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Robinsonekspedisjonen 2010
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Season Information
Version: Norwegian
Season No.: 10
Season Run: September 12, 2010-December 5, 2010
Winner: Alita Dagmar Kristensen
Opening Sequence
Season Chronology

Robinsonekspedisjonen: 2010, is the tenth season of the Norwegian version of the Swedish show Expedition Robinson and it premiered on the 12th of September 2010.[1] The main twist this season is that the teams are divided up by region of origin with the members of the north team coming from northern Norway and the members of the south team coming from southern Norway. In episode 3, Kristine Ditlefsen, Jeanetter Elstad, Cecilie Heramb, and Tone Olsen all entered the game as jokers with two of each joining one of the two teams. The game changed again in episode 5 when the teams were dissolved and two new teams were formed based on gender. In a twist, in episode 6 Kim Cesar, Synnøve Kalleklev, Lisbeth Larsen, and Bjørnar Rødal entered the game as members of the newly formed west team. Along with this, in episode 6 the contestants temporarily returned to their original teams. However, following a duel in the same episode between David Sandem and Jeanette Elstad, in which Jeanette was eliminated, the two teams merged. Shoretly after the merge took place the remaining contestants were evacuated from the island for about ten days due to a bird flu break out. In episode 7, the west competed in an individual Immunity Challenge. After the challenge, Kim was eliminated by the winner of the challenge Bjørnar. Following this, Bjørnar along with Lisbeth and Synnøve joined the merge tribe. In episode 12, Atle Hansen and Synnøve competed in a duel against each other in which Synnøve was eliminated and Atle received reward. In the final episode of the season, the four semi-finalists initially competed in the plank competition. Following the challenge Tone was voted out of the game by the winner and first finalist Alita Kristensen. Then the two remaining losers of the first competition, Atle and Stian Schie, competed in a final duel. Stian won and became the second finalist. Eventually, Alita Dagmar Kristensen won the season over Stian Schie by a jury vote of 8-3, becoming the first contestant to have begun the competition on the North team to win since 2004.

Episode Guide

1Twelve castaways arrive in a remote village in the Philippines where they are greeted by host Christer Falch. Christer quickly divides them into two tribes, North and South. The contestants are then told that they were split into tribes based on where they live in Norway. After a day of getting to know each other the tribes are treated to their first Reward Challenge. At the challenge North team proves to be more physically dominating, winning three of five rounds and a tarp for their shelter as well as soda. Later, at the Immunity Challenge the tribes take part in a mental challenge in which they're the pieces. In a close race it is the North team who pull of the win and a continue their winning streak while South is sent to Tribal Council. Following the loss at the Immunity Challenge, South team is faced with the tough decision of voting off the first person of the season. The women of South, Kimhye and Randi-Annette, discuss voting out odd man out Atle. Meanwhile, Atle attempts to get the other men in the tribe to vote for Kimhye who they perceive as the weakest member. After several discussions between the tribemembers it's time for Tribal Council. Despite her best efforts, at Tribal Council Kimhye Iversen becomes the first person to be voted out of the game by a vote of 5-1.

North Robin10 South Robin10 R1 Robin10 South Robin10 North2 Robin10 Immunity1 Robin10 Immunity1a Robin10 Immunity1b Robin10 I1 Robin10 Immunity1c Robin10 Immunity1d Robin10 Immunity1e Robin10 Kimhye2 Robin10

2With their recent victory at the Immunity Challenge the North team is feeling optimistic about their future prospects. Team unity appears to be at an all time high as the group indulge in their recent reward. Meanwhile at South, the loss of Kimhye has left the remaining members of the tribe thirsty for a win. With the upcoming reward comes new that only some of each tribe may compete. Both tribes are asked to select two people they believe to be their best problem solvers. For their part North selects Dan Richard and Maria, while South chooses to send David and Stian. At the challenge, the tribes are given a puzzle. The goal is simple, simply be the first pair to solve the puzzle and earn reward. David and Stian prove to be the quicker pair, handedly beating the Northerners and ending their losing streak. The victory brings much joy to the South team while at North tribe unity quickly starts to wane. An argument erupts between Maria and Werner causing friction between the two and the group as a whole. Later at the Immunity Challenge the tribes are told that there may be a twist for the losing tribe. Christer reveals that at some point during the challenge an amulet will be released at the starting line. This amulet grants it's carrier immunity as well as a special power at Tribal Council. The amulet must be retrieved before either tribe completes the challenge in order to come into effect. Early on in the challenge the two tribes remain relatively close on the course, however the second obstacle becomes too challenging for the North team, particularly Maria, who holds stalls the tribe. South takes advantage of North's stalling and quickly takes a substantial lead over North. It is then that Christer reveals the immunity amulet. Seeing that Alita, Dan Richard, and Maria aren't making any progress and feeling a loss is imminent, Arvid makes a run for the idol, leaving his tribe behind. South eventually wins immunity in a landslide victory, but not before Arvid retrieves the amulet. Arvid's actions do not go unnoticed by the group. Many feel betrayed that he went for the amulet. At Tribal Council, it is revealed that Arvid, as the amulet holder, will select another tribemate to be immune. This person will then select someone else to be immune and so on until there's only one person left without an amulet. This person will become the second person to leave the game. Arvid selects Dan Richard to receive the second amulet, Ken Rune is selected third. In a surprising move Ken Rune selects friction causer Werner over Alita and Maria. Werner's decision proves easy as he selects Alita to receive the final immunity, sending Maria home. A visibly angry Maria expresses her frustration with everyone in the tribe except Alita.

