Robinson Ekspeditionen 2013
Robinson ekspeditionen 2010 w
Season Information
Version: Denmark
Season No.: 16
Season Run: September 2013 - December 2013
Winner: Jeppe Hansen
Opening Sequence
Season Chronology

Robinson Ekspeditionen 2013 is the 15th season of Robinson Ekspeditionen, the Danish version of the international Survivor franchise. It premiered in September, 2013.


  • Separate Contestant: Lazy Robert started on his own island and had to build a raft to get into the game. He was North's reward after they won a Reward Challenge.
  • Paired Voting: At one council, the contestants were paired, and the person with the most votes would go into a duel with his/her partner. Marttin Christensen and Michael Backer had an equal amount of votes. By heads or tails, Backer lost and went into duel with Lazy Robert. Robert eventually lost the duel and was eliminated.
  • Switching Tribes: Bettina Tammaro had the choice to switch one person from her own tribe with a person from the other. This was a reward after a Reward Challenge.
  • Leaders: Each tribe would have a leader. The leader had the final decisions at ties in councils, and couldn't be voted out. After councils, the tribe had to vote for whether or not they wanted to keep the leader.
  • Jokers: Sara Nielsen and Kenneth Willander were introduced in the 3rd episode as 'jokers', being the reward in the Reward Challenge.
  • Jury: Unlike most other seasons, the out-voted contestants returned in the final episode as a jury. The jury had to send one of the remaining three contestants into the Final Challenge, and send the other two into a duel.


Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes
Original Tribe First Addition Second Addition Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
Buket rob2013 Buket Genc
32, Teacher
North Eliminated
Day 2
Behrad rob2013 Behrad Moini
30, Independent
South 1st Voted Out
Day 3
Lone robinson2013 Lone Heding
58, Educator
South South 2nd Voted Out
Day ?
Cecilie rob2013 Cecilie Poulsen
22, Student
South South Evacuated
Day ?
Morten rob2013 Morten Lange
51, Librarian
North North North Quit
Day ?
Laura rob2013 Laura Groth
25, Nurse
North North North 3rd Voted Out
Day ?
Rikke rob2013 Rikke Jæger
25, Sales rep
South South South 4th Voted Out
Day ?
Bettina aalsing rob2013 Bettina Aalsing
33, Accountant
South South South South 5th Voted Out
Day ?
Mikael rob2013 Mikael Ryttergaard
34, Porter
South South South South Evacuated
Day ?
Robert ny robinson Robert Nielsen
45, Social assistance recipient
Separate North North North Robinson 6th Voted Out
Day ?
Kennethrob13 Kenneth Willander
27, Carpenter
North South 7th Voted Out
Day ?
Camilla rob2013 Camilla Brydensholt
24, Fitness instructor
North North North North 8th Voted Out
Day ?
Mikkel rob2013 Mikkel Saabo
39, Mentor
North North North North 9th Voted Out
Day ?
Jury Member
70px-Michael bagge 2013 Michael Backer
25, Manager
South South South South 10th Voted Out
Day ?
Jury Member
Patrick rob13 bw Patrick Lønsmann
28, Unemployed
North North North North 11th Voted Out
Day ?
Jury Member
Bw-Helle rob2013 Helle Lykke
45, Fitness instructor
North North North North 12th Voted Out
Day ?
Jury Member
Tamarro rob2013 bw Bettina Tammaro
47, Teacher
South South South South Eliminated
Day 34
Jury Member
Sara rob2013 bw Sara Nielsen
21, Sergent
South North Eliminated
Day 34
Jan rob2013 bw Jan Due
38, Daily leader
South South South South 2nd Runner-Up
Day 35
Marttin rob2013 bw Marttin Christensen
31, Independent
North North North North Runner-Up
Day 35
Jeppe rob2013 Jeppe Hansen
35, Teacher
North North North North Sole Survivor
Day 35

The Game Edit

Episode Captain Challenges Eliminated Vote Finish
Reward Immunity
1 Due Mikkel South North Buket No vote Eliminated[1]
Behrad 6-2-1 1st Voted Out
2 South North Lone 4-3 2nd Voted Out
3 Tammaro North South Cecilie No vote Evacuated
Morten No vote Quit
Laura 6-3 3rd Voted Out
4 South North Rikke 4-3 4th Voted Out
5 South North Bettina 4-2 5th Voted Out
6 Backer Mikael No vote Evacuated
Due Robert 5-5-3-1 Lost duel[2]
6th Voted Out
7 Backer Jeppe Kenneth 7-6 7th Voted Out
8 Auction Due, Patrick[3] Camilla 7-4-1 8th Voted Out
9 Jeppe Jeppe Mikkel 5-4 9th Voted Out
10 Marttin Due[4] Backer 5-3 10th Voted Out
11 Helle Jeppe Patrick 4-3 Lost duel[5]
11th Voted Out
12 Jeppe Due Helle 4-3 12th Voted Out
13 Jeppe[6] Tammaro No vote Lost The Plank[7]
Sara No vote Lost duel[8]
Due Final
Jeppe Sole Survivor

