"Rule in Chaos"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Blood vs. Water
Episode Number: 2/15 (399)
Original Release: September 25, 2013
Viewership (in millions): 9.54[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.4/7
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Rule in Chaos is the second episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.


Night 3

After being voted out, Marissa Peterson arrived at Redemption Island to be warmly greeted by residents Candice Cody and Rupert Boneham. She told them she was blindsided and that she was voted out to spite her uncle, Gervase Peterson, after his trash-talking at the previous Reward/Immunity Challenge. However, Candice speculated that Marissa's comments about Brad Culpepper on Day 1 may have had an impact on her elimination. The three commiserated over their undeserved situation.

I just got blindsided at Tribal. I came in thinking Katie's a go. No, Marissa was a go. And then people had the audacity to go and put a frowny face next to my name like they were upset about it. So I'm really pissed off.

Marissa Peterson

Tonight, we got a third person in Redemption Island. At least it wasn't Laura that showed up tonight. That was my fear.

Rupert Boneham

Day 4

At Galang, the tribe was getting along well, enjoying the morning with a leisurely massage train. In a confessional, Laura Boneham expressed relief that the tribe's attitude had helped to settle her after the drama of the First Impressions twist. However, not everybody was enjoying the fun. Colton Cumbie sat by the sidelines of the massage train, stewing with frustration at the tribe's apparent unwillingness to talk strategy. Monica Culpepper tried to remind him that the game was about patience, but he remained unconvinced.

As soon as Rupert was taken away and I was by myself, my heart just sunk. But it's been a very peaceful tribe. As far as, like, consideration for others, it's been a blessing.

Laura Boneham

I thought that this whole, like, zen, calm yoga mentality would be appealing to me. Well, it was for, like, three days. Now I'm over it. I don't want to live with these people. I don't want this to be the Final Nine. Like, I love Caleb with every fiber of my being and I... I just need to get to him.

Colton Cumbie

He then pulled Aras Baskauskas, Gervase Peterson, and Tina Wesson aside, and lied that Laura Morett had approached him about taking out Tina. However, Aras cut him off, saying he "[didn't] believe any of that talk." Aras continued by cautioning against playing too far ahead, and Colton expressed apathy about winning challenges, reminding them that he had volunteered to go to Tribal Council. Gervase immediately jumped in and warned him that nobody should be talking about strategy until the tribe lost a challenge. When Colton then expressed a mere desire to talk to people, Tina said she was happy to "talk about anything but Survivor."

I had really hoped that Colton had seen the way he played and changed. But you can only fake it for so long. Y'know, you come out here and you can fake who you are for four days, five days. And then the elements get to you and your true personality emerges.

Aras Baskauskas

(mockingly) Strategy? What is strategy!? We are a unit! We are unity, we are peace, we are zen, we are stupid!

Colton Cumbie

Meanwhile, at Tadhana, Brad and Vytas Baskauskas had taken the boat and Hawaiian sling to go fishing. Brad was in a positive mood after receiving flint at Tribal Council and being able to share his fishing knowledge. However, the effects of the previous night's vote were still hanging over the tribe, as they dissected their decision to boot Marissa over breakfast, and Rachel Foulger felt the heat of a growing mens' alliance. Determined to keep herself in the game, she approached John Cody and suggested the two of them could work well together. He readily agreed. However, Ciera Eastin grew suspicious of Rachel's apparent disinterest in working with her fellow women, and told Katie Collins that she believed Rachel to be working in an alliance with John.

We feel great this morning. We got flint last night. It was unfortunate we had to lose a tribe member to get the flint, but we got the flint. Kinda showed some of the guys how to use the Hawaiian sling and we got fish. Give a man a fish, he eats for days. Teach a man to fish, your whole tribe eats. Something like that.

Brad Culpepper

I miss Tyson right now, but I have a good feeling that I'm more at risk in this game right now than Tyson is. I think alliances are starting to form. I think there's a lot more going on than what it looks like just at camp. I'm a girl. In this tribe, I'm a minority. And I am living in a man's world right now which is why my strategy is to really play it cool with the guys, being with the guys and trying to just work with them.