R2 Robin10 R2a Robin10 Immunity2 Robin10 Immunity2a Robin10 Immunityb Robin10 Immunity2c Robin10 Immunity2d Robin10 Immunity2e Robin10 Immunity2g Robin10 Amulet Robin10 Immunity2h Robin10 Mariaout Robin10 Mariaout2 Robin10

3Important Events
*A very tense North Team returns from Tribal Council. Arvid feels still on the outs after having taken the Immunity Necklace at the last Immunity Challenge.
*New girls Cecilie, Jeanette, Kristine, and Tone arrive to their new respective tribes, much to the shock of the tribes.
*Randi-Annette makes it known that the new girls are not welcome on South's island and that she does not care for Cecilie in particular.
*At both the immunity and Reward Challenge South continues their winning streak, sending North to yet another Tribal Council.
*At Tribal Council it is revealed that the new girls may each grant one of the original members of the tribe the right to an extra vote. Jeanette gives Alita this power, while Kristine selects Ken Rune.
*Perceived as too confrontational and undeserving of the title of Robinson Werner is ultimately voted out of the tribe, receiving votes from everyone except Arvid.

Challenge Robin10 New Robin10 Newnorth Robin10 Newsouth Robin10 Tribal Robin10 Wernerout Robin10


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe Gender Tribe Episode 6 Merged Tribe
Kimhye Robin10 Kimhye Iversen
29, Nesodden
South Team 1st Voted Out
Day ?
Maria Robin10 Maria Eliseussen
24, Fredrikstad
North Team 2nd Voted Out
Day ?
Werner Robin10 Werner Solheim
28, Frøskeland
North Team 3rd Voted Out
Day ?
Arvid Robin10 Arvid Mallaug
26, Sortland
North Team 4th Voted Out
Day ?
Ken Rune Robin10 Ken Rune Berg
36, Harstad
North Team Men 5th Voted Out
Day ?
Jeanette Robin10 Jeanette Elstad
24, Tromsø
North Team Women Eliminated Lost Duel
Day ?
Randi Annette Robin10 Randi-Anette Ejme
29, Porsgrunn
South Team Women Robinson 6th Voted Out
Day ?
Kim Robin10 Kim Cesar
25, Bergen
West Team 7th Voted Out
Day ?
Daniel Robin10 Daniel Thorpe
23, Oslo
South Team Men Robinson Robinson 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day ?
Cecilie Robin10 Cecilie Heramb
23, Elverum
South Team Women 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day ?
Bjornar Robin10 Bjørnar Rødal
29, Stavanger
West Team 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day ?
Lisbeth Robin10 Lisbeth Larsen
27, Karmøy
West Team 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day ?
Dan Richard Robin10 Dan Richard Davidsen
24, Fredrikstad
North Team Men Robinson 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day ?
David Robin10 David Sandem
29, Oslo
South Team Men 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day ?
Synnove Robin10 Synnøve Kalleklev
26, Fosnavåg
West Team Lost Duel
7th Jury Member
Day ?
Kristin Robin10 Kristine Ditlefsen
22, Tromsø
North Team Women Robinson 14th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day ?
Tone Robin10 Tone Olsen
30, Skien
South Team Women 15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day ?
Atle Robin10 Atle Hansen
45, Haiden
South Team Men Lost Challenge
10th Jury Member
Day ?
Stian Robin10 Stian Schie
26, Oslo
South Team Men Runner-Up
Day ?
Alita Robin10 Alita Dagmar Kristensen
24, Alta
North Team Women Sole Survivor
Day ?

