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"One Armed Dude and Three Moms"
Candice finger brad Candice flips off Brad.
Episode Information
Season: Blood vs. Water
Episode Number: 4/14 (375)
Original Release: October 9, 2013
Episode Chronology
Previous: "Opening Pandora's Box"
Next: "The Dead Can Still Talk"

One Armed Dude and Three Moms is the fourth episode of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.


Night 8

After being voted out, John Cody arrived at Redemption Island, and awoke his wife Candice Cody and fellow Redemption Island inhabitant Marissa Peterson with the bad news. Candice lamented that John was too trusting, and as John tried to look on the bright side, the women reminded him that it wasn't good to be at Redemption Island, whether he got to be with his wife or not.

I'm completely shocked. I had no clue that was coming tonight. Brad told me we were close, and I sorta believed him, sorta didn't, y'know, but he reassured me enough that I felt comfortable it wasn't going to be me tonight.

John Cody

I'm disappointed. I wish I could have been there to give him more pointers and to keep him on his toes, but he's so trusting and I love that about him, but it doesn't help you win Survivor.

Candice Cody

Meanwhile, at Tadhana, the tribe debriefed the eventful Tribal Council. Brad Culpepper told the group that he'd been stringing John along since the beginning, and entertained the rationale that it was important to keep people around whose loved ones were still in the game. Caleb Bankston, the only member of the tribe without a loved one was fearful that this line of thought put him in the cross-hairs.

We blindsided John tonight. I spearheaded this, thinking of the future. If this was Survivor 26 or 25, we'd have stayed Five Guys all the way through. But this is Survivor 27 – loved ones. John had no connection on the other side and we need to think about connections so that when there's a merge, the couples can become a unified power.

Brad Culpepper

Brad says it does make sense to keep people around that do have loved ones. I'm a little bit more vulnerable because I have no loved one. Everybody left on this tribe has a loved one except for me. Y'know, who knows what's going to happen, but I can definitely see myself in trouble.

Caleb Bankston

Day 9

At the Redemption Island Arena the next day, Tadhana and Galang filed in. Candice, Marissa, and John were then called into the Arena, and Candice flipped the bird at Brad as she walked past. Jeff Probst then asked Candice about her reaction to seeing her husband arrive at Redemption Island, and she answered that she was "upset... Oh, Jeff, upset all." She added that she hoped to see someone who she and Marissa could team up to defeat with hatred, singling out Brad as an example. Jeff turned to Monica Culpepper to comment on the continual barbs thrown at her husband before the Duels, and she noted that there was an entire tribe voting people out, and not just her husband. Brad interjected that the votes had been largely unanimous. Candice countered that she'd heard the people voted out from Tadhana talking about Brad's rudeness and his "shushing" of the women. As Brad, Candice, and Monica argued on the point, and Brad asked John if he'd been shushed. He said he hadn't, and Candice spat, "No, he didn't hush a man that's bigger than him that can beat his ass!" John added that regardless of camp life, every vote had stemmed from Brad, and suggested, "Maybe it's time to knock the king off his throne." Brad had the final word, claiming that John had simply made the mistake of trusting him.

Jeff then revealed the Duel: Odd Shaped Bottoms. Each castaway would traverse a horizontal ladder, maneuvering a key along a rope twisted around the ladder. Once reaching the end of the ladder, they would use the key to unlock a bag of puzzle pieces, which they would use to solve a complicated puzzle. The first two to finish would remain in the game, with the first place finisher also receiving a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol which they could give to any member of either tribe. The last person to finish would be permanently eliminated from the game.

John and Marissa were neck-and-neck across the ladder bridge, with Candice falling behind. As John and Marissa got off to a quick start on the puzzle, Candice methodically separated the puzzle pieces by size. John pulled into the lead, and Candice began to make up ground (prompting Jeff to comment on her cool demeanor when not shouting at Brad, to which she muttered, "Cut my baby, and I cut you"). Whispering to his tribe that he could regain John's trust, Brad called out to John to warn him of a misplaced puzzle piece. John quickly rectified the error and completed the puzzle, placing first in the Duel.