Rachel Foulger

The fact that Rachel's not strategising with the girls at this point – who you would kind of assume she would be closest with – is really fishy to me. And I am seventy-sive percent confident that Rachel and John have an alliance. I've definitely taken upon myself to let people know John has an alliance in the tribe. So it puts a big red flag on John, which is great for me because the red flag is not on me.

Ciera Eastin

Later, John returned to camp bearing Tree Mail, inviting the entire tribe to witness the Duel at Redemption Island. The tribe was excited to witness the Duel, and encouraged John in anticipation of Candice's fight to stay in the game.

This game is crazy. The whole tribe is going to Redemption Island. Happy I can see Candice, but it's going to be tough for me emotionally. I've been wrestling with a lot of... a lot of difficult feelings of guilt. If Candice looks at me and smiles and says she loves me, I feel like, honestly, that would take, like, this weight that's, like, crushing my heart right now. It would just, like, throw it off.

John Cody

At the Redemption Island Arena, Galang filed in first. Tadhana followed, revealing that Marissa had been voted out. Laura M, Monica, Tina and Kat Edorsson fought back tears, and when Jeff Probst asked about it, Monica said it was the "heartache" of seeing their loved ones again, with Laura Morett adding that "seeing them safe" was the trigger. Aras gave Gervase a consoling pat on the back, though Gervase told him he was okay. The competitors then entered the Arena: Rupert, Candice and Marissa (who glared at her former tribe). She announced that she did not believe she should have been sent to Redemption as her performance had not lost the challenge, and told Gervase that his "rubbing salt in the wound" with his gloating was the reason she'd been voted out. He turned to Tadhana and said, "I'm 'a rub some more, I promise you that." Jeff offered Gervase the chance to swap places with Marissa, but he declined.

Jeff then revealed the Duel: Operation Balance Build. Using a long pole, each competitor would guide a spool through a wire channel standing upright on a spring and stack the spool on the top of the wire frame. Touching the sides of the wire would cause the frame to wobble, potentially destabilizing the stack of spools. The first two people to stack ten spools would remain at Redemption Island, with the third castaway being eliminated permanently from the game. In addition, the contestant to place first would also receive a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol that they could give to any player, of either tribe, still in the game.

Candice and Marissa took a steady approach early, but Rupert raced ahead without caution, knocking his first spool off the platform on his first attempt. Candice claimed the lead, but Rupert caught up to her, pushing Marissa into last place. However, as Rupert placed his eighth spool, he didn't steady the stack and as he began to manoeuvre his ninth spool through the channel, he knocked off all but one of his spools. Calmly, Candice placed her tenth spool, securing her place in the game and granting her the Idol clue. Rupert raced to make up ground, but Marissa's slow and steady approach won out as she placed her tenth spool and saved herself from elimination.

Rupert hugged his wife Laura goodbye, telling her he was sorry but assuring her that she would be fine. Rupert said he couldn't believe it; being the first person eliminated without ever going to Tribal Council or getting to cast a vote. However, he added that he had no regrets about his decision to take Laura's place at Redemption, since although he loved Survivor, he loved his wife more. Rupert then burned his Buff and became the first person eliminated from Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Candice was then given the clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol as reward for placing first in the Duel. Without hesitation, she chose to give it to her husband John. Candice and Marissa were then sent back to Redemption Island and the tribes returned to camp.

I am so pumped that Candice kicked so much ass. I had all these guilty feelings and she just, like, took them right off the table. She doesn't hold me not switching with her against me at all and now I have a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. This is, like, incredible.

John Cody

Tadhana's return to camp saw John congratulated for his wife's stellar performance and the tribe amused by Marissa's outspokenness and her ultimate triumph. John revealed in a confessional that he was disappointed that Marissa had pulled through, as he'd hoped to keep Candice up against easy competition. However, as the men gathered water from the well, Vytas proposed the idea of playing to the twists by voting out somebody with a strong loved one would be likely to switch with them at Redemption, thus weakening the Galang tribe. His suggested candidate was Rachel, who he believed Tyson Apostol might swap with. John showed some signs of reluctance, and then when asked about the Idol, he said he wanted to keep the five-strong alliance between Brad, Vytas, Caleb Bankston, Hayden Moss, and himself together until the merge and use the Idol to aid the alliance then. However, in a confessional, he revealed that he wanted to keep the clues to the Idol to himself to retain control.

