Sacrificial Lamb
Survivor.Vanuatu.s09e10.Culture.Shock.and.Violent.Storms.DVDrip 109
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring challenge
Appearances: Vanuatu
Cook Islands

Sacrificial Lamb is a recurring challenge of Survivor.


Survivors (one or two) are connected to a rope wound through a series of obstacles. The two "sacrifices" would move throughout the course with the aid of their team mates. The first group to finish the course wins.


In Survivor: Vanuatu, the challenge appeared as third first post-merge Reward Challenge. The eight contestants were split into two tribes of four. One person would be the "sacrifice", who was harnessed to a rope and had their hands tied. The other three contestants had to maneuver the harnessed contestant through a series of obstacles and to the finish line. The team of Ami, Chad, Chris, and Eliza beat the other four members of Alinta to win reward.

In Survivor: Cook Islands, the challenge appeared as a tribal Reward Challenge. This time two tribe members would be harnessed to a rope (but not with their hands tied). The remaining tribe members had to move them up and over an A-frame, under a thick log on the sand, around a long hitching post, and around a giant boxlike structure – to the end of the rope. At the end of the rope one tribe mate had to swim to a buoy and dive down to retrieve a decoder wheel. Using the wheel, the entire tribe had to work out a six-word phrase. The Aitutaki tribe beat Rarotonga to win pillows, blankets, and a hammock.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
"Culture Shock and Violent Storms"
Team Reward S9 ami tS9 chad tS9 chris tS9 eliza t
Ami, Chad, Chris & Eliza
Cook Islands
"Ruling the Roost"
Tribal Reward S13 becky tS13 candice tS13 caoboi tS13 jessica t
S13 jonathan tS13 ozzy tS13 sundra tS13 yul t