won the reward would win fishing gear and the right to earn immunity. The men won the first  challenge, forcing the Yasur women to watch from the sidelines. In a twist, the winner of the challenge, John Kenney, would stay with the women to decide who would get immunity. Although Scout's name was brought up by Eliza, The vote came to Mia and Twila. John gave immunity to Ami Cusack and Mia was voted out in a 5-3 vote when Lisa switched her vote. Yasur won the next two challenges, winning the help of a local bushman and immunity.

On Day 11, two local Ni-Vanuatu men came to the camp, asking for a chief. Everyone immediately agreed on Scout for being the eldest and the wisest. She was given a sceptor and the men went on their way. Before the challenge started, the chiefs was asked to come forward. Everyone else had to drop their buffs. In a rock-paper-scissors decision, Scout would divided the tribes. Scout placed Eliza, Bubba Sampson, Leann, Rory Freeman, and Ami on one tribe and Julie Berry, Chris, Twila, Chad Crittenden, and John on the other. Sarge Masters was picked to be Lopevi. In the challenge following, Yasur barely lost out on reward. While most of the women were friendly to the newcomers, Ami was not receptive towards them. At the Immunity Challenge, Scout sat out. Yasur lost the challenge. Ami rally the women against Bubba for talking to Chris at the challenge. She got her wish and Bubba was unanimously voted out.

Yasur lost both of the next two challenges. Ami wanted to vote out Lisa for asking where the food was, "just in case". Scout protested Ami's decision and voted with Lisa while the others voted her out. Rory was the annoyed with most of the women for not working, with Scout being the one exception. Yasur finally won a challenge, for a trip to coffee house. Rory also won the tribe immunity. Scout was joyous that Twila was not voted out went they met at the Reward Challenge. Lopevi won the challenge for milk, cookies and a large chocolate cake.

The next Immunity Challenge was for individual immunity as the tribes had merged. Scout competed in the second round of the challenge, where she was unable to keep up with the others. Sarge was the one to win immunity and the tribes decided to go to the Lopevi camp for the merge. Scout was the one to come up with the tribe name, Alinta. At tribal, Julie and Twila flipped back to the women, blindsiding Rory. The next morning, Scout sang next to Sarge, annoying the latter. Leann won the Reward Challenge and brought Julie with her. This worried Scout, who thought Julie had taken her spot in the alliance. Ami won immunity and the women stuck together to vote out Sarge. 

At this point, Scout had enough of Eliza and wanted her gone. Scout talked to the men, who were happy to get a chance to stay in the game. At the Reward Challenge, Scout's team of Twila, Julie, Leann, and herself lost. With Ami away, Scout told Twila of the plot. Twila outlasted Chad for individual immunity. Scout and Twila backed out of the Eliza blindside and voted out Chad instead. The next challenge was for a video chat with their loved one. Eliza was the one to win the challenge to spend time with her mother. However, it was revealed that the loved ones were on location. Scout hugged her life partner, Annie, before their goodbyes. The loved ones returned for the Immunity Challenge. Ami and her girlfriend Crissy won immunity. After the challenge, Leann was disturbed that Eliza was going to outlast Chris. After a meeting, it was decided that Eliza would leave. However, Twila used the opportunity to dethrone Ami. She made amends with Chris, who gotten Eliza to join them in this Final Four Alliance. The plan worked and Ami's closest ally, Leann, was blindsided.

Both Scout and Twila was happy about the events of Tribal Council. Ami was very angry that Twila and Scout had betrayed the alliance. Ami realized that Scout was the only person in the game without votes against her. The next challenge was for a trip to local resort and spa for the first three finishers, with the first placer getting a car. Scout was unable to compete with the others. Eliza won the car, with Ami and Chris joining on her reward. Both Twila and Scout were thankful that Chris was there so he kept Eliza straight. Ami tried to convince Eliza to vote out Scout. At the Immunity Challenge, Chris won over Ami. Though she considered flipping, Eliza stayed loyal. At Tribal Council, Scout received her first votes from Ami and Julie. Ami was voted out of the game. At the next challenge, Scout was the first out. The challenge was eventually won by Julie, who took Chris with her. While stuck with Scout and Twila, Eliza had enough and defected to Julie. Eliza won immunity at the challenge. Chris played up his swing vote role and sided with the older women to vote out Julie.

At the final four Immunity Challenge, yet again, Scout was unable to keep up with the others. Chris was the one to win immunity. Before the vote, Eliza asked if she had alliances with Chris, and Scout said no. Chris helped Twila and Scout vote out Eliza. After's Eliza boot, Scout was happy because she had gotten some peace and quiet at last. After the Rites of Passage, the final three visited Roy Mata's grave. After some words of respect, the final three gave the grave an offering. Chris gave it the spirit stone the men gotten on Day One, Scout and Twila gave the grave the scepters they gotten from the Ni-Vanuatu men. Then, the castaways competed in their Final Immunity Challenge. Scout was the first out and cheered for Twila to win. However, Chris won the challenge. Chris asked Scout if she and Twila had a final two deal, in which she said no. Chris was amazed with her honesty. At the last Tribal Council, Chris voted out Scout, making her the last member of the jury.

At Final Tribal Council, Scout stated about the alliance she had with Twila. She praised Twila for her integrity and telling the truth even if it shot her in the foot. Then Scout told Chris he had b***s*** up to his ears and it only gets him to where he's sitting now. Scout thanked them for her 38 day ride. Chris acknowledged Scout's deduction in his closing statement. Scout gave her vote to her close friend Twila, who lost in a 5-2 vote.

Voting History

Scout's Voting History
Episode Scout's
Voted Against
1 Yasur Tribe Immune
2 Dolly -
3 Mia -
4 Yasur Tribe Immune
5 Travis -
6 Rory -
7 Yasur Tribe Immune
8 Rory -
9 Lea -
10 Chad -
11 Leann -
12 Ami Ami, Julie
13 Julie -
14 Eliza -
Ineligible Chris
Voted Off, Day 38
Voted for
Sole Survivor


  • On January 9, 2010, Scout attended Survivor's 10-year anniversary party along with all of her Vanuatu cast mates.


  • Scout is the first Survivor contestant from Oklahoma.
  • Scout was the oldest contestant on Survivor: Vanuatu.
  • Scout has an artificial knee, which is the main reason she consistently fell behind in challenges.
  • Scout was the one that came up with the name Alinta for the merged tribe on Survivor: Vanuatu.
  • She is the oldest woman to be the last person voted out of a season.
  • Scout is the first woman to be the oldest castaway of the season but not make it to Final Tribal Council.
  • Scout became the first person to be the sixteenth person voted out of a season. Although Jenna Lewis in All-Stars was the first person overall to be the sixteenth person eliminated from a season, two people quit in All-Stars.
  • Out of all LGBT female contestants, Scout has lasted the longest within a season, making it to Day 38 and placing 3rd.
  • While she has been identified as a lesbian in the media, Scout says she is actually interested in both genders, describing herself as "omnisexual".


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