Marissa began to panic, as Candice's methodical approach pushed her into the lead. Marissa called out to her uncle, Gervase Peterson, for advice and he instructed her to look at John's completed puzzle to figure out the emblem painted on the top of the puzzle. However, it was too late, as Candice completed her puzzle, winning the last remaining place at Redemption Island and eliminating Marissa from the game. Gervase commented that he was proud of her effort, giving her "kudos" and saying that she'd given him an extra push in his own game. Tearfully, Marissa burnt her Buff and became the fourth person eliminated from Survivor: Blood vs. Water.

Business turned to the Idol clue, and Candice suggested giving it to Monica. Jeff joked that John always did what his wife told him to, but sure enough, he decided to give the clue to Monica, saying that he hoped it would make her a target, just as it had been his own demise, in a revenge move against the Culpeppers. Brad then told Monica to burn the clue, and she walked down into the Arena and threw it into the fire, saying "I don't think our tribe's interested." In a later confessional, Aras Baskauskas approved of her decision, but in the moment, Candice coldly commented that Monica was merely following Brad's orders. Candice and John returned to Redemption Island, as the two tribes headed back to camp.

Everybody recognizes, at this point, that that Hidden Immunity Idol clue? Target's on your back. Monica, very smartly, burned it.

Aras Baskauskas

Why not? Why not just throw it away? I'm in a good position over here, but it worries me that constantly when I go to Duels, people are so aggressive towards my husband.

Monica Culpepper

Later, at Redemption Island, Candice and John made the most of their time together. The two went fishing together, and sat on the beach in a loving embrace, looking at the positives of getting to be with each other – even in the midst of a terrible position in the game.

The silver lining to getting voted off my tribe and sent to Redemption Island is that I came out into this game to play with Candice. In a weird way, I should thank Brad and the rest of my tribe for giving me the opportunity to hang out her with my wife on some beautiful beach and still be in the game and all I have to do is win Duels and then I get back in.

John Cody

This will be a fun story to tell the kids one day, and in the end, if he wins? Fabulous. If I win? Fabulous.

Candice Cody

Meanwhile, at Galang, Monica was struggling to reconcile the attacks made against her husband, asking her tribe if they could "bestow any logic" on the scenario. Laura Morett offered that it was just bitterness, but Monica insisted that she knew her husband would be doing everything he could to make life easier for their loved ones on Tadhana. Aras agreed that the conflict at the Duel had been difficult to watch, but Gervase offered that Monica knew "Brad Culpepper from Tampa; you don't know Brad from Survivor." He continued by giving "kudos" to the other tribe for playing the game, even though it involved ousting his niece Marissa, and applauded Monica's poise throughout the ordeal. She thanked the tribe for their support.

Is there ever gonna be a Duel that my husband is not verbally accosted by a bunch of people that don't even know him? Y'know, leaders have followers! And if that's the case, then somebody's buying what he's selling! But Brad is the strongest one out here. If he makes it to the merge, I won't believe it.

Monica Culpepper

I guess you don't want to believe your loved one could be the one that is the bad guy – quote-unquote – that's getting rid of people. Besides, somebody has to be over there! One of our loved ones is running the show, and I know it's not mine, so it's somebody else's!

Gervase Peterson

The Duel was also a topic of conversation at Tadhana, where Caleb pointed out the hypocrisy of Candice calling Brad out for ordering his wife to burn the clue, when she had just ordered her husband to give it to Monica. Ciera Eastin commented that it was a lose-lose scenario for tribe, but Brad pointed out that nobody was angry with the tribe as a whole as he was taking all of the heat. In a confessional, he further discussed the advantages of eliminating Caleb, who wouldn't have an enraged loved one on Galang, as a way of regaining favor from the other side.

Today was a rough day. I wasn't expecting Candice to be so personal. Everyone just assumes that if someone's voted off the Island that I'm the Grand Poobah. I mean, it's just natural for me to lead my family, and I have become leader of this group. Thinking ahead, should we lose this next challenge, Caleb is unconnected and I could send a message to the other side that we're wanting to play ball with you guys and get some connections over there as we have connections here. And it also takes some heat off me at Redemption Island. If Caleb rolls out there on the Arena floor, nobody's gonna be screaming at me.

Brad Culpepper

However, when Brad went out fishing later, Caleb, Hayden Moss, and Vytas Baskauskas discussed the de facto leader of the tribe, and the "Brad Bashing Hour" of Redemption Island. Hayden felt that it was useful to keep Brad around as a shield, but noted that it was important to avoid any one of them getting "Johnned."

