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Perception Is Not Always Reality

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"Perception Is Not Always Reality"
Tn s24 ep14 press images 0002
The Final Five
Season One World
Episode Number 14/14 (343)
First Broadcast May 13, 2012
Episode Chronology
Previous It's Human Nature
Next Survivor Smacked Me in the Chops
(next season)

Perception Is Not Always Reality is the season finale of Survivor: One World.


Day 37Edit

The Final 5 women are proud of their achievement and the fact that they got rid of all the guys (Tarzan, the last man standing, was voted off in the Tribal Council on Day 36). It is very noticeable that the tribe is split between Sabrina and Chelsea on one side and Alicia and Christina on the other, with Kim in the middle. At the Immunity Challenge, Kim wins her 3rd Immunity Challenge in total and her 3rd challenge out of the last 4. After the challenge, Sabrina and Chelsea want to vote off Alicia because Alicia is a bigger threat than Christina. Alicia feels that Chelsea has to go next, and Christina agrees. Both duos confront Kim and try to get Kim to vote with them. Kim doesn't know what to do. Chelsea is hoping Kim will stay loyal to her after all they've been through together. Christina thinks that the choice is obvious between Chelsea and Alicia that Chelsea is clearly the more dangerous person to take to the Final 3 out of the two. At Tribal Council, the Final 5 (with the focus towards Kim due to her immunity) discusses factors that could be used as reasons to keep or vote off someone. Before the vote, Jeff asks Sabrina, Alicia, Christina, and Chelsea to say one last thing to Kim as a last attempt to have her not vote them off. Voting begins, and Alicia and Chelsea's votes are shown, and they are for each other. The votes are read and Alicia becomes the 12th person voted off and the 8th member of the Jury by a vote of 3-2. After Alicia's torch is snuffed and after she leaves, Jeff reminds the Final 4 that tomorrow will be the last Immunity Challenge and the penultimate Tribal Council.

Day 38Edit

Day 39Edit


Immunity (Day 37)Edit

Challenge: Balance Beam Maze
The castaways would start by walking across a balance beam maze. If they fall off, they have to start back from the beginning. Once they make it to the other side, they will then go to a rope net, where they have to untie 5 bags of puzzle pieces. Once they have all their bags, they will assemble a puzzle, which will give them clues to a combination of three numbers. The first castaway to get the number sequence right and raise her respective flag color will win Immunity.
Winner: Kim Spradlin

Immunity Challenge: Balance Beam Maze
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway S24 kim t
S24 alicia tS24 chelsea tS24 christina tS24 sabrina t
Alicia, Chelsea, Christina & Sabrina

Immunity (Day 38)Edit

Challenge: Operation Balance Build
The castaways have to attach a small wooden bowl to a prong at the end of a long pole to maneuver it through a metal structure. The structure is mounted on a spring in order to increase the difficulty. Once they have the piece through the structure, they have to sit it at the top. First castaway to stack all ten bowls on top each other will win Immunity.
Winner: Kim Spradlin

Immunity Challenge: Operation Balance Build
Result Winner Competitors
Castaway S24 kim t
S24 chelsea tS24 christina tS24 sabrina t
Chelsea, Christina & Sabrina

Tribal CouncilEdit

Day 37Edit

Tribal Council 14:
S24 alicia t
Alicia (3 votes)
S24 chelsea tS24 kim tS24 sabrina t
Chelsea, Kim & Sabrina
S24 chelsea t
Chelsea (2 votes)
S24 alicia tS24 christina t
Alicia & Christina
S24 alicia bw
Alicia Rosa

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Alicia, I love you like a sister, but, tonight, I hope it's you and not me.


Chelsea, you'll be just fine.


Final WordsEdit

Day 38Edit

Tribal Council 14:
S24 christina t
Christina (3 votes)
S24 chelsea tS24 kim tS24 sabrina t
Chelsea, Kim & Sabrina
S24 sabrina t
Sabrina (1 vote)
S24 christina t
S24 christina bw
Christina Cha

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Love you, girl, but, uh, deep down inside, I just still don't think that you deserve to make it to the Final Three.


Baby girl, you just did not know how to play the game. I don't even know of you knew it was the game of Survivor.


Final WordsEdit

Final Tribal CouncilEdit

Tribal Council 16:
Jury Vote
Voted for
S24 kim t
Kim (7 votes)
S24 alicia tS24 christina tS24 jay tS24 jonas t
S24 kat tS24 michael tS24 tarzan t
Alicia, Christina, Jay, Jonas, Kat, Michael & Tarzan
S24 sabrina t
Sabrina (2 votes)
S24 leif tS24 troyzan t
Leif & Troyzan
S24 chelsea t
Chelsea (0 votes)
S24 chelsea bw
Chelsea Meissner
S24 sabrina bw
Sabrina Thompson
S24 kim t
Kim Spradlin

Voting ConfessionalsEdit

Sabrina, even though Kim won everything, that doesn't necessarily mean that she's the best player. Take care. Comb your hair.


I was so upset with you, but, if I didn't vote you tonight, then that means I've not learned a damn thing in this game for thirty-three days.


Final ResultsEdit

S24 bill bw
S24 colton bw
S24 jay bw
S24 jonas bw
S24 leif bw
S24 matt bw
S24 michael bw
S24 tarzan bw
S24 troyzan bw
S24 alicia bw
S24 chelsea bw
S24 christina bw
S24 kat bw
S24 kim t
S24 kourtney bw
S24 monica bw
S24 nina bw
S24 sabrina bw



Behind The ScenesEdit

  • In a Day 39 secret scene, Kim and Chelsea bathe at the water well, exhausting its remaining water. Chelsea dipped herself in the drum, and was stuck there. Kim claims she did research about bathing using freshwater being correlated to success in an endeavor.

Life at PonderosaEdit

  • In Alicia's check-up, the doctor tells her she lost 15 lbs. Upon arriving at Ponderosa, the Jury gives her the cold shoulder. Alicia then wants to converse with Tarzan, but the plastic surgeon shuns her. Alicia then attempts to apologize to Kat, but Kat goes on the defensive and blames her for her blindside.
  • In Christina's check up the doctor tells her she lost 23 lbs. Upon arriving at Ponderosa, Jay offered her a drink and she said, "I love you," causing slight awkwardness, which was quickly shrugged off.


  • This episode marks the first time in Survivor that the Final 5 has been comprised of castaways of the same gender (in this case, female), though this is the second all-female season finale from start-to-finish, following Stir the Pot!.
  • This is the first season finale to contain five castaways, all from the same original tribe.
  • This episode is the first and only time in the season to have a full intro, having the whole track and a complete cast.
  • This episode marks the return of the Rites of Passage, last seen in the Survivor: Nicaragua finale, What About Me?. The Rites of Passage of Survivor: Redemption Island was released online, while Survivor: South Pacific 's Rites of Passage was never released.


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