Tribe Profile
Version: United States
Season: Survivor
Namesake: Rattan trees
Tribe Type: Merged tribe
Day Formed: Day 20
Tribes Merged: Pagong Tagi
Lowest Placing Member: Gretchen Cordy (10/16)
Highest Placing Member: Richard Hatch (winner)

Rattana flag

Tribe Sigil

Rattana has no sigil.


Rattana buff

Rattana is the merged tribe of Pagong and Tagi from Survivor: Borneo.

This tribe was known for being the first merged tribe in Survivor and also for featuring the first systematic elimination of a former tribe. Their tribe color is green.


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S1 gretchen tS1 jenna tS1 kelly tS1 richard t
S1 rudy tS1 sean tS1 susan t

Tribe History

The day after Pagong voted Joel out, one person from each tribe went to the opposite tribe's camp and would then convene to decide which camp to live on. Jenna went to Tagi and Sean went to Pagong. After a bit of time at camp, Jenna and Sean met with each other at a neutral site to decide which camp they wanted to live on and what to name the new merged tribe. They were welcomed by a feast, including lobster and wine, and got to stay the night under a canopy shelter and on beds. The next day, Jenna and Sean decided to live at the Tagi beach and named their merged tribe Rattana. The ten castaways met up and everyone celebrated, except Rudy, who was annoyed because the population doubled. Greg won immunity after a close battle with Sean. At Tribal Council, the disorganized Pagong tribe and Sean were completely split and voted individually, while the Tagi alliance of Kelly, Richard, Rudy, and Susan stayed together and voted out Gretchen. At camp, the remaining members of the former Pagong tribe felt vulnerable because the Tagi tribe voted out their leader Gretchen. Jenna decided her best move was to get closer to the other women, all of which were Tagi members if she was to survive. Jenna put her plan into action and seemed to sway Susan who at first thought Jenna was going to be really annoying. Richard started to worry about who voted for him at Tribal Council. At the Reward Challenge, Jeff showed everyone a sneak peek at the Reward Challenge except for Jenna because they never received a video for Jenna. Greg went first and no one hit the mark closer, so he won the reward and saw his home video from his sister and sent one back to her. Rudy thought there might be some incestual behavior between Greg and his sister though clearly took things the wrong way. Jenna was frustrated about losing the Reward Challenge and instead of watching Greg's video, continued to practice with the bow and arrow, continually hitting the target closer than Greg's mark. People began to realize that Richard liked Greg because of the way he was playing the game. Greg realized that Richard was a powerful player in this game. Immunity Challenge: Each member was connected to a piece of rope and needed to go to the checkpoints in number order (1–6) and collect the color carabiners at each checkpoint and then cross the finish line. Gervase won immunity. At Tribal Council, the Tagi alliance and Jenna piggy-backed off of Sean's alphabet strategy and voted out Greg. While Richard was catching fish, the other players began to realize that nobody voted him out because of his role as provider. Rudy didn't make the fire hot enough so the fish wasn't done when it got off the fire, and the attempt to recook it simply burnt it. At the Reward Challenge, Jenna wanted to win because she didn't hear anything from her family at the last challenge. It was a race between Colleen and Kelly, which Colleen narrowly won. When Colleen won, Jeff told her she could pick one other person and she instantly chose Jenna. After the Reward Challenge, it was Richard's 39th birthday and he celebrated in his "birthday suit". Richard spent his entire birthday naked which disturbed some of his tribemates, especially Colleen and Jenna. Rudy won immunity over Sean. Sean was convinced that his alphabet strategy of voting for people was the fairest way and that there was no alliance because he wasn't asked to be a part of it. He continued to vote that way and even told Jenna beforehand that he was voting for her but that he didn't think it would make a difference. At Tribal Council he was once again proven wrong, as Richard, Rudy, and Sue again piggy-backed off his vote and Jenna was voted out. Some people were happy that Jenna was voted out because she was getting on everyone's nerves. Everyone knew that Sean voted for Jenna and that Kelly didn't, so the remainder of the Tagi alliance felt betrayed. The alliance thought about replacing Kelly with Sean because he might have been more valuable. Richard's plan was to catch more fish once Colleen and Gervase were gone. At Tree Mail, the castaways were surprised by cigars and a note saying that Gervase's son Gunnar was born the day prior, which they celebrated. Gervase narrowly beat Richard at the Reward Challenge and had a chance to call his girlfriend and daughter to see how his baby was doing. He shared his slice of pizza with everyone. While he was making his phone call, Rudy questioned Gervase's life choices, namely having four children out of wedlock, and said that having babies out of wedlock would have never happened when he was his age and that the girl would be "taken out of town" and dealt with. At the Immunity Challenge, Richard easily won. At Tribal Council, the five Tagi members decided that Gervase was a bigger threat over Colleen, voting him out. Ultimately Kelly decided to vote with her alliance despite her urges to join forces with the others.

