Power Six
Sierra brad mana
Survivor Alliance
Version: United States
Season: Game Changers
Founder: Sierra Dawn Thomas
Members: Remained Loyal:
Sarah Lacina (Day 24-26; 35-39)
Brad Culpepper (Day 7-39)
Troyzan Robertson (Day 14-39)
Sierra Dawn Thomas (Day 7-32)
Debbie Wanner (Day 7-13; 19-26)
Tai Trang (Day 7-29)
Day Formed: Day 7
Enemies: Caleb Reynolds
Hali Ford
Malcolm Freberg
Tavua Alliance
Lowest Placing Member: Debbie Wanner (11/20)
Highest Placing Member: Sarah Lacina (Winner)

The Power Six is an alliance formed in Survivor: Game Changers.



While the alliance was not officially formed until after the Tribe switch, Brad and Sierra aligned on Day 1.

Breaking Up A Pair

Nuku members Brad, Sierra, Debbie and Tai were switched to Mana at the tribe switched, and were joined by former Mana's Hali and Caleb. After Mana lost immunity Caleb became a target for his relationship with Tai. Brad managed to turn Tai on Caleb so Caleb was voted out.

The Tables Have Turned

On Day 11, Tavua won immunity, but both mana and Nuku had to go to a joint tribal council and vote out one member. Nuku contemplated on voting out Sandra or Malcolm. Mana was down 6 to 5 in numbers prior to tribal council. However, at tribal council; Nuku member JT told Brad Sierra was the target. This prompted Brad to convince Tai to use his Hidden Immunity Idol on Sierra. The votes against her were negated and the alliance's plus outsider Hali's votes sent Malcolm out of the game.

Merging in the Majority

Reaching the merge on Day 19, the alliance, now including Aubry, Cirie, and former members Debbie and Tai, linked up with the remaining post-second tribe swapped Nuku members to work together in picking off outsiders Hali and Michaela at the first two post-merge Tribal Council. With Andrea winning the first Individual Immunity challenge, the new mega alliance of eleven took into action. Agreeing to split the vote between the outsiders, Michaela was initially the target for being an annoyance around camp but a subtle attempt by Cirie and Zeke to keep Michaela in longer set the main target on Hali. At Tribal Council, Hali failed to possess an idol and was promptly voted out in a 7-4-2 vote, becoming the first jury member.

Following winning the Reward Challenge on Day 22, Zeke targeted his allies Andrea and Cirie and opted to clue in Debbie and Tai, with the former being skeptical of his scheme. After the Immunity Challenge in which Tai narrowly won against Ozzy, Zeke continued his targeting of the duo. Reaching out to Sierra for her aide in voting out Andrea, he reveals that Andrea, Aubry, and Cirie want to vote her out. Finding Zeke to be the easy vote, she tells to Debbie who then brings up the idea of blindsiding Ozzy, the biggest physical threat left in the game. Certain that five of her allies would vote with her, Debbie decided to use her extra vote advantage she obtained on Day 14 from John Cochran. Although technically not necessary due to Cirie and Zeke's stray votes for Aubry (Zeke) and Sierra (Cirie) as well as Sarah siding with Debbie's alliance, the advantage use sealed Ozzy's fate in a 7-4-1-1 vote.


The alliance now had a 6 to 5 majority. they planned on targeting Andrea next. However, Sarah felt she had no say and contemplated on flipping. She considered staying after Sierra offered her a final three deal, but after being told Debbie did not trust her, Sarah decided to flip. At tribal council, Sarah cast the deciding vote on Debbie so she was blindsided.

On the Outs

With Debbie gone the alliance was now in the minority. At the next tribal council, the alliance voted against each other in order to save themselves, but Zeke from the rival alliance was blindsided

Fall of the Sheriff

The next day, Sierra told Sarah about her legacy advantage in an attempt to gain her trust. Brad won immunity. At camp, Michaela plotted with Tai to vote for Andrea. However, Sarah told both of them about Sierra's legacy advantage and managed to convince them to turn on her. Sierra was voted out at tribal council.

Brad's Immunity Run

With Sierra gone as well as Tai's flip to the majority alliance, Brad and Troyzan were left alone. Making the situation worse, Brad was made the main target for the majority. Despite losing the next Immunity Challenge, he was spared when the majority alliance blindsided Andrea for being a bigger physical threat and overall threat to win at the Final Tribal Council.

Now in a 5-2 disadvantage, Brad managed to obtain a crucial win at the next Immunity Challenge. Though Troyzan was left without immunity, he still possessed his hidden idol from his days on Tavua and wasn't afraid to use it on himself at tribal. It was all for naught, however, as the majority continued to turn on each other. Sarah initially wanted Aubry gone following the oust of Andrea while Cirie targeted Tai. Aubry and Michaela agreed to Cirie's plan while Sarah tried to curry favor with Cirie by giving her the vote steal advantage. At Tribal Council, the advantage ended up as Cirie and Michaela's downfall as Cirie was unable to play it due to it being non transferable. Feeling betrayed by Cirie, Sarah used the advantage to negate Tai's vote and convinced the remaining members of the once powerful alliance to cease Cirie and Michaela's close duo, voting out the latter in a scattered 4-2-1 vote.

Following a tense confrontation in which Tai confessed his targeting of Sarah, the next morning Tai tried to realign with Brad and Troy. Instead, Brad tried to aggressively force Tai to give him one of his idols in order to prove his loyalty. The intention was to give Tai false hope so that Brad could blindside him with the other five members of the Final Six at the upcoming Tribal Council. At the Day 36 Immunity Challenge, Brad won for the third time and chose to share the feast reward his Sarah and Troyzan. During the feast, the three agreed to go the Final Tribal Council and conspired to split the vote between Aubry and Tai in case of an idol play from the latter. At Tribal Council, the three went on with their plan, with Brad voting for Aubry and Sarah and Troyzan voting for Tai. Ultimately, after a series of twists being played and Brad already being declared immune to his immunity win, Cirie was eliminated by default.

Returning from Tribal Council in a 3-2 majority, the new threesome targeted Aubry for being the bigger threat. Brad managed to win his fourth immunity challenge, and third in a row to make it to the Final Four. Aubry attempted to get Sarah and Tai to side with her against Troyzan to break up his partnership with Brad but both later disagreed, voting out Aubry unanimously on Day 37. The next day, Tai was left as the final outsider. Annoyed by Tai's constant betrayals, Brad targeted him for penultimate vote. He would go on to win immunity once more, thus bringing him to the Final Tribal Council. Troyzan agreed to target Tai while Sarah wavered between forcing a tie with Tai against Troyzan or going with the original plan. Sarah went with the latter, effectively making it to the Final Three with Brad and Troyzan.

Final Tribal Council

Troyzan was generally ignored for being perceived as a follower, so the jury focused their attention on Sarah and Brad. Sarah was commended for her strategic control and social flexibility, but condemned for using her social relationships for strategic purposes, and numerous betrayals. Brad was praised for his challenge performances, but criticized for being condescending, and not socializing with people on the bottom. Sarah's strategic control beat out Brad's dominance in challenges and Troyzan's lack of gameplay and she was awarded the title of Sole Survivor in a 7-3-0 vote.