I can't even explain the amount of pride and happiness that I have in seeing Candice just, like, dominate. I mean, I would prefer to have Rupert out there than Marissa. I want to have as many weak people around Candice as humanly possible. So if both people out there suck and are weak in challenges, then I'm happy. But a selfish reason I have for not wanting to vote Rachel out is that if, in fact, Tyson does switch places with her, then he's going against Candice at Redemption Island and I would like to have that not happen.

John Cody

John is with us and I like the kid. I think he's solid. I think it's good for him to have the clue because getting the clue in front of everybody is a curse and a blessing. I mean, it's a blessing in the sense that you've got an opportunity to find the Idol. It's a curse in the sense that you've got a target.

Brad Culpepper

I have a decision point to make. Y'know, there's a fork in the road. Do I go this way and tell the guys in my alliance, or do I find a way to run off in secret and find the Hidden Immunity Idol myself. I think I'm gonna kind of be private about it. Make sure that I'm the only one that can find it.

John Cody

Over at Galang, Laura Boneham was comforted by the tribe after the elimination of Rupert. She said she was "surprisingly okay" and saying, "There's a sense of relief that I don't have to worry about him." She also pointed out that losing her partner made her less of a threat in that she became an individual player. However, Colton once again grew frustrated with the touchy-feely atmosphere of camp, and began throwing seeds of dissention amongst the tribe, telling Gervase that Laura Morett was huge threat, warning Monica that Tyson was gunning for her and lying to Tina that Gervase wanted to take out Aras. Tina was unconvinced, and later talked to Kat, expressing her frustration with Colton's excessive attempts to strategise. In a confessional, Kat also acknowledged how threatening Colton's ruthless strategy could be.

I feel like I'm in middle school again. I mean, I don't mind campfire-side chats and whatever but it's, like, all they want to do! Do you think this is like a YMCA camping trip where we talk about how we want to improve ourselves? Well, you know what? I want to improve myself by winning a million dollars. It's not hard for me to, like, twist the story and lie to someone, y'know, to benefit me in this game. If I can get all of this zen and zan out of here, I can run this show.

Colton Cumbie

I do not want to play against Colton. I can't have him against me, 'cause he will turn on me. He loves that stuff. Like, he thrives on that. And it's sick.

Kat Edorsson

As night fell, Kat informed Colton that Tina was "freaked out" by his over-strategising. He asked her what Tina had said, and Kat answered that Colton only wanted to know because he'd told Tina something that he told her not to tell Kat. Colton turned the innocent conversation into a scene by demanding to know what Tina had said by marching into camp to pull Tina aside. A bewildered Kat and Tina tried to calm Colton, but he threatened to send Kat to Redemption Island if she didn't tell him what Tina had said to her. Later, as the tribe sat around the fire, Colton made an announcement that he wanted to bury the hatchet, but again, Aras cut him off, saying that the drama didn't matter to anybody else on the tribe and that all they were interested in was a peaceful camp and winning challenges. Colton returned that all he was after was the truth, and the tribe's kumbaya attitude was frustrating him.

When I'm angry, I turn into, like, a raging bitch and hopefully this camp will erupt into chaos. Because if there's one thing I know: I can rule in chaos.

Colton Cumbie

So this is what Survivor 27 looks like? There is just so much drama. You don't want to deal with drama for thirty-nine days.

Tina Wesson

That fight was awesome. It's interesting with Colton. I think he came out here wanting to be different than the person he was and he pretended to be for, like, a day and a half or something. But now you look at him and you're like: he's gonna end up over-thinking himself out of the game, probably.

