Perfect Game
Perfectgame J.T. Thomas and John Cochran have both played a Perfect Game.
Survivor Gameplay
Description: A term describing a Sole Survivor who never received a vote against them and then received all votes at the Final Tribal Council in a single season.
Appearances: Tocantins

The Perfect Game is a rare feat in Survivor gameplay. It is achieved when a Sole Survivor receives no elimination votes, and then receives a unanimous jury vote at Final Tribal Council in a single season.

Because of the ambiguous definition of "no elimination votes" in seasons in which Hidden Immunity Idols are in play, some definitions of the term do not consider elimination votes voided by an idol as votes received by the player. Some other definitions also include the Fan Favorite Award for seasons in which it was awarded, but neither are a commonly accepted part of the achievement.


Since the series began, only two Sole Survivors have been credited with this achievement.

One other Sole Survivor is also sometimes credited as playing a perfect game, but does not fit this wiki's definition of the term.

List of Sole Survivors by Closeness to Perfect GameEdit

Per this wiki's definition of "votes received", votes voided by Hidden Immunity Idols and votes received at revotes are listed in the column but footnoted.