Brad is public enemy number one. We see that every time we've been to Redemption Island. If we do lose, and we have to go to Tribal Council, it's gonna be one of the girls going out. I think me, Hayden, and Vytas are pretty solid. Brad's the bottom guy on the totem pole.

Caleb Bankston

Day 10

At Galang, Tyson Apostol was exploiting his shoulder injury for sympathy from his tribe and an excuse to lighten his workload. However, his mischief did not stop there, as he and Gervase were revealed to have been making regular covert trips to the coconut grove, where the "Coconut Bandits" would crack the coconuts and drink the milk, but leave the shells behind to cover their tracks. However, Laura Boneham soon discovered the ravaged coconuts, but Monica theorized that crabs must have bored into the coconuts. Tyson and Gervase went along with the theory to hide their sneakiness, and Tyson revealed in a confessional that the mischievous duo were also in a tight alliance due to their shared separation from their loved one and noted that Aras' ties to his brother Vytas made them a powerful duo and a threat.

I hurt my shoulder in the Immunity Challenge. Every day it gets a little bit better, but I do like to play it up a little bit, 'cause then I have to do less work around camp. Hopefully, that also keeps them in sympathy with me. Me and Gervase? We have a cool thing going now, where we'll sneak off and get a couple coconuts. We've been opening them a different way so people won't recognise that we've been chopping them. I would really like to keep eating those coconuts. I can't wait 'til they bring all those coconuts down and just examine each and every one of them.

Tyson Apostol

Rupert's Laura cannot get coconut off the brain. I thought our cover was blown right then and there. I'm like, "Oh man, how are we gonna explain this one off?" Then Monica's like, "Yeah, it's probably a crab." I'm like, "Thank you Monica!" So far, so good. Operation Coconut is still running smooth. If everybody knew about it, somebody's gonna get pissed, so I'm keeping this to ourselves. Me and Tyson: who would've thought?

Gervase Peterson

I'm definitely with Gervase right now. If that lasts through to the Finals, so be it. It would definitely be in Gervase's best interest to stick with me as well, because we both lost our loved one in the game, Aras still has his and if Vytas makes it to the merge, he will work with Vytas. They're obviously the strongest cumulatively, so to have them both, I think, is a huge danger.

Tyson Apostol

At the Immunity Challenge, Jeff took back the Immunity Idol and revealed the challenge: Boats, Brains & Brawn. Six members of each tribe would paddle a boat out into the water and around a flag. On the return journey, they would collect five heavy crates by untying them from the seafloor and race to bring them back to shore. They would then use the crates to solve a puzzle staircase. Next, two tribe members would solve another traditional puzzle to determine a combination for a wheel which would give them a key. The first tribe to use the key to unlock a lever at the top of the staircase, pull it, and release the tribe flag would win Immunity. The winners would also receive a reward of either tea, coffee, croissants, and biscotti, or a collection of fishing gear. To even out the tribes, Galang chose to sit out Kat Edorsson and Tina Wesson, with Tyson insisting that he'd still be able to compete despite his injury.

My shoulder does still hurt, but it is getting better every day. The thing is, I'm better than most everybody on my tribe with one arm, so I wanna win.

Tyson Apostol

Echoing the first challenge, Tadhana gained an effortless lead as the paddled towards the flag whilst Galang floundered as they tried to keep their boat on course. Hayden untethered the first crate for Tadhana and they began to move towards their second as Galang finally reached their first. However, Laura B. quickly untied their first crate, keeping the yellow tribe in the race. Brad unclipped the second crate for Tadhana, whilst Monica took on the second crate for Galang. Brad continued to dive for Tadhana as they maintained their one-crate lead, as Laura B. and Monica kept pace. However, as Tadhana loaded their fifth and final crate, their boat tipped, losing two crates into the water and giving Galang the opportunity to catch, and then pass, them.

Galang had a slight lead going into the staircase puzzle, but it was Tadhana who recovered, finishing their staircase first, to take the lead once again. As Ciera and Vytas began work on the combination puzzle, Galang finished their staircase and Laura M. and Tyson took on the second puzzle. In the third battle between mother and daughter, Laura M. once again beat out her daughter, with Galang solving the puzzle first. As Vytas and Ciera tried to catch up, Galang solved their combination wheel and retrieved a key. Tyson raced to the top of the staircase and unlocked the lever to release the flag, winning the fourth-straight Immunity for Galang. Laura M. and Ciera exchanged glances, and Laura later commented in a misty-eyed confessional that she feared that her daughter could be going home.

I want Ciera to succeed, 'cause you want your kids to succeed so bad and you want 'em to win, but yet I have a tribe of people who are counting on me as well. I knew she couldn't beat me and she could be going home.

Laura Morett

The defeated Tadhana returned to camp devastated by their performance. As Caleb, Hayden, and Vytas went to collect water from the well, calling back for Brad to join them, Brad remained at the campsite with Ciera and Katie Collins. Once the rest of the men's alliance was out of earshot, Brad told Ciera and Katie to vote for Caleb. Ciera told him that she believed him because he hadn't lied to her before, but revealed in a confessional that she didn't entirely trust him. However, Brad ensured them that they were safe for this vote, but warned them that another loss would mean it was "nut-cuttin' time." Suddenly, Vytas returned to camp asking for Brad, and he quickly hurried to join the men, whispering to the women that he had not lied to them.

Unbelievable. We haven't won yet. I mean, we suck. And it's so disheartening too, because clearly we're a bigger, stronger, more athletic team, but today we lost to a one-armed dude and three moms. That's brutal. Brutal!

Hayden Moss

After a loss, there's always a routine. The guys will go (air quotes) "get water" which is code for "go strategise against the girls" and the girls make rice, which is code for "how do we save our asses?" Today, though, was interesting. Brad said, "I'm voting Caleb." So then I'm like, okay... Brad could be telling the truth or he might not be. But I'm gonna act like I believe him. Y'know, I sat there and said, "Yes, I believe you a hundred percent." But really, do I?

Ciera Eastin

Meanwhile, Caleb, Hayden, and Vytas agreed to vote for Ciera due to her abysmal challenge performances. However, Brad's decision to wait back at camp with Ciera and Katie made Caleb suspicious that he may be trying to betray yet another member of the men's alliance. Upon finally joining them, the four men agreed on Ciera, though Brad revealed that he had instructed the women to vote for Caleb. As the tribe departed, Brad narrated his certainty that Ciera, the tribe's weakest link, would be sent packing.

That's the second puzzle that Ciera's not been that strong on. Hayden and Vytas and myself, we're all on board with voting for Ciera. That's what we went to discuss. And then, y'know, when Brad never showed up behind us, that started thinking what kind of stunt could Brad be working on? Because we all went to the well and Brad stayed behind with the two girls, so it's just kind of a little fishy. You just got rid of John, so as easy as it want down from five guys to four guys, it could just as easily go down to three guys. Where I don't trust Brad a hundred percent, I feel confident in Hayden and Vytas that they're going to have my back. So Ciera sounds good to me.

Caleb Bankston

As the de facto leader over her, I've got to make some decisions. So I talked to both the girls. They're obviously in for voting off Caleb, but Ciera was terrible on the challenge. Getting rid of her is going to make this tribe stronger. Y'know, going beyond all the love connections and everything else, I also want to make the tribe strong. So I'm not worried about Redemption Island and the heat I will take. I'm sure tomorrow Ciera shows up, I'll take heat from her mom. It doesn't matter. Ciera's going home.

Brad Culpepper

At Tribal Council, Jeff first asked Brad about the disappointments associated with the present game. He answered that it wasn't how he'd envisioned it, but pointed out that although they'd lost some challenges due to strength, they had lost two because of puzzles – both of which Ciera had been responsible for. Ciera acknowledged that she wasn't as strong at puzzles as she thought she was, but stated that there was no use in complaining about it or giving up, and that she was determined to fight to stay in the game.

Conversation turned to the heat Brad was taking at the Duels and he noted the difficulties in having dirty laundry aired in front of everybody – including lies being spread to the opposing tribe. Jeff asked if there would be an advantage in voting out somebody who didn't have ties to the other tribe to avoid such fallout, and he hesitantly answered that it was, elaborating that it had been part of the consideration for the vote.

Caleb was asked if he had felt under pressure, and he answered that he had, pondering whether the tribe had developed a "taste for the blindside." He said that he didn't mind being the decoy vote, but felt that it had gone beyond that to the point where he was a "calf being led to the slaughter." Brad interrupted to say that he wasn't the lowest man on the totem pole, but Caleb countered that Brad had campaigned against him (which he denied). Hayden commented that the tribe had some "patch work" to do given the growing cracks, but acknowledged that once trust was broken, it was difficult to re-establish. Caleb was asked how the tribe could regain his trust, and he answered that he trusted Hayden and Vytas, but felt Brad was on the fence.

