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"Quest for Food"
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Sean with the "Superpole 2000"
Season Borneo
Episode Number 3/13 (003)
First Broadcast June 14, 2000
Viewership (in millions) 23.25[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49) 9.4/29
CBS Summary Link
Episode Chronology
Previous The Generation Gap
Next Too Little, Too Late?

Quest for Food is the third episode of Survivor: Borneo.


Day 7Edit

The episode started with the Tagi tribe making another attempt to catch fish. Sean complained in a confessional that there can be no fish thriving in the ocean at all, while Sue expressed her concern about their nearly empty stock of ready-to-eat canned meals. Later, Sue, Stacey, and Kelly were still trying to fish, but still to no avail. Kelly revealed to Sue and Stacey that she was getting fed up by Rudy's sarcastic take on their failed fishing expeditions. In a confessional, Sue revealed that she wanted to vote Stacey out for being the weakest. It seemed also that Stacey felt that Sue might betray her when she saw that Sue wasn't ready to commit to an alliance between them.

At Pagong, while collecting tapioca for food, Gretchen, Colleen and Greg stumbled upon a mud volcano and decided to go play in it instead. They decided to return back to camp, fully muddied as they divulged the rest of their tribe about their discovery. In the end, Pagong ended up having a mud bath, being a more cohesive tribe than when BB was still around.

Back at Tagi, Rudy was surprised when he saw Dirk in the middle of the woods, reading his bible (his luxury item). Dirk then started preaching to his tribemates, secretly irking Sue. Stacey later noticed that Dirk liked Kelly and told her about it, but Kelly was not moved by that, because she was dating someone back home. Dirk expressed his true feelings to Kelly, but said that he will not cross the line. Dirk then revealed to the tribe that he was a virgin, but Sue comically taunted him to have sex. In their confessionals, Kelly and Richard praised Dirk for his sexual abstinence. Dirk revealed in his confessional that he despises homosexual people and premarital sex, leading to a conflict with gay Richard.

Day 8Edit

The tribes met Jeff at the Sand Spit, where they competed for reward. It was a close race, but Tagi ended up going back to camp with their treasure chest filled with fishing gear.

Immediately after the challenge, Richard put Tagi's reward to use. Sean belittled him, and still used his "Superpole 2000" with Dirk and went to the sea, insisting that his "invention" was still more effective. But in the end, Rich ended up victorious when he approached Dirk and Sean's raft with a stingray and eventually caught more fish, while Sean and Dirk stayed empty-handed. After this, Tagi finally enjoyed a protein meal.

Day 9Edit

At Pagong, Joel and Colleen went on fishing using their old fish cage, but to no avail, resorting them to catch rats, with Greg making a contraption to catch them. Initially, Gervase and Ramona weren't too excited to eat the rodents, but eventually they got used to them and decided to catch more.

At the Immunity Challenge, Pagong emerged victorious, thus sending Tagi back to Tribal Council. Back at Tagi camp, the vote was torn between the eldest member Rudy and the deemed weakest tribemate Stacey. In a rainy Tribal Council, Jeff abruptly ended the conversation as the rain started to get too strong. In the end, Rudy was deemed more valuable for his survival knowledge from his military background, and Stacey was eliminated, 5-2.

After the vote, Jeff allowed Tagi to stay at Tribal Council until the rain subsided.