Tyson Apostol

I hope that we go to the Immunity Challenge tomorrow and get slaughtered. These people need to experience Tribal Council and realize this is a game; this isn't National Lampoon's Horrible Vacation.

Colton Cumbie

Day 5

The next morning, Colton began to feel the effects of his troublemaking, wondering if it might have put a target on him. Monica advised him to "decompress a little," but in a confessional, revealed that she had no interest in tying herself to a sinking ship. Later, Aras, Gervase, Monica, Tina, and Tyson met at the well and discussed the Colton issue. Tyson suggested that they all tell each other everything Colton was saying in order to keep track of his scheming. Monica noted that Colton was aware that the target had shifted to him, and Aras added that the game did not need to be about fear, condemning Colton's bullying behavior and likening him to "a gay Russell Hantz." Aras then suggested that the five of them work together in an alliance to the end, to which they all agreed, sealing the deal with the pact, "Don't say anything!"

I woke up this morning and everyone's being super-sketchy and I don't know why. I don't know if the vibe – the viiiiibe – has gotten thrown off or what exactly's going on.

Colton Cumbie

I like Colton, but for the first time in my life, I came to play for me. And that Monica that's just gonna sit in mediocrity? She died in Samoa.

Monica Culpepper

I've seen a side of Colton that's nasty. What he did to Kat last night at our camp was bullying. And if he did it to Kat, he can do it to Tyson, he can do it to Aras, he can do it to Gervase. And so at a certain point, you have to say, "I don't want to play with that person."

Aras Baskauskas

A new alliance has formed and it is Tyson, Aras, Gervase, Tina and me. And I feel really good about this alliance. Y'know, wisdom is experience and everybody in this alliance of five that I have have had a lot of life experience.

Monica Culpepper

Day 6

The next day, the tribes convened for the Immunity Challenge. Jeff took back the Immunity Idol from Galang. He then revealed the challenge: In a Barrel. Three members of each tribe, tethered together, would roll a barrel containing another tribe member to a series of flagpoles. The castaway in the barrel would then climb out, stand on top of the barrel and untie a set of knots to release a bag of balls. Once the tribe had collected all four bags of balls, they would pass them off to the remaining tribe members, who would use them to land a ball in each of the six targets at the end of a Skee-Ball ramp. The first tribe to finish would win immunity, as well as a collection of fishing gear, including lines, hooks, lures and live bait. To even the numbers, Kat sat out the challenge for Galang.

With Katie in the barrel for Tadhana and Laura Morett in the barrel for Galang, the Immunity Challenge began neck-and-neck. Brad, John and Vytas rolled Katie to the first flagpole quickly to gain a narrow lead, but Aras, Monica, and Tyson quickly caught up. Both women quickly untied the knots, keeping the tribes even. The pattern continued throughout the first portion of the challenge, with Galang edging out a very narrow lead. However, Galang struggled to roll the barrel into the final cradle, giving Tadhana a narrow lead going into the skee-ball portion of the challenge.

The four remaining competitors for each tribe worked quickly to untie the bags, and Hayden and Gervase took on the responsibility of landing the balls in the targets. Hayden extended the Tadhana lead with the first three balls, but Gervase quickly caught up and evened the score. The two men again tied up at four balls each, but Gervase claimed victory by landing the final two balls first, winning immunity and reward for Galang. Celebrating and shouting, "Marissa! That's for you, baby!" Gervase was embraced by his teammates. Galang then received the idol and their reward and headed back to camp, as a disappointed Tadhana followed.

Back at camp, Brad expressed his frustration with Gervase's trash-talking, wishing for a challenge of a more physical nature in which he could take Gervase on. However, the looming Tribal Council quickly set the afternoon in motion, with Katie expressing a hesitancy to turn on her fellow women, but adding that she was determined to do whatever she needed to do to make it to through the game. The five men, meanwhile, discussed Vytas' earlier plan to oust Rachel to weaken Galang. John resisted the idea, saying that if Tyson didn't switch, then they'd be losing their strongest woman for nothing. Vytas argued that regardless of whether or not he swapped, voting out Rachel would still damage Tyson himself, but began to doubt John's commitment to the Five Guys Alliance.