Suddenly, he turned to Ciera and told her that he didn't want her to go home, and announced that he was going to vote for Brad, completely shocking the rest of the tribe. He continued that there would be three votes for Brad (between himself, and Katie and Ciera), and the rest of the men were free to make up their own minds. Ciera was asked about the unexpected turn, and said that despite all the best-laid plans, at the end of the day, "you just have to roll with it."

Brad told Caleb that he wasn't writing his name down, and told him he wouldn't be angry if Caleb continued with his scheme. Vytas interjected and asked Caleb, in disbelief, if he truly was writing Brad's name down. When he answered that he was, Vytas sighed in shock. Caleb continued that the ball was in Hayden's and Vytas' court, adding that despite Brad's challenge assets, there were other problems to deal with. Brad asked Vytas if he was going to change his vote, and Vytas assured him that he wasn't.

With that, it was time to vote. Caleb voted for Brad as he'd announced. Katie and Ciera followed, with Brad then casting a silent vote for Ciera. Vytas and Hayden concluded the proceedings and Jeff tallied the votes.

The first vote was for Brad, with the second evening the score with a vote for Ciera. The next two voted were for Ciera and Brad, respectively, tying them at two votes each. The final votes were also split, resulting in a 3-3 tie between Brad and Ciera. This forced a re-vote in which Brad and Ciera would not vote, whilst the remaining four castaways could only vote for either target.

Caleb began the re-vote, with Katie following with a vote for Brad. Vytas voted next, and Hayden cast the final vote. He began to write down Ciera's name, but crossed it out. However, he then deliberated over his decision, unsure of who to vote for.

The first of the re-votes was for Brad, with the second being Hayden's vote which he had reverted back to Ciera. However, Vytas had switched his vote to Brad, making him the sixth person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water. Brad reached over to Caleb to try to shake his hand (which Caleb ignored) and assured each member of his tribe that he was not mad at them, and hoped that he would be able to make it back from Redemption Island. Caleb congratulated the astounded Ciera, who asked, "What just happened!?" and Brad's torch was extinguished.

Brad arrived cautiously at Redemption Island, waking Candice and John and waved a white flag. However, Candice was excited to see the number one enemy voted out, and looked forward to beating him in the upcoming Duel.

I was dead asleep and I hear the sweetest voice I ever wanted to hear on Redemption Island: Brad Culpepper. Now I have my chance to put him out of the game for good.

Candice Cody



Challenge: Odd Shaped Bottoms
The three players are each tethered by a carabiner to a rope that is wrapped around their individual ladder bridge. After maneuvering across their ladder bridge they retrieve a puzzle bag at the end of the ladder and assemble a puzzle. First two players to complete the puzzle are safe from elimination.
Winners (in order of finish): John Cody and Candice Cody (gave Hidden Immunity Idol clue to Monica Culpepper)

Redemption Island
Duel 3
S27 candice tS27 marissa t
Candice & Marissa
S27 john t
Duel: Odd Shaped Bottoms
1st 2nd 3rd
S27 john t
S27 candice t
S27 marissa t

S27 marissa bw
Marissa Peterson


Challenge: Boats, Brains & Brawn
The two tribes would run out and push their tribal boats into the water. Paddling out to retrieve puzzle crates, they would have to dive down underwater to release the boxes. Once all crates were retrieved and brought back to shore, the tribes would stack the crates into a staircase with the name of this season "Blood vs. Water" properly aligned along the sides. Then, two members of each tribe would solve a puzzle giving them the combination to retrieve the correct key. The first tribe to run to the top of the tower, unlock and pull a lever, releasing the tribe flag, would win the challenge.
Reward: Coffee, tea, croissants, and biscotti 
Winner: Galang

Reward/Immunity Challenge: Boats, Brains & Brawn
Result Tribe Crates Only Crates & Puzzle Sit-Outs
Won Galang S27 aras tS27 gervase tS27 laurab tS27 monica t
Aras, Gervase, Laura B., & Monica
S27 lauram tS27 tyson t
Laura M. & Tyson
S27 kat tS27 tina t
Kat & Tina
Lost Tadhana S27 brad tS27 caleb tS27 hayden tS27 katie t
Brad, Caleb, Hayden, & Katie
S27 ciera tS27 vytas t
Ciera & Vytas

