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Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring rope challenge
Appearances: Guatemala
Heroes vs. Villains
One World
Millennials vs. Gen X

Rope-a-Dope (also known as Around The Bend) is a recurring challenge of Survivor.


The castaways will be attached to a rope that is tangled around several obstacles that they will have to jump and climb through in order to untangle it and make their way to the finish.


The challenge debuted in Survivor: Guatemala as an individual Immunity Challenge. The challenge was split into two rounds. In the first round the contestants had to traverse through three obstacles. The first four to finish would move on to the final round. In the final round they had to traverse through a three level high obstacle course would win immunity. Rafe won immunity.

In Survivor: Tocantins, the challenge was for immunity and followed the same format as GuatemalaTyson and J.T. were neck and neck, taking the first two spots in the final. Brendan edged out Sierra for the final spot. In the final round, it was close but Tyson won immunity.

In Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains, this challenge was used as Reward and Immunity Challenge where the contestant who finished first in each tribe would win immunity and compete against the winner of the opposing tribe for reward. Candice won for the Heroes and Rob for the Villains. In the final stage, Rob won the reward for the Villains.

In Survivor: One World, this challenge was the Loved Ones Challenge. The castaways and their loved ones would be tethered together and attached to one end of a thick rope. The thick rope has other ropes woven around it and several poles. They would have to untangle the ropes to allow them to progress along the thick rope. The first castaway and loved one to reach the end of the thick rope would win. Kat and her cousin Robby just barely beat out Kim and her sister Beth. Kat chose Kim and Alicia along with their loved ones to go on a picnic.

In Survivor: Philippines, the challenge was divided in three rounds. As Abi-Maria had bought an advantage in the Survivor Auction, she went straight to the last round. Before each round, Jeff Probst asked a question. If the participant answered incorrectly, he would have to carry a purse weighing 5% of their body weight. In the first round, Denise and Lisa got the question wrong and added the extra weight to begin the challenge. With five moving on to the second stage, it was only Lisa who was left behind. At the second stage, Denise got her question wrong again, making her extra weight 10%, while Carter and Michael added 5%. In this stage, they were attached to another rope, while navigating through bamboo poles. Jonathan and Carter moved on to face Abi-Maria in the third stage, where they had to untie a series of rope gates, while navigating through a multi-level obstacle course. Carter got the question wrong again, adding to his burden. Well-rested and without any weight, Abi-Maria breezed through the stage to take immunity.

In Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X, the challenge was once again used as the Loved Ones Challenge. First, each castaway would have to run through shallow water, and then climb over and go under several hitching posts. Next, they would untangle their ropes from an individual hitching post. After getting through, they would race to a log, which they would have to dig a path under. In the final stage, they would race around a pole that has their rope tangled around it, and after they got through, they would tap out on another pole to win. In a close race between Jay, Ken, and Zeke, the former edged them both out and won the reward, which was bringing their loved one back to camp and having a barbecue. Jay also chose Will, Sunday, and Adam to join him along with their respective loved ones.


Episode Challenge Type Winners
"Eating and Sleeping with the Enemy"
Individual Immunity S11 rafe t
Rafe Judkins
"The Biggest Fraud in the Game"
Individual Immunity S18 tyson t
Tyson Apostol
Heroes vs. Villains
"Banana Etiquette"
Individual Immunity S20 candice t
Candice Woodcock
S20 rob t
Rob Mariano
Tribal Reward S20 coach tS20 courtney tS20 danielle t
S20 jerri tS20 parvati tS20 rob t
S20 russell tS20 sandra tS20 tyson t
One World
"It's Gonna Be Chaos"
Individual Reward
(Loved Ones Challenge)
S24 kat t
Kat Edorsson
"Hell Hath Frozen Over"
Individual Immunity S25 abimaria t
Abi-Maria Gomes
Millennials vs. Gen X
"About to Have a Rumble"
Individual Reward
(Loved Ones Challenge)
S33 jay t
Jay Starrett




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