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Philip Dickson
Sa5 philip dickson
Contestant Profile
Born: 1981 [Age 33]
Hometown: Durban, KZN
Occupation: Firefighter
Survivor Career
Survivor: Champions (South Africa)
Tribe(s): Selatan
Finish: 15/20
Challenge Wins: 8
Votes Against: 5
Days Lasted: 11

Philip Dickson is a contestant from Survivor: Champions (South Africa).

Philip was known for have hidden from his tribe sugar cane he found on the beach.


To be a firefighter and paramedic, means you have to be tough, fast and fearless. This KZN hero has all of that, plus a beautiful voice. Before graduating in the Top 5 of his class, Philip sang in a church band in the USA. Among his other hobbies, he counts fishing, running and training and to prepare for Survivor SA, he studied game theory.

Survivor: Champions (South Africa)

Voting History

Philip's Voting History
Episode Philip's
Voted Against
1 No Tribal Council
2 Ashleigh -
3 Marsha David, Marsha,
Moyra, Zavion
4 Selatan Tribe Immune
5 Shona -
6 Moyra Altaaf, David, Gena,
Graham, Moyra, Zavion
Voted Off, Day 11


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