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 4:
S27 brad t
Brad (3 votes)
S27 caleb tS27 ciera tS27 katie t
Caleb, Ciera, Katie
S27 ciera t
Ciera (3 votes)
S27 brad tS27 hayden tS27 vytas t
Brad, Hayden, Vytas
S27 brad tS27 ciera t
Brad, Ciera (3 votes each)

(Brad and Ciera ineligible to vote)
S27 brad t
Brad (3 votes)
S27 caleb tS27 katie tS27 vytas t
Caleb, Katie, Vytas
S27 ciera t
Ciera (1 vote)
S27 hayden t
S27 brad t
Brad Culpepper
(sent to Redemption Island)

Voting Confessionals (First Vote)

Brad showed his Ciera vote to the camera but he did not give a confessional.

(voting for Brad) Sorry, dude. You mess with the bull, you get the horns.

Caleb Bankston

Voting Confessionals (Revote)

Katie is shown writing Brad's name down on the parchment. Hayden is shown writing the letters "C" and "I" down on the parchment, pauses and scribbles them down, not revealing his final vote to the camera.

Still in the Running

S27 rupert bw
S27 colton bw
S27 rachel bw
S27 marissa bw
S27 aras t
S27 brad t
S27 caleb t
S27 candice t
S27 ciera t
S27 gervase t
S27 hayden t
S27 john t
S27 kat t
S27 katie t
 Laura B.
S27 laurab t
 Laura M.
S27 lauram t
S27 monica t
S27 tina t
S27 tyson t
S27 vytas t