We really needed this challenge. Not because of the fishing gear, but we really needed the Immunity Idol. We don't want to send anyone home. There's three girls left. We have lots of guys, lots of brawn, but there's only us three girls. The guys could pick us off if they wanted to. Hopefully, they want to keep me around. I don't want to see the other girls go, but there's only one person who wins the game and I have to do what I have to do to win.

Katie Collins

The consensus is Rachel because they're all concerned about Tyson and maybe Tyson will take Rachel's spot at Redemption Island and thereby weaken their tribe, but from a personal stand-point, I don't really want to have Rachel go to Redemption Island and have Tyson switch places with her because then Tyson's competing against Candice.

John Cody

Does John have more allegiance to the five guys, or does John have more allegiance to Rachel. Doubts have arisen because of his extreme hesitancy to vote her out. This early in the game, to have doubts arise, is not a good thing.

Vytas Baskauskas

Vytas and Hayden approached Katie to tell her that the mark was Rachel, but she doubted that John would go along with the plan. Vytas admitted that he was resistant to the idea, but Hayden added that even if he went rogue, they would still have enough votes to take out Rachel. However, Katie raised the issue of the Hidden Immunity Idol, suggesting that John might play it to save Rachel, yet Vytas admitted that they did not believe John had found the Idol. He added that the plan was to tell Rachel that the vote was going against Ciera. Meanwhile, John informed Ciera about the misdirect for Rachel, prompting Ciera to worry about her own name being written down. In response, Ciera and Katie discussed the idea of working together to defend against any Idol play by casting their two votes on John.

I am freaked out. John told me that he was going to tell Rachel to vote me, and don't worry about it because we're all voting Rachel. Well, that's too sketchy for me.

Ciera Eastin

Rachel approached John, and he told her that the vote would be directed to Ciera. As he then searched for the Hidden Immunity Idol, he expressed fears about his alliance mistrusting him due to his clue to the Idol and his resistance to the Rachel vote. As Ciera, Hayden, and Katie ate their rice, Ciera noted John's disappearing acts, prompting Caleb, Hayden and Vytas to discuss John's place in the game. Although they they didn't believe he would play the Idol for Rachel, the three agreed that John's sketchy behavior was worrying, with both Hayden and Vytas entertaining the idea of giving him the boot.

This is not the vote that I really want to make. I didn't want Rachel to go and I'm disagreeing with the other guys in my alliance about that. I don't want my alliance not to trust me because I was very publicly given a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol. I haven't found it yet, but I don't necessarily need them having feelings of doubt when it comes to my faith in the alliance.

John Cody

John's kind of hiding the Idol clue, not really filling everybody in. We all know he's looking for it. It makes you a little weary [sic]. Right now, John is with the five guys. (air quotes) But then we'll see how long he stays that way.

Hayden Moss

I don't want to be the one that says, "Let's break up the five guys" first. But to be honest, we should vote John because he could have found the Idol. Just, like, his energy and his resourcefulness, like, I totally think that he could possibly have the Idol and if somebody starts to show signs that they're willing to do their own thing and go against the group, then blindside them now.

Vytas Baskauskas

At Tribal Council, Jeff began by asking about the men-to-women ratio. Ciera said that the five men, and their fishing trips and male bonding, were concerning for the gender down in numbers. Hayden countered that the men had easily bonded, but made a point of not denying that there was an alliance. Katie said that the women were still trying to figure out the situation.

Caleb was then asked if John's clue, courtesy of Candice, had put a target on his back. He answered in the affirmative, noting that the history of Idol-play in Survivor automatically put a target on John. Brad added that they had to consider whether he'd already found it, and noted that it was up to John as to whether he would share that information with his tribe or not. John, when asked about the effect of the vote on Candice's game at Redemption Island, noted the complications of the situation with the possibility of their loved one swapping in. Hayden agreed that it was twisted, but brought up that the possibility of swapping could potentially weaken Galang.

