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Robinson Ekspeditionen is a Danish reality-based competition television show.

The Danish version is produced by TV3, it is currently aired at 8pm during Mondays.


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Format variations

While the Danish version introduced the standard Survivor format in most seasons, many seasons introduced several game-changing twists to keep the contest exciting and fresh.

Division of tribes

Most seasons of the Danish Robinson Ekspeditionen is split out in ordinary tribes picked by the producers. However, there has been changes in the divisions of the tribes. Many of those has been criticized by the audience, which caused the show to go on hiatus for a year between 2011-2013.

The following seasons has an un-ordinary division of tribes:

  • Robinson Ekspeditionen 2009, where the tribes were split up in a 'Stupid Tribe' and a 'Dumb Tribe'. This was later revealed to not be true, and the tribes were dissolved and re-assembled.
  • Robinson Ekspeditionen 2010, where all contestants had to fight for their spot in the game. Five winning men were on the "Masters' Tribe" and the five winning women on the "Mistresses' Tribe". The masters and mistresses had to pick five slaves, male picking woman slaves and vice versa. Four people who didn't make it to the game were sent to the Redemption Island, Utopia. The slaves had no right to vote and had to follow their masters or mistresses orders.

Recurring themes

Tribe switch and dissolves

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"Ghost Tribe"

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Redemption Island

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Hidden Immunity Idol

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