"Question of Trust"
Diane Dehydrated
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Africa
Episode Number: 1/15 (031)
Original Release: October 11, 2001
Viewership (in millions): 23.84[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 10.4/23 Summary: Link
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Question of Trust is the first episode of Survivor: Africa.


Day 1

A truck containing sixteen new castaways stopped in the middle of the Shaba National Reserve in Kenya, Africa. After scouring their tribe crates for supplies, the Survivors immediately started a grueling hike to their tribe camps under the scorching African sun.

Heavy clay jars and pots, meager amounts of cornmeal, canned goods, and some rope were only a few of the items the Survivors carried during the hike. Starting to get frustrated by his tribe's slow pace, Samburu's Frank Garrison, complained, "We are not at the mall sitting outside with a latte or something! Let's just keep moving along." The difficulties were evident early on for the Boran tribe as well, as they dumped out precious supplies of water to lessen the heavy load. Adding insult to injury, Diane, who took hold of the map, lead them to a wrong path. Despite early conflicts, both tribes had reached their camps, but they realized that they have to surround their perimeter with "Boma" (entangled barbed acacia tree branches) to protect them from predators. At Samburu, Kim Powers, started to get annoyed by Frank's militaristic style of doing chores. "I am not military. I don't need it in my life and everything doesn't need to be a rule or single file. It's just not me," Kim complained. But Brandon (also irritated), smugly cheered her up, telling her to keep her cool, saying, "Just keep smiling; that's what I'm doing."

After the debacle, the Samburu tribe trek to collect potable water from their water source. But much to the tribe's dismay, they only find a small hole; no more than 2 inches deep, full of crud and undoubtedly contaminated. But without fire at the moment, the Samburu tribe frantically attempted to make one as the sun starts to set. By nighttime, their efforts were fruitless, making them vulnerable against predators, with only their Boma shielding them.

Day 2

Over at Boran, Jessie finds herself continually vomiting because of dehydration. Boran then ventures to their water source, only to find the same murky water as Samburu. After playing around in their watering hole, Tom and the rest of Boran realize that they still have no fire to boil the water. Lex even states, "If you don't boil your water out here, you end up with what they call amoebic dysentery, which basically has you puking and crapping your guts out." Using the same strategies as Samburu, Boran is also unsuccessful in their attempts to make fire.

At Samburu, Kim P. discovers a small telescope (intended to be used as a lookout tool for nearby wild animals) within the tribe's first aid kit. She removes the lens and gives it to Silas in hopes that it can be used to create fire. Eventually, Samburu's patience pays off, as their pile of twigs ignited a bonfire, much to the tribe's delight, as they can now boil their much-needed water.

With Boran still without fire, they were in dire need of winning the first challenge, since the winning tribe will win waterproof matches in addition to the most important thing in the game, immunity from the next night's Tribal Council.

At the challenge, it was a close finish. But with the still-dehydrated Boran getting tired and losing strength, Samburu forged ahead and eventually won the first challenge. Immediately afterwards, Boran's Diane fainted due to dehydration and exhaustion.

Day 3

Back at Boran camp, while the rest of the tribe are away gathering water, Clarence and Diane eat a whole can of beans without the others' consent. When the other six return, Clarence informs them of what they did. With the fact that the tribe's meager food supply will not take long to deplete, Tom and Lex get angry and confront Clarence, stating that their trust with him has now been broken. Diane then tells them that it was Clarence who offered her the beans and he only took share of it so that Diane would not feel guilty of eating it alone. This statement would then bury a deeper hole for Clarence.

At Tribal Council, Clarence apologizes for his actions. But he already knew that he would be eliminated. Despite being deemed as untrustworthy, the Boran tribe felt that they still needed Clarence for his strength in order to win future challenges. In the end, it was the ailing Diane that paid the price for the lost beans in a 6-2 vote, making her the first casualty of the Boran tribe and of Survivor: Africa.


Reward/Immunity Challenge: Trail Blazer
Each team is given a chariot which contained four lit torches and a fire cauldron at the center. They must pull or push the cart through difficult terrain while lighting a series of fire towers along the way. The first tribe to successfully light their towers, cross the finish line, and ignite the final bonfire wins.
Reward: Matches and a cart for them to use to transport supplies to their camp.
Winner: Samburu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
S3 diane t
Diane (6 votes)
S3 clarence tS3 ethan tS3 jessie t
S3 kelly tS3 kimj tS3 lex t
Clarence, Ethan, Jessie, Kelly, Kim J., Lex
S3 clarence t
Clarence (2 votes)
S3 diane tS3 tom t
Diane, Tom
S3 diane bw
Diane Ogden

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Clarence) It's Clarence. You were kind of deceitful to me today, um, plus you called me a liar, which I didn't appreciate at all, since I'm not one.

Diane Ogden

(voting for Diane) My vote tonight is Diane. She's by far the weakest person on our team right now. That challenge killed us. I'm not forgetting about what Clarence did, but if you look, he's a big strong guy and we need him for the next little bit to help us get some, some challenges won.

Ethan Zohn

(voting for Clarence) Clarence Black. He let the team down. We was looking for somebody who was strong, but yet he is weak. Our tribe will do what it takes to win, but we'll do it with our head high. We will not weaken.

Tom Buchanan

(voting for Diane) Out of all the people who I hung out with, you told me that we were the closest. And when it came down to it, I took care of you today and you lied on me for no reason. And for that, I can't forgive you. And I'm ashamed to tell you that the day I told you you were like my mother, you're nothing like my mother.

Clarence Black

Final Words

Well, I'm the first one to get the boot, and I have no regrets. Um, I'm actually kind of glad. It was a lot tougher than I thought it would be. I'm glad that I had the experience, um, and got the chance to come and-and-and find out exactly what, uh, wild Africa is like, and it's tough. It's real tough.

Diane Ogden

Still in the Running

S3 diane bw
S3 brandon t
S3 carl t
S3 clarence t
S3 ethan t
S3 frank t
S3 jessie t
S3 kelly t
 Kim J.
S3 kimj t
 Kim P.
S3 kimp t
S3 lex t
S3 linda t
S3 lindsey t
S3 silas t
S3 teresa t
S3 tom t


  • Due to the 9/11 attacks, the season debuted in October instead of September.
  • This marks the introduction of the land variant of the Quest for Fire challenge.