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Savaii Alliance
Normal Ep2308 0031
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: South Pacific
Founder: Jim Rice & Ozzy Lusth
Members: Remained Loyal:
Ozzy Lusth (Day 4-38)
Whitney Duncan (Day 4-28)
Dawn Meehan (Day 18-28)
Keith Tollefson (Day 4-25)
Jim Rice (Day 4-25)
Elyse Umemoto (Day 4-14)
John Cochran (Day 18-21)
Day Formed: Day 18
Enemies: Mark Caruso
The Family
Lowest Placing Member: Jim Rice (12/18)
Highest Placing Member: Ozzy Lusth (4/18)

The Savaii Alliance, also sometimes known as 90210 or the 90210 Alliance, was a counter alliance in Survivor: South Pacific.

Comprised of Dawn Meehan, Jim Rice, John Cochran, Keith Tollefson, Ozzy Lusth and Whitney Duncan, the alliance formed out of necessity to maintain numbers at the merge. They were the first alliance to knowingly eliminate one of their own in order to defeat the reigning champion of Redemption Island. However, after Cochran flipped on the alliance, the remaining contestants were pagonged by the rival Upolu Family alliance.


Trojan Horse Plan

After the Redemption Island duel on Day 17, Ozzy came up with a plan to eliminate a strong member of their tribe, so they could beat reigning Redemption Island champion, Christine Shields Markoski and the tribes would merge evenly at 6-6.

After losing the Immunity Challenge later that day Savaii decided to collectively come to a decision on who to vote off. The tribe agreed that John Cochran should be the one to go. However on Day 18 Ozzy told his tribe of the dream he had the night before where he went to Redemption Island and beat Christine. He told his tribe to vote him out so he could go to Redemption Island, win the next duel and return to the game afterwards. The tribe, especially Cochran, agreed to this plan. Ozzy gave his Hidden Immunity Idol to Cochran so Cochran could give it back to him after the merge. At Tribal Council Ozzy was voted off.

At the next Redemption Island duel, the plan succeeded as Ozzy won the duel and the tribes merged with even numbers.

Betrayal After the merge

After the merge, John Cochran switched sides fearing of the rock tiebreaker and joined the rival alliance to help eliminate the first member of the Savaii Alliance.

One True Savaii Member Remains

Ozzy Returns

So Close, Yet So Far


  • Jim betrayed the 5 along with Cochran later on.
  • They were the first alliance and only to knowingly eliminate one of their own in order to defeat the reigning champion of Redemption Island. 



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