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Tribe Profile
Version: United States
Season: Survivor
Namesake: Rattan trees
Tribe Type: Merged tribe
Day Formed: Day 20
Tribes Merged: Pagong Tagi
Lowest Placing Member: Gretchen Cordy (10/16)
Highest Placing Member: Richard Hatch (winner)

Rattana flag


Rattana has no insignia.


Rattana buff

Rattana is the merged tribe of Pagong and Tagi from Survivor: Borneo.

This tribe was known for being the first merged tribe in Survivor and also for featuring the first systematic elimination of a former tribe. Their tribe color is green.


S1 colleen tS1 gervase tS1 greg t
S1 gretchen tS1 jenna tS1 kelly tS1 richard t
S1 rudy tS1 sean tS1 susan t

Tribe History

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  • Rattana is the first merged tribe in the history of Survivor.
  • Rattana is the only merged tribe to manually paint the Survivor logo on their flag.
  • Rattana is the first ever green tribe in Survivor.
  • Rattana is the first three-syllable tribe in Survivor.
  • Rattana is one of two merged tribes to have its final four all eventually return in future seasons.
    • Gitanos is the other merged tribe to have its final four return eventually.


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