Challenge Tracker

First air date Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
September 12, 2010 North Team North Team Kimhye 5-1 1st Voted Out
Day 3
September 19, 2010 South Team South Team Maria 0-1-1-1-13 2nd Voted Out
Day 6
September 26, 2010 South Team South Team Werner 7-1-14 3rd Voted Out
Day 9
October 3, 2010 South Team South Team Arvid 5-1 4th Voted Out
Day 12
Ken Rune5
October 10, 2010 Men Women Ken Rune 2-06 5th Voted Out
Day 15
David, Stian6
October 17, 2010 None None Jeanette No Vote7 Lost Duel
Day 18
Alita Randi-Anette 5-4-1 6th Voted Out
Day 31
October 24, 2010 None Bjørnar Kim 1-08 7th Voted Out
Day 32
David Daniel9 6-4 8th Voted Out
1st Jury Member
Day 34
October 31, 2010 Stian,
Stian Cecilie 7-2-1-1 9th Voted Out
2nd Jury Member
Day 37
November 7, 2010 Bjørnar, David,
[Alita, Atle,
Dan, Lisbeth,
Stian, Synnøve]
Dan, Kristine,
Lisbeth, Synnøve,
Bjørnar10 3-5-1-110 10th Voted Out
3rd Jury Member
Day 39
November 14, 2010 Alita, Atle, Dan,
Kristine, Tone,
Stian, Synnøve
Dan Lisbeth 5-3-1 11th Voted Out
4th Jury Member
Day 41
November 21, 2010 Alita, David
Kristine, Tone
Synnøve12 Dan 4-2-1-1 12th Voted Out
5th Jury Member
Day 43
Alita12 David 4-113 13th Voted Out
6th Jury Member
Day 43
November 28, 2010 Atle,
None Synnøve No Vote14 Lost Duel
7th Jury Member
Day 44
Tone Kristine16 2-1 14th Voted Out
8th Jury Member
Day 45
December 5, 2010 None Alita Tone 1-0 15th Voted Out
9th Jury Member
Day 46
Stian Atle No Vote Lost Duel
10th Jury Member
Day 46
Jury Vote Stian 8-317 Runner-Up
Alita Sole Survivor

^Note 1 : Following their win at the Immunity Challenge, the north team was allowed to give one member of the south team immunity at Tribal Council. The north team chose to give immunity to David.

^Note 2 : During the Immunity Challenge, Christer revealed an individual Immunity Idol back at the starting line. The first person from the losing team to reach this idol would have immunity at the second Tribal Council. As Arvid reached it first, he was immune at the second Tribal Council.

^Note 3 : As Maria was the only person not to receive an amulet at the second Tribal Council, she was eliminated from the game.

^Note 4 : At the third Tribal Council, both Alita and Ken had two votes they could cast as opposed to just one.

^Note 5 : Following their win at the Immunity Challenge, the south team was allowed to give one member of the north team immunity at Tribal Council. The south team chose to give immunity to Ken.

^Note 6 : At the fifth Immunity Challenge, Tone, having the won the challenge for the newly formed Women's tribe, was given the power to choose who of the men would have immunity at the fifth Tribal Council through shooting plates that had their names on them. As both David and Stian's plates were still intact when Tone ran out of bullets they both had immunity at the fifth Tribal Council. In addition to this, David and Stian were the only ones who could vote at the fifth Tribal Council.

^Note 7 : Jeanette was eliminated after losing a duel against David.

^Note 8 : Following an individual Immunity Challenge that only the West team competed in, Bjørnar, as the winner, was told that he had to immediately vote out one member of the team. He chose to eliminate Kim.

^Note 9 : As both Cecilie and Daniel received five votes at the seventh Tribal Council, all of the other contestants were told they had to vote again in a re-vote.

^Note 10 : At the ninth Tribal Council, the contestant that received the most votes would be forced to compete in a duel against their partner from the Reward Challenge. As a result, David faced off in a duel against Bjørnar to determine who would be eliminated. Ultimately, David won the duel.

^Note 11 : At the tenth Tribal Council, Synnøve was immune as she had bought immunity during the auction that took place at the Reward Challenge.

^Note 12 : As the contestants were temporarily split into two groups following the Reward Challenge, two Immunity Challenges took place.

^Note 13 During the second vote at the eleventh Tribal Councils, only David and Kristine could be voted for and could not vote.

^Note 14 Synnøve was eliminated after losing a duel to Atle.

^Note 15 As Atle won the duel against Synnøve, he was also given reward which he could share with one other person.