Voting HistoryEdit

Robinson Ekspeditionen 2013 Voting History
Teams Merge
Episode: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13[9]
Voted Off: Behrad Lone Laura Rikke Bettina Robert Kenneth Camilla Mikkel Backer Patrick Helle Marttin
Vote: 6-2-1 4-3 6-3 4-3 4-2 5-5-3-1[10][11] 7-6[12] 7-4-1[13] 5-4[14] 5-3 4-3 4-3 3-2
Jeppe Robert Backer Tammaro Backer Sara Backer Due Helle
Marttin Laura Backer Tammaro Camilla Sara Jeppe Sara Helle, Helle[15]
Due Behrad Lone Rikke Bettina Marttin Kenneth Camilla Mikkel Jeppe Sara Helle
Sara Rikke Marttin Kenneth Camilla Mikkel Backer Due Jeppe
Tammaro Behrad Lone Sara Kenneth Mikkel Kenneth Camilla Mikkel Backer Due Jeppe Marttin
Helle Laura Kenneth Kenneth Camilla Mikkel Backer Due Jeppe Due
Patrick Laura Marttin Tammaro Backer [16] Backer Sara Due
Backer Lone Cecilie Rikke Bettina Marttin Kenneth, Kenneth[17] Camilla Sara Jeppe Marttin
Mikkel Laura Backer Tammaro Camilla Sara Marttin
Camilla Robert Backer Tammaro Backer
Kenneth Laura Bettina Backer Tammaro
Robert Laura Mikkel
Mikael Behrad Lone Rikke Bettina
Bettina Behrad Lone Sara Kenneth
Rikke Behrad Cecilie Sara
Laura Robert
Cecilie Behrad [18]
Lone Cecilie Cecilie
Behrad Cecilie


  1. Each team captain had to choose a candidate in the first Reward Challenge. Mikkel choose Buket, and when North lost the challenge, Buket was eliminated.
  2. This was a Paired Tribal Council. Backer and Robert were paired, and since Backer was tied for most votes and lost the tiebreaker, he went into a duel against Robert. Robert lost the duel and was eliminated.
  3. The contestants were paired in this challenge. Due and Patrick were paired and both won the challenge.
  4. As winner of the challenge, Due had to choose four contestants to exile until the next Tribal Council. He choose Sara, Helle, Patrick and Jeppe.
  5. Patrick lost the Immunity Challenge in this episode, and as penalty had to go into a duel against the person who received the most votes in this Tribal Council. Patrick lost the duel against Due and was eliminated.
  6. Jeppe won The Plank, securing himself a spot in the Final Challenge.
  7. The five contestants competed on The Plank, where the loser would be eliminated. This was Tammaro.
  8. The jury gave Marttin a spot in the Final Challenge, sending Due and Sara into a duel. Sara lost and was eliminated.
  9. In this Tribal Council, the jury had to choose whether to send Due, Marttin or Sara into the Final Challenge. Jeppe won 'The Plank', and already had a spot in the Final Challenge, why there couldn't be voted for him.
  10. Marttin lost the Immunity Challenge, and as penalty had an extra vote against him in this Tribal Council. This Tribal Council was a paired Tribal Council, and Marttin's partner was Mikkel. Because of this, Mikkel also had an extra vote against him.
  11. The tiebreaker between Backer/Robert and Marttin/Mikkel was determined by head and tails. Back and Robert went into a duel. Robert lost and was eliminated.
  12. Kenneth lost the Immunity Challenge, and as penalty had an extra vote against him in this Tribal Council.
  13. Backer and Helle both lost the Immunity Challenge, and as penalty both had an extra vote against them in this Tribal Council.
  14. Mikkel lost the Immunity Challenge, and as penalty had an extra vote against him in this Tribal Council.
  15. Jeppe won the Reward Challenge, allowing him to give another contestant an additional vote in this Tribal Council. Jeppe choose Marttin, giving Marttin two votes.
  16. Patrick lost the Reward Challenge and decides to sacrifice his right to vote, in exchange to let every other contesant received a letter from home. There could still be voted for him.
  17. Backer won an additional vote in the Reward Challenge.
  18. Cecilie was hospitalized during this Tribal Council, and was not present. She did not vote. There could still be voted for her.