The Tagi alliance began to crumble because Kelly was always talking to the remaining enemy of the alliance, Colleen. Camp life started to take a toll on everyone. Sean won the reward and was surprised to see his dad on the yacht. Sean told Kelly he was going to take her for the feast, but chose Richard instead, which infuriated the women. Sean brought his dad back to camp to meet everyone, who attempted to update them on current events and the stock market (although Sue thought he didn't know anything), and before he left, he gave each person a care package from their loved ones, which rejuvenated their spirits. At the Immunity Challenge, Rudy fell off first. Rich attempted to annoy people off the planks by singing "99 bottles of beer on the wall" until he fell off. On the beach, Rich thought it was funny that Colleen was really trying to win immunity when she had no chance of going home tonight because they were going to blindside Kelly. Sean was third to go, followed almost immediately by Sue. Colleen fell off after 2 hours and 54 minutes, giving immunity to Kelly and foiling the Tagi alliance plans. At Tribal Council, Sean was grilled for taking Rich on the reward instead of Kelly. Colleen, the last remaining member of Pagong, was voted out.

With only Tagi tribe members left, the two people that felt vulnerable were Kelly and Sean. Kelly mentioned that she didn't trust Rich, while Rich conspired to get Kelly off next. Sean thought he was stuck with the most conniving people ever. Tempers flared at camp as Kelly and Susan had a fight about their alliance since Kelly didn't vote with them again, and Sue said that Kelly made them all look like idiots. Richard attempted to smooth things over, although he said that the fight played to his advantage. Sue got stung by a ray and her hand swelled up. On Day 34, all of the castaways talked about how they missed home. Kelly collected 15.9 lbs at the Reward Challenge, followed by Sean (15.4), Susan (15), Rich (12.4), and Rudy (10). After the Reward Challenge, Susan and Kelly rekindled their friendship. Kelly went with Jeff to watch the first 5 minutes of episode 1 and talked to Jeff about how the game was going for her. On Day 36, Kelly and Susan agreed to keep civil with each other, although Susan told Kelly she didn't want her in the final 3 because she was such a threat. Sean knew he needed to win immunity and attempted to exploit the Kelly-Susan friendship. Kelly won her third challenge in a row. Sean said he was definitely winning this thing even though it would be an uphill battle. Rich tried to decide whether he would be voting for Sean or Rudy, although Rudy was confident that it would be him and Rich in the final 2. While everyone spoke of voting for different people, in the end, the original Tagi 4 stuck together and Sean was voted out.

The final four reflected on how much their bodies have changed, and how the game was played by them and by others. Kelly said she felt like the odd person out and was stressed because she didn't feel safe. She said that she was now playing for herself. Richard, Rudy, and Sue were planning to vote out Kelly if she didn't win immunity. At the challenge, Kelly and Sue were tied after 10 questions, but Kelly got the tiebreaker question correct, giving Kelly her fourth challenge win and third immunity in a row. Directly after at Tribal Council, there was a 2–2 tie between Richard and Susan. During the revote in which only Rudy and Kelly voted, Kelly changed her vote and Susan was voted out. At 4:00 am on Day 38, the remaining three were awoken by Jeff, told to put on something comfortable, and took a long boat ride to their rite of passage and Final Immunity Challenge. For their rite of passage, they covered themselves with mud, walked through palm fronds held by locals, passed the torches of their fallen comrades, then passed through a bamboo curtain and walked barefoot through a fire pit. After two hours of holding on the idol, Jeff tempted the three with oranges. After 2 1⁄2 hours, Richard gave a speech, said he wouldn't be able to outlast Kelly, and stepped down voluntarily. He said that it was a game of odds and he didn't know what the winner would actually do. After three hours, the two left switched positions while keeping their hand on the idol and were to do so every half-hour. While the two were still standing on the pole, Rich addressed the alliance to Jeff and how he wasn't surprised that Kelly changed her vote. After 4 hours, 11 minutes, Rudy took his hand off the idol while switching spots, and Kelly won immunity yet again. Rich and Rudy both said it was in Kelly's best interest to keep themselves. At Tribal Council Kelly voted out Rudy because she thought she might have a better chance of winning against Richard. At the Final Tribal Council, Gervase asked if there was one, two or three things they would change about their time on the island if anything at all. Rich said trusting people so easily, Kelly said making an alliance. Jenna asked who they would put in the final two and why. Rich said Rudy and Greg; Kelly said, Sonja and Gretchen. Sean had no questions, but congratulated the two and thanked Kelly for being capable and keeping camp afloat, and told Rich that he enjoyed his company although he played the game differently. Colleen asked what three character traits got them where they are and are essential to get future players to the finals; Kelly said faith, strong will, and likability, while Rich said self-awareness, observation of relationships, and ethics. Rudy said he had nothing to say to those two, but felt dumb after mistakenly removing his hand in the Final Immunity Challenge. Greg had them choose a number between 1 and 10 (Rich said 7; Kelly 3). Sue famously compared Richard to a snake and Kelly to a rat, and declared her intent to vote for Richard. In the end, Rudy, Sue, Sean, and Greg voted for Rich; Jenna, Gervase, and Colleen voted for Kelly. With that, Richard Hatch became Survivor's first millionaire by a vote of 4–3.



  • Rattana is the first merged tribe in the history of Survivor.
  • Rattana is the only merged tribe to manually paint the Survivor logo on their flag.
  • Rattana is the first ever green tribe in Survivor.
  • Rattana is the first three-syllable tribe in Survivor.
  • Rattana is one of three merged tribes to have its final four all eventually return in future seasons.
    • Gitanos and Solarrion are the other merged tribe to have its final four return eventually.