^Note 16 As Kristine received the most votes in the second vote at the twelfth Tribal Council, she was forced to compete in a duel against Stian, which she lost.

^Note 17 As Tone was technically the last person voted out of the game, she was allowed to vote twice during the jury vote.

Voting History

Original Tribes Gender Tribes No Tribes West Team Merge Tribe
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Eliminated: Kimhye Robin10
5/6 votes1
Maria Robin10
0/4 votes2, 3
Werner Robin10
7/9 votes4
Arvid Robin10
5/6 votes5
Ken Rune Robin10Ken Rune
2/2 votes6
Jeanette Robin10
No vote
Randi Annette Robin10
5/10 votes
Kim Robin10
1/1 vote7
Tie Daniel Robin10
6/10 votes
Cecilie Robin10
7/11 votes
Bjornar Robin10
3/10 votes
Lisbeth Robin10
5/9 votes
Dan Richard Robin10
4/8 votes
David Robin10
4/5 votes
Synnove Robin10
No vote
Second Vote Kristin Robin10
2/3 votes
Tone Robin10
1/1 vote
Atle Robin10
No vote
Stian Robin10
3/11 votes
Alita Robin10
8/11 votes
Alita Werner
Arvid Randi-Anette Daniel Daniel Cecilie Bjørnar Lisbeth Atle Kristine Kristine Kristine Tone Jury Vote
Stian Kimhye Ken Rune Dan Cecilie Cecilie Cecilie Bjørnar Lisbeth Dan David Kristine Kristine Won
Atle Kimhye Randi-Anette Daniel Daniel Alita David</span> Lisbeth Dan David Won Stian No vote Won Stian
Tone Not in game Randi-Anette Daniel Daniel Cecilie <s>David Lisbeth Dan David Stian
Atle Alita
Kristine Not in game Werner Arvid Randi-Anette Cecilie Daniel Cecilie <s>David David Dan Stian No Vote Alita
Synnøve Not in game Hidden Cecilie Daniel Cecilie <s>David David David David Lost Alita
David Kimhye Ken Rune Won Dan Cecilie Cecilie Cecilie Atle Lisbeth Atle Alita
Dan Ken Rune Werner Arvid Randi-Anette Stian Daniel Kristine Bjørnar Atle Kristine Stian
Lisbeth Not in game Hidden Daniel Cecilie Bjørnar <s>David David Alita
Bjørnar Not in game Hidden Kim Dan Cecilie Cecilie Stian Alita
Cecilie Not in game Stian Daniel None Kristine Alita
Daniel Kimhye Dan Cecilie None Stian
Kim Not in game Hidden
Randi-Anette Kimhye Dan
Jeanette Not in game Werner Arvid Lost
Ken Rune Werner Werner
Arvid Dan Kristine Dan
Werner Alita Dan
Kimhye Atle

^1 At the first Tribal Council, David was given immunity by the north team.
^2 As Arvid won individual immunity at the second Immunity Challenge, he was immune at the second Tribal Council.
^3 As Arvid had immunity at the second Tribal Council, he was asked to give one person immunity through an amulet. By giving this person immunity he was voting to keep this person in the game. That person would then be asked to give someone else immunity and so on until only one person would be left without an amulet and would be eliminated from the game.
^4 As new contestants, Jeanette and Kristine had the right to give one tribemate each the right to a second vote at Tribal Council. Jeanette chose to give Alita the right to a second vote, while Kristine gave this power to Ken.
^5 At the fourth Tribal Council, Ken was given immunity by the south team.
^6 At the fifth Tribal Council, as David and Stian had immunity they were the only members on the men's tribe that were eligible to vote.
^7 Following his win at the West team's Immunity Challenge, Bjørnar was the only one permitted to vote.
^8 At the seventh Tribal Council, both Cecilie and Daniel received five votes. as Daniel received more votes in the re-vote he was eliminated.
^9 At the ninth Tribal Council, the contestant that received the most votes would be forced to compete in a duel against their partner from the Reward Challenge. As a result, David faced off in a duel against Bjørnar to determine who would be eliminated. Ultimately, David won the duel.
^10 During the second vote at the eleventh Tribal Council, only David and Kristine could be voted for and were not allowed to vote.
^11 As Atle and Kristine both received votes during the initial vote at the twelfth Tribal Council, they were the only two who could receive votes during the second vote to determine who would face off against Stian in a duel. As Kristine received more votes she faced Stian in the duel in which she lost and was eliminated.
^12 As Tone was technically the last person voted out of the game, she was allowed to vote twice during the jury vote.

Reference List

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