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Tribe Profile
Season Redemption Island
Namesake Ometepe Island,
Big Lake Nicaragua
Day Formed Day 1
Rival Tribe(s) ██ Zapatera
Tribe Status Merged with Zapatera in
Day 19
Challenge Wins 4
Lowest Placing Member Francesca Hogi (18/18)
Highest Placing Member Rob Mariano (Winner)
Ometepe flag
Ometepe insignia

Ometepe was a tribe from Survivor: Redemption Island.

Its rival was Zapatera. Despite a slow start winning only once in the first four challenge (their sole victory occurring due to Zapatera throwing the challenge), they managed to win the three following challenges and ended up dominating the other tribe post merge. Their tribe color is orange.


S22 andrea tS22 ashley tS22 francesca t
S22 grant tS22 kristina tS22 matthew t
S22 natalie tS22 phillip tS22 rob t

Tribe HistoryEdit

The beginnings - Episode 1-4Edit

Ometepe is known for being very successful at merging with numbers and having a tight alliance controlled by Rob Mariano.  He eliminated each Zapatera member remaