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"Plan Voodoo"
Parvati candice rebecca kicking and screaming
Season Cook Islands
Episode Number 6/15 (177)
First Broadcast October 5, 2006
Viewership (in millions) 15.02[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49) 5.3/14
CBS Summary Link
Episode Chronology
Previous Don't Cry Over Spilled Octopus
Next A Closer Look

Plan Voodoo is the sixth episode of Survivor: Cook Islands.


Night 14Edit

Cristina and Adam rehashed their argument from Tribal Council, leading to Cristina becoming emotional.

Day 15Edit

Ozzy goes fishing in the morning. Cao Boi wanted to bring the immunity idol to the Reward Challenge , sparking a bit of a feud between him and Jonathan

After winning the challenge, Cao Boi explains his dream in which he was told "Plan Voodoo", a strategy to split the 6 votes between Jonathan and Candice to flush out the idol. Yul hears this and, although possessing the idol, is fond of the idea because it could get rid of an original Raro member.

At Raro, Cristina went around asking many members of her tribe for a second chance, sensing she was on the chopping block. Nate and Rebecca considered voting of Jenny because of her ties to the original Puka tribe on the other side.

Although the Aitu women were suspicious of Jonathan, Cao Boi (who brought the immunity idol to Tribal Council), was voted out 6-1-1.

Because they won the Reward Challenge, Aitutaki was given the right to kidnap a member of Rarotonga. At Tribal Council they chose to kidnap Nate Gonzalez, keeping him safe from the vote and rewarding him with a plate of food. Raro then voted out pariah Cristina out 4-2.



Challenge: Kicking and Screaming
One pair at a time, two players try to remove a member of the opposing tribe from a pole they’re holding onto and drag them across the finishing line. First tribe to get all three opposing tribe members across wins.
Reward: A feast of lamb, bread, and apple cider while listening in on the other tribe's Tribal Council, and also kidnap one member from the opposing tribe.
Winner: Aitutaki

Reward Challenge: Kicking and Screaming
Outcome Tribe On Poles Attackers Sit-Out
Won Aitutaki S13 candice tS13 ozzy tS13 sundra t
Candice, Ozzy & Sundra
S13 becky tS13 jessica tS13 jonathan tS13 yul t
Becky, Jessica, Jonathan & Yul
S13 caoboi t
Cao Boi
Lost Rarotonga S13 cristina tS13 jenny tS13 nate t
Cristina, Jenny, Nate
S13 adam tS13 brad tS13 parvati tS13 rebecca t
Adam, Brad, Parvati & Rebecca

Tribal CouncilEdit


Tribal Council 6:
S13 caoboi t
Cao Boi (6 votes)
S13 becky tS13 candice tS13 jonathan t
S13 ozzy tS13 sundra tS13 yul t
Becky, Candice, Jonathan, Ozzy, Sundra & Yul
S13 candice t
Candice (1 vote)
S13 caoboi t
Cao Boi
S13 jonathan t
Jonathan (1 vote)
S13 jessica t
S13 caoboi bw
Cao Boi Bui

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

You're a good guy, but you talk too much, and in a game where they're throwing twists at us all the time, I think I have to take any wildcard out of the game that I can. Good luck to you.

Jonathan Penner

I'm sorry. I just feel like you started telling me, telling too many lies around camp and it made for a real distressing atmosphere. It's kind of hard to work with you.

Sundra Oakley

Sorry, bub. I lost my trust in you.

Jessica Smith

Sorry, man. Strategy. You sacrificed Cecilia, now I gotta sacrifice you. It's the only way I can get to Jonathan. You'll probably understand.

Ozzy Lusth

I hope we will all stick to this plan, this Plan Voodoo, and hopefully with it expose the queen who has the immunity idol. Let's hope it comes out. Nothing personal.

Cao Boi Bui

Cao Boi, I'm truly sorry for sending you home. You're a fascinating guy. You've done so much with your life, and I've definitely grown to admire and respect you. For me, after you turned on Becky and tried to vote her out at the last Tribal Council, I just realized that I couldn't put my faith in you; I couldn't trust you. You're so unpredictable, and I can't put my future with you. I wish you the best of luck with your family and your kids. I hope you have a wonderful life. Take care.

Yul Kwon

The fact that you flipped so quickly and basically went behind my back and tried to get the whole tribe to vote me out at the last Tribal Council - right after that I lost complete trust in you. That's why I'm voting on you.

Becky Lee

Cao Boi, I'm voting for you tonight for two reasons. One, I heard you were trying to get me out, and two, because you drive me nuts.

Candice Cody

Final WordsEdit

It was a wonderful experience. I had a great time. I didn’t make it as far as I planned on going, but that’s how it goes. I did learn I am most vulnerable among the Asian community. People who are like me, but not like me, I was aware of them in the beginning but eventually I learned to trust them. I should have known better.

Cao Boi Bui


Tribal Council 7:
S13 cristina t
Cristina (4 votes)
S13 adam tS13 jenny tS13 parvati tS13 rebecca t
Adam, Jenny, Parvati & Rebecca
S13 jenny t
Jenny (2 votes)
S13 brad tS13 cristina t
Brad & Cristina
S13 cristina bw
Cristina Coria

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Cristina, I know you won't believe me, but I'm sorry.

Jenny Guzon-Bae

I'm sorry I couldn't tell you, but we decided as a group it was still going to be you. Take care, and I wish you all the best.

Rebecca Borman

You're a nice woman, but our tribe is stronger without you.

Adam Gentry

Just trying to get our team back on track.

Parvati Shallow

I don't trust you.

Brad Virata

I just don't like people that are rude and manipulative.

Cristina Coria

Final WordsEdit

I really enjoyed being on Survivor. It was a great experience. Just disappointed I got voted off so soon. Basically I almost feel like I was taken advantage of. But you know what, I met some really good people and I met some really awful people. I guess that’s part of the game. But it was just an awesome experience overall.

Cristina Coria

Still in the RunningEdit

Aitutaki Manihiki
S13 billy bw
S13 cecilia bw
S13 cristina bw
S13 jp bw
S13 ozzy t
S13 nate t
S13 rebecca t
S13 sekou bw
S13 stephannie bw
S13 sundra t
Puka Puka Rarotonga
S13 becky t
S13 brad t
S13 caoboi bw
Cao Boi
S13 jenny t
S13 yul t
S13 adam t
S13 candice t
S13 jessica t
S13 jonathan t
S13 parvati t


  • After Cristina's elimination, Ozzy is the last remaining member of the original Aitutaki tribe.
  • Aitutaki's Tribal Council marks the first time a Split Vote was proposed. Cao Boi wanted to split the votes between Candice Woodcock and Jonathan Penner, believing that one of them had the idol. However, his assumption was incorrect; the idol actually belonged to Yul.
  • This is the first episode where a Puka Puka member was voted off.
  • This is Candice's first trip to Tribal Council, as she was on Exile Island for the Day 9 Tribal Council.


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