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Patrícia Diniz
Nl1 patricia
Contestant Profile
Born: (Age 29)
Hometown: Porto Alegre, RS
Occupation: Graphic Producer
Survivor Career
No Limite 1
Tribe(s): Sol
Finish: Runner-Up
Challenge Wins: 7
Votes Against: 1
Days Lasted: 24

Patrícia "Pipa" Diniz is a contestant from No Limite 1.

Seen as the favorite to win, Pipa was hampered by weather conditions at the first task of the final trial, and lost to Elaine de Melo.


Name (Age): Patrícia Diniz (29)
Tribe Designation: Sol
Current Residence: Porto Alegre, RS
Occupation: Graphic Producer

She is bold, outgoing and uninhibited. Was holidaying in Canavieiras and from there went straight to Buenos Aires, where he lived for six months. She has worked with graphic production, but prefer activities that do not require commitment. Dislikes routine and loves to travel. No fixed address: divides between the house of her boyfriend, her sister and mother. Loves new challenges and makes friends easily. Currently has a more serious relationship, not living together - are very independent and she sees no problem staying away from him for a few weeks.

No Limite 1

Voting History

Pipa's Voting History
Episode Pipa's
Voted Against
1 Hilca -
2 Amendoim -
1 Marcus -
4 Sol Tribe Immune
5 Ilma Ilma
6 Vanderson -
7 Vanderson -
Andréa -
8 Runner-Up, Day 24

Post-No Limite

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