"Game of Bridge"
Playing bridge
Recurring Survivor Challenge
Description: A recurring challenge
Appearances: South Pacific
Blood vs. Water

Game of Bridge is a recurring Redemption Island duel that originated in Survivor: South Pacific.


Castaways must race to remove planks from a crate and use them as part of a bridge. Each plank is individual and will only fit in one spot. Once the bridge is complete, the castaways would tag out and remove the planks from the bridge, saving the ones with part of a puzzle on them. They would then collect the puzzle planks and solve a puzzle. The first person to finish wins.


The challenge originated in Survivor: South Pacific as the fifth duel where Mikayla Wingle and Christine Shields Markoski squared off. In a very tight race, Christine went on to win her fifth duel.

In Survivor: Blood vs. Water, the challenge was used as the fourth duel between Candice Cody, John Cody, and Brad Culpepper. Although Candice had the lead early in the challenge, she soon slowed down allowing the two men to overtake her. Ultimately, John finished the puzzle first, followed by Brad, bringing Candice's time on Redemption Island to an end.


Episode Challenge Type Winner
South Pacific
"Trojan Horse"
Duel S23 christine t
Christine Shields Markoski
Blood vs. Water
"The Dead Can Still Talk"
Duel S27 john t
John Cody
S27 brad t
Brad Culpepper



  • This is the first and only recurring challenge to be exclusive to Redemption Island duels.
    • This is one of two recurring challenges that has appeared more times as a Redemption Island duel than it has as a regular challenge, the other one being A Leg Up.
  • Only females have come in last place in this duel.