Acknowledging the multi-layered complexity of the voting process unique to the season, Jeff announced that it was time to vote. Rachel and Katie cast her votes first, and John followed (voting for Rachel). Brad, Hayden, and Ciera cast their votes next, with the latter voting for John. Caleb and Vytas concluded the proceedings, and Jeff tallied the votes.

The first two votes came up for John, followed by a lone vote for Ciera. However, the remaining votes were all directed to Rachel, and she became the fourth person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water, and she departed for Redemption Island with a wave to her former tribemates. Noting their need to win the next challenge, Jeff sent Tadhana back to camp.

Rachel arrived at Redemption Island, and recounted the events of Tribal Council to Candice and Marissa, revealing that the vote had been split between her and John (which had evidently been a surprise to him) and divulging that although the tribe was tight, it was bound to fracture soon.

At Tribal tonight, I got voted out. It wasn't a huge surprise to me as a girl in a guy-dominated tribe.

Rachel Foulger


Challenge: Operation Balance Build
The players would use metal rods to lift and guide wooden spools through a metal maze. Once the spool was through the maze, they'd place the spool on top of the maze. They'd then get another spool and do it again. The maze is held up by a spring. The first two people to stack all ten of their spools win.
Winners (in order of finish): Candice Cody and Marissa Peterson (Candice gave the Hidden Immunity Idol clue to John Cody)

Challenge: In the Barrel
One tribe member crams into a tiny barrel. Then, other tribe mates, who are attached at the waist, will roll the barrel up and into a special barrel-shaped cradle. The barrel dweller will then hop out, climb onto the barrel, and untie a bag of balls and then hop back into their barrel. The rollers will back the barrel out of the cradle, proceed to the next stand and continue the ball-retrieving process. There are four cradles in all and they are arranged in a zig-zag pattern along the course. Once all four bags have been retrieved, the barrel will be rolled into a final cradle and the inhabitant will burst forth to present the rest of the tribe with his or her bounty. The four remaining players will then roll the balls up a skeeball structure. The first tribe to land six balls in place wins immunity.
Reward: Fishing gear (including lines, hooks, lures and live bait)
Winner: Galang

Redemption Island

Redemption Island
Duel 1
Competitors Result
(according to finish)
S27 candice t
(current inhabitant)
S27 marissa t
S27 rupert t
(current inhabitant)
S27 rupert bw
Rupert Boneham

Final Words

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 2:
S27 rachel t
Rachel (5 votes)
S27 brad tS27 caleb t
S27 hayden tS27 john tS27 vytas t
Brad, Caleb, Hayden, John, Vytas
S27 john t
John (2 votes)
S27 ciera tS27 katie t
Ciera, Katie
S27 ciera t
Ciera (1 vote)
S27 rachel t
S27 rachel t
Rachel Foulger
(sent to Redemption Island)

Voting Confessionals

John is shown writing Rachel's name down on the parchment. Ciera is shown writing John's name down on the parchment.

Still in the Running

S27 rupert bw
On Redemption
S27 candice t
On Redemption
S27 marissa t
On Redemption
S27 rachel t
S27 aras t
S27 brad t
S27 caleb t
S27 ciera t
S27 colton t
S27 gervase t
S27 hayden t
S27 john t
S27 kat t
S27 katie t
 Laura B.
S27 laurab t
 Laura M.
S27 lauram t
S27 monica t
S27 tina t
S27 tyson t
S27 vytas t


