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Roberta Mayanah
Nl2 roberta
Contestant Profile
Born: (Age 37)
Hometown: Recife, PE
Occupation: Public Relations
Survivor Career
No Limite 2
Tribe(s): Araras Vermelhas
Finish: 11/12
Challenge Wins: 3
Votes Against: 36
Days Lasted: 6

Roberta Mayanah is a contestant from No Limite 2.


Name (Age): Roberta Mayanah (25)
Tribe Designation: Araras Vermelhas
Current Residence: Recife, PE
Occupation: Public Relations

Roberta considers herself a curious in life and is always wondering what is her limit. Is public relations, but also makes moonlighting as a promoter and model. Says one of her greatest qualities is to be helpful to everyone around you. Her defect is being impatient. Adept in sports such as surfing and volleyball, Roberta finds prepared for the challenge that are planned. The difficulties that she will face, she thinks gives to withstand the lack of a good bed and cleaning. In no time she think she leaves the competition before its end. Vain, Roberta will fancy naked on pages of a men's magazine after the success of the program.

No Limite 2

Voting History

Roberta's Voting History
Episode Roberta's
Voted Against
1 Araras Vermelhas Tribe Immune
2 Léo Dáda, Danilo, Léo
Voted Off, Day 6

Post-No Limite

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