Peter Conte
Survivor 2017 Bio Peter
Contestant Profile
Hometown: Sydney, New South Wales
Occupation: Digital Advertising Producer
Survivor Career
Version: Australia
Australian Survivor (2017)
Tribe(s): Samatau
► Asaga
► Samatau
Finish: 3/24
Challenge Wins: 15
Votes Against: 8
Days Lasted: 54

Peter Conte is a contestant from Australian Survivor (2017).


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Name (Age): Peter Conte (22)[1]
Tribe Designation: Samatau
Current Residence: New South Wales
Occupation: Digital Advertising Producer

Peter works in digital advertising and has a laugh that you can hear a mile away.

Saying his laugh sounds "like a dying walrus", Peter is a positive and enthusiastic person who cannot wait to get started on Australian Survivor.

"I love Survivor and I cannot wait to get going. The excitement I am feeling is insane and I am looking forward to everything, even sleeping on a beach and minimal food."

Peter talks at the rate of a million miles an hour and in the past, he has been told that his happiness levels are "ridiculous". He is looking forward to the social game and getting to be with his tribe mates, whom he believes will either love him or hate him.

"I get along with everybody but I don't like people who think they are the leader and controlling people. There is only so long that I can stand being ordered around," he said.

"I will never let anyone steam roll me. If I don't like someone I am very passionate about making something happen to change that."

A strong swimmer, Peter has been in training leading up to arriving on the island and already has a strategy about how he will play the game.

"I'm going to lay low and gain people's trust and hide my louder side until the merge, when I plan to strike. "I would say I am going to play the game as a hero but with a cunning streak."

Australian Survivor

Voting History

Peter's Voting History
Episode Peter's
Voted Against
1 Samatau Tribe Immune
2 Adam -
3 Kate -
4 Mark H. -
5 Aimee -
6 Samatau Tribe Immune
7 Samatau Tribe Immune
8 Mock Vote1
9 Samatau Tribe Immune
10 Samatau Tribe Immune
11 No Elimination2
12 Tara Sarah
13 Asaga Tribe Immune
14 No Vote3
15 Samatau Tribe Immune
16 Luke -
17 Locky -
18 Henry Henry, Locky,
Tara, Ziggy
19 Locky -
20 Sarah -
21 Luke -
22 Ziggy -
23 Locky Locky, Michelle
25 Jericho;
Individual Immunity
26 Ineligible Jericho
Voted Off, Day 54
Voted for
Sole Survivor

^1 In Episode 8, Samatau was subjected to a mock Tribal Council where the players they voted out (Tara and Anneliese) were merely switched to the other tribe.
^2 In Episode 11, after winning the Immunity Challenge on Day 26, Samatau was subjected to a Tribal Council where they would vote for one person to compete for a special reward.
^3 In Episode 14, rather than voting out a member of the tribe, Asaga was given the chance for one castaway to mutiny at Tribal Council. Peter took the offer.
^4 In Episode 25, the vote ended with a 2-2 tie between Jericho and Michelle, forcing a revote. Peter did not change his vote on the revote.


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  • Peter is the first Australian Survivor contestant to mutiny.
  • Peter is the second Australian Survivor LGBT contestant. The first is Craig I'Anson.