Deleted Scenes

  • A deleted scene posted on[2] showed Rupert Boneham struggling with the isolation of Redemption Island, saying, "This island is making me crazy! This is a totally different Survivor than I'm used to. I kinda like the tribe mentality, I can bond people together with me and it helps me, brings me a little strength. But it's a very alone game on Redemption Island." Rupert then checked Tree Mail to find Marissa Peterson's luxury item and a message inviting Rupert, Marissa, and Candice Cody to their first Duel.
  • Deleted confessionals from each castaway were posted on[3]
    • I'm Ready for a Battle: Before the Duel, Rupert Boneham discussed his excitement at finally getting to do something, noting his disappointment at not getting to "play" Survivor whilst stuck at Redemption. He discussed missing his wife, and hoped to be able to talk to Laura at the Duel to give each other strength and hope. He concluded by saying that he was confident going into the Duel, saying, "I'm going to be fine."
    • Oh Thank God: Colton Cumbie related his relief at seeing Caleb at the Redemption Island duel and speculated that his loved one was in a good position in Tadhana. He also suggested that if he was voted out, he was certain that Caleb would take his place on Redemption and he would be able to take control of Tadhana.
    • I Don't Get to Play With Him: A tearful Laura Boneham discussed her husband's elimination at the Duel, saying that it was a mixed blessing: although it was devastating that he was the first person out, she was aware that her stock had improved in the tribe without the baggage of a loved one and pointed out that she had good alliances in place and was performing well in the challenges. She expressed disappointment over not getting to play with Rupert, but was glad that she didn't have to worry about him any longer.
    • Advantages of Going to the Duel: Caleb Bankston also talked about the Duel, saying that he was glad that the whole tribe was able to witness the Duel as it gave everyone first-hand knowledge of who the strong competitors were on Redemption Island (which could affect voting strategy) and also gave everyone another chance to see their loved one. He added that if Colton found himself on Redemption, he would find it difficult to resist switching with him, but said that he wouldn't do it if he would have a better place in Tadhana than Colton would, and vice versa.
    • I Worry About John: Rachel Foulger noted the unpredictability of the Blood vs. Water season, citing Survivor all-star Rupert being the first person eliminated from the game. She also talked about her happiness for John regarding Candice's performance at the Duel, but worried that John's Hidden Immunity Idol clue could make him a target. She added that she didn't want possession of a hidden idol in the game as it would put a bigger target on her back.
    • When I Saw Him, I Lost It: Kat Edorsson discussed the unique aspect of playing the game with loved ones, noting the dichotomy between wanting to play the game for herself, but being brought to tears at the Duel when seeing Hayden still in the game. She then talked about the switching twist, saying that she thought Gervase's decision not to switch with Marissa was smart, but wasn't sure if she could resist it, saying, "Will I sacrifice this [game] so that I know I can have him for the rest of my life? Is a million dollars really going to be worth Hayden Moss for the rest of my life?"
    • It Throws a Wrench in the Game: Hayden Moss also analyzed the switching twist at the Duel, commenting that the balance of playing for himself and sacrificing himself for Kat was difficult to figure out, and it was a harder decision for dating couples or blood relatives, compared to the married couples who shared a bank account. He added that he was confident he would be able to win all of the Duels at Redemption, but wasn't as sure that Kat would, so he did not plan to let her ever swap to save him, but seriously considered taking her place if it came down to it.
    • I Was Really Really Proud of Her: Gervase Peterson discussed his surprise at seeing Marissa voted out, and with regard to the switching twist, said that he felt that it was an individual game, and believed that Marissa would be able to compete well. He said he was very proud to see her perform strongly in the challenge, affirming his decision to bring her into the game as his loved one, and hoped she could win her way back into the game as it was "robbed" from her, believing Tadhana had wanted to vote her out for some other reason (noting she had also received votes at the First Impressions vote), but had used his victory celebration as an excuse.
    • I Was Really Moved: Aras Baskauskas discussed the Duel, saying that he had felt bad for Gervase due to Marissa's elimination from Tadhana. He continued that he was very moved by Rupert's sacrifice of the game for his wife (and his departing words, "I love Survivor, but I love my wife more"), and believed that everybody felt the same way deep down. He added that Laura had taken her husband's elimination well, pointing out that everybody knew that Redemption Island was essentially "a death sentence."