Deleted Scenes

  • A deleted scene posted on[1] took place on the morning of Day 9 at Redemption Island. Candice Cody, John Cody, and Marissa Peterson received Tree Mail inviting them to their Duel. John echoed Marissa's catchphrase ("____ you, Brad Culpepper!"), but Marissa revealed that she hoped for John to go home, as she didn't want to be stuck at Redemption with someone who had helped vote her out and wanted to continue her winning streak with Candice. Later, Marissa and Candice helped John to rehearse a brief, convincing, and infalmmatory "spiel" for Redemption Island in a targeted effort to take down Brad.
  • Additional deleted scenes and confessionals were posted on[2]
    • I Think I Can Outsmart Him: Caleb Bankston said that he enjoyed Brad's eccentric character, and while noting that he'd turned on John, he didn't believe the tribe leader would turn on him. He was skeptical of Brad's beliefs that he had complete control of the game, saying that he believed he could outsmart him at any time. Caleb also liked the idea of trying to keep Brad in the game as a shield at the merge.
    • I'm Pretty Proud of Myself: Brad Culpepper said that he felt secure in his leadership of the tribe, citing his orchestration of the three previous votes and the advantage of blindsiding John. He hoped that by ousting John (who didn't have a connection on the other tribe), he could send a message to Galang that they could still form ties at the merge, and concluded that "Brad Culpepper is in control of Tadhana."
    • I Respect, Trust and Fear Brad: On the other hand, Katie Collins elaborated on her mixed responses to Brad, saying that his lawyer background aided his manipulation of trust. She believed that Tadhana as a social unit was solid, but it was the struggle with Galang was the problem as she feared close association with the hated Brad could cut potential ties with the other tribe, but worried about backlash in going against the tribe's leader. While she appreciated his contribution to the tribe, she was worried about dwindling numbers and noted her need and desire to continue working with Ciera, as being the last woman standing (although an honor) would make her extremely vulnerable.
    • I Admire Ciera: Caleb Bankston talked at length about his growing friendship with Ciera: "We kinda walk from the same life, even though we're from different parts of the country." He shared the story that Ciera had initially thought he and Colton were brothers, and the she was surprised to learn the were actually engaged. He continued by discussed his homosexuality, saying it didn't define him and he usually didn't bring it up at home, but was hopeful that his friendship with Ciera may have helped her to open her eyes regarding gay people. He added that he had been surprised to learn of the skeletons in other people's closets (including Ciera's teen pregnancy and Vytas' drug-addled past) and noted the importance of avoiding judgment. He concluded by commenting that he admired Ciera, and that she reminded him of his own mother who had struggled with young motherhood and a hard life working on a farm.
    • I'm Proud of Her: Gervase Peterson recounted the events of the Duel. He began by saying that he'd expected Caleb to be voted out, but thought John's elimination was a good move - for Galang. However, his heart sunk for Marissa as he knew the Codys would be tough competition. He said he had made his peace with the thought that Marissa might not make it back from Redemption as soon as he'd seen her enter the Arena the first time, but said that he was proud of her performance. He added that he felt guilty that he hadn't provided her with enough "ammunition" coming into the game, and didn't feel she'd had enough time to figure out how to play her game.
    • There's No Pressure: At Redemption Island, John Cody discussed both sides of Redemption. On one hand, he enjoyed the relaxed, strategy-free environment and the opportunity to just hang out with his wife Candice. On the other hand, he noted the handicap of Redemption Island even if one of them made it back into the game, citing the elimination of Ozzy Lusth and Matt Elrod soon after their re-entry, saying that whilst the Idol clue had put a target on his back, coming back from Redemption had "an even bigger target." He concluded that he hoped he and Candice could continue winning for as long as possible until only the two of them were left, pointing out a karmic possibility of Candice beating him to get back into the game after he'd refused to take her place on Day 1.
    • The Duel Was Full of Excitement: Laura Morett was critical of Candice's venomous attitude towards Brad, saying that she hadn't met the man and all the stories she'd heard would have been colored by the anger of the people voted out. She thought Candice's moves were stupid as the alienated people on both Brad's and Monica's side, which would be problematic for her if she made it back from Redemption. She then discussed Marissa's departure, noting her confusion at her being the first boot from Tadhana given her athleticism, but revealed her relief that such a strong physical player was no longer a threat.
    • I'm Feeling the Effects of This Game: Vytas Baskauskas divulged the excruciating heat the castaways were battling all day, comparing it to a "sauna" and saying the sun was "a warning... that you're not in a very habitable area." He continued that the combination of weather, exhaustion, hunger, dehydration and irritability with the idiosyncrasies of his tribemates were becoming more difficult to handle, but was relieved that his yoga practice enabled him to keep calm.
    • The Perfect Ending: Candice Cody enjoyed a relaxing day at Redemption Island with her husband, noting the relief of getting to have some downtime with John after their success in the Duel the day before. She added that the story of them surviving on an island and providing for each other would be a great tale to tell their future children, and hoped it would have the happy ending of them winning the game.
    • Aras Catches a Fish: Aras Baskauskas reveals his fishing technique of following territorial fish to the rocks in which they've burrowed holes, reaching into the hole and grabbing and spearing the fish. Although he noted that the strategy could cut up his hands, he preferred it to no food at all. He brought one of the burrowed rocks back to shore and was excited to find a scallop attached to the bottom of the rock.
    • It's Great to Be On a Winning Team: After winning the Reward/Immunity Challenge, Laura Boneham celebrated the reward of coffee, tea and, particularly, croissants ("It was divine!"). She added that she was grateful to be on the veterans' tribe, and believed they could ride their success to the merge.
    • My First Food Reward: Monica Culpepper broke out the thesaurus in praise of the food reward (her first ever Survivor food reward). She noted that although she notoriously didn't eat honey at home, she had loved the taste of it on the Island, and said that the aromas of tea and coffee were enough to be a comforting reminder of home.
    • I'm Nervous: Ciera Eastin discussed her frustration at the tribe's challenge loss, noting that the final puzzle was still very close. She then observed that if the pattern continued of keeping "long-term people" for allies over keeping challenge strength, then she would be safe at the vote, but acknowledged she was nervous because someone could switch it up at any time.
    • I Was a Little Apprehensive: Tyson Apostol talked about competing in the challenge one-armed, saying he was capable of doing the paddling (as it primarily used his good arm), but that maneuvering of the heavy crates was impossible for him. He added that he had been apprehensive about competing injured, but knew that Aras and Gervase would be able to pick up any slack, and he was still capable enough to not be the worst. He then discussed his slow recovery from his shoulder injury, but noted the marked improvement in only two days: "The human body is a marvelous machine."
  • A deleted scene posted on[3] contained a confessional from Tina Wesson in which she discussed her daughter Katie and her position in the game, saying that since she had yet to be voted out, she believed that she must be in a strong alliance, though feared that if the Tadhana losing streak continued, there wasn't much time left. She then talked about John and Candice being forced to compete against each other at Redemption Island, calling it "a double whammy for them."


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