Challenge: Treasure Chest
A treasure chest is submerged 150 yards off the Sand Spit. Each tribe must swim out to the treasure chest. Once the entire tribe has arrived, they must dive down and work as a group to drag the chest along the ocean bottom back to shore. First tribe to haul their chest ashore and open it wins.
Reward: The winning tribe will bring their treasure chest to camp. The chest contains fishing supplies (mask, snorkel, spear, flippers and bait).
Winner: Tagi

Reward Challenge: Treasure Chest
Outcome Tribe Competitors
Won Tagi S1 dirk tS1 kelly tS1 richard tS1 rudy tS1 sean tS1 stacey tS1 susan t
Dirk, Kelly, Richard, Rudy, Sean, Stacey & Susan
Lost Pagong S1 colleen tS1 gervase tS1 greg tS1 gretchen tS1 jenna tS1 joel tS1 ramona t
Colleen, Gervase, Greg, Gretchen, Jenna, Joel & Ramona


Challenge: Rescue Mission
Before the challenge, both tribes received Tree Mail where they were instructed to make a stretcher and pick one tribe mate (preferably the smallest or lighest) that will be lying on it (Tagi chose Kelly, while Pagong selected Colleen). They are to choose "leaders" as well (Sue for Tagi and Joel for Pagong). Simulating a real plane crash, the smallest members from both tribes (pretending to be plane crash survivors) will be sent to the middle of the jungle and harnessed into a parachute dangling from a tree. Then the leaders will guide the other tribe members to "rescue" the "survivor" and proceed to the "first aid tent". The first team to reach it wins Immunity.
Winner: Pagong

Immunity Challenge: Rescue Mission
Outcome Tribe Abandoned Rescuers Leaders
Won Pagong S1 colleen t
S1 gervase tS1 greg tS1 gretchen tS1 jenna tS1 ramona t
Gervase, Greg, Gretchen, Jenna & Ramona
S1 joel t
Lost Tagi S1 kelly t
S1 dirk tS1 richard tS1 rudy tS1 sean tS1 stacey t
Dirk, Richard, Rudy, Sean & Stacey
S1 susan t

Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 3:
S1 stacey t
Stacey (5 votes)
S1 dirk tS1 richard tS1 rudy tS1 sean tS1 susan t
Dirk, Richard, Rudy, Sean & Susan
S1 rudy t
Rudy (2 votes)
S1 kelly tS1 stacey t
Kelly & Stacey
S1 stacey bw
Stacey Stillman

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Kelly, Rudy and Susan did not have any confessionals. Also, Richard and Dirk's confessionals are only available on DVD.

Just for the team.


Hey, Stacey, we were just getting to know each other.


I'm voting for Stacey. Nothing personal, but we need strength and brute force for the competitions. I love her to death, and this is no reflection of what type of person she is.




Final WordsEdit

Still in the RunningEdit

S1 bb bw
S1 colleen t
S1 gervase t
S1 greg t
S1 gretchen t
S1 jenna t
S1 joel t
S1 ramona t
S1 dirk t
S1 kelly t
S1 richard t
S1 rudy t
S1 sean t
S1 sonja bw
S1 stacey bw
S1 susan t


Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In February 2001, Borneo player Stacey Stillman filed a lawsuit claiming producers interfered in the process of the game by persuading two members of her tribe (Sean Kenniff and Dirk Been) to vote her off instead of Rudy Boesch. This was the first legal problem Survivor had faced. The case was settled out of court.[2]


  • Though Stacey's torch was already extinguished because of the heavy rain, Jeff still placed the snuffer on top of Stacey's torch to make things formal.
  • This episode has the very first storm in Survivor history and was also the first Tribal Council to be held under rain.
  • This was the only time that the castaways were allowed to stay at Tribal Council to wait until the rain subsided. Tagi returned to camp the next morning.
  • All the decorative torches including the fire pit and the contestants' torches were extinguished because of the heavy rain. All the Tagi members have flashlights beneath them to increase visibility.
  • This is the first episode in which a castaway's final words took place at daytime (because of the storm).
  • Crew members can be seen in the background of the Reward Challenge.
    Borneo Reward ep3

    Crew members can be seen sitting behind Dirk at the Reward Challenge.

  • In this episode's tribal council, a conch shell was used by the castaways to pass around and take turns talking. This would be the only time the shell is used as Jeff Probst disapproved of this method of moderating Tribal Council because he felt that he didn't have anything to do other than sit and listen


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