    • I'm Still Mad: After surviving the Duel, Marissa Peterson discussed her frustration at being voted out: "I'm competing at Redemption, but I don't know what I'm redeeming myself for." She said that she was happy to be able to show up her former tribe with a strong challenge performance, and discussed Gervase's reaction to her being voted out. She added that over time, she'd shifted the blame for her elimination from Gervase to Tadhana, feeling they'd used her as a scapegoat.
    • I'm In It to Win It: Candice Cody talked about her relief that she had won the Duel and stayed in the game, and defended her decision to give the clue to John, because although it could make him a target, she felt it was more dangerous to have the clue in someone else's hands. She discussed John's support of her during the Duel, and concluded by stating her determination to not give up: "Never, ever, ever say die."
    • Clue to the Immunity Idol: Tyson Apostol analyzed the Hidden Immunity Idol, deducing that because the clue could be given to anybody on either tribe, the Idol would have to be hidden at a marker like the well or Tree Mail or something that would be at both camps. He added that he thought trying to look for the Idol blind was a "crap-shoot" and considered that Candice's decision to give the clue to John was not the optimal situation, but merely the best in the circumstance. He thought that keeping the clue to oneself would be a dumb move and that John should share it with his tribe, or else he might end up at Redemption quickly.
    • Don't Give It to Me: Laura Morett was relieved to not see Ciera voted out at Tribal, but was shocked to see Marissa, who she had deemed as Tadhana's strongest woman, sent to Redemption Island. She praised Candice's calm performance at the challenge, and then talked about the clue. Her first reaction was that the clue was dangerous (comparing it to a bad-luck-bringing tiki from a Brady Bunch episode) as it put a target on John, which could lead to his elimination at the next Tribal Council; or alternatively give him a lot of power. Laura revealed that in Candice's position, she would have given the clue to the whole tribe rather than an individual.
    • Colton is the Outwit: Tina Wesson discussed her exasperation with Colton's over-strategizing (comparing him to "Survivor freak" Rob Cesternino) its disruption of the peace at camp, and called it a "waste of time" given that unexpected game twists could be thrown at them at any minute. She then compared her old-school game to Colton's hyper-strategizing, and discussed the pros and cons of having Colton as an ally - he brought knowledge of the game, but stirred up trouble.
    • Learning About Myself: On Day 5, Ciera Eastin talked about her personal growth in the first few days of the game. She particularly pointed out that she was becoming more open-minded, pointing to her prior disapproval of gay marriage on religious grounds and comparing that to her opportunity to get to know Caleb: "I'm not saying that I was wrong, but I definitely don't know if I was right at this point."
    • I Have to Stand Out: Katie Collins talked about her need to make herself stand out and make an impact on the game in the context of challenges, pointing to her volunteering to do the part of the challenge nobody else wanted (rolling around in the barrel) and her strong performance in that role. She particularly noted the need to stand out above the other two girls, given the gender imbalance in Tadhana.
    • I'm Getting Annoyed with My Brother: Vytas Baskauskas discussed his rivalry with Aras after Tadhana's second loss, saying that he was growing to love his own tribe more and hating Aras more. He added that although he'd been able to beat his younger brother growing up, Aras had had more success in life with scholarships, winning Survivor and lucky in love, and asked, "Like, let me have something over here! For finally, for once, can I win, please!?"
  • A deleted confessional from[4] showed Brad Culpepper praising his five-man alliance, and his individual relationships with each of his alliance mates. He revealed his "dad" approach to encouraging each of the younger men, noted the difficulty in tying to juggle the relationships without losing one of his allies and expressed his frustration with the fast pace of the first six days.


  • This episode features the first Redemption Island duel featuring two returning players, Candice Cody and Rupert Boneham.
  • This episode marked the earliest time a Redemption Island duel occurred, being held on Day 4.
  • This episode marked the first time a three-way duel occurred prior to the merge.
  • This is the only time Rupert Boneham has played the game and hasn't made the merge or jury phase.
    • This is also the only season where he hasn't been on a blue tribe.
  • In the Previously on Survivor segment, Jeff Probst mixed up the tribes when recounting the First Impressions twist from the previous episode, saying that Galang voted out Laura Boneham, and Tadhana voted out Candice Cody.
  • Aras referred to Colton as "the gay Russell Hantz" in this episode. Russell did not react well to this, claiming that he was a lot worse, and overall a much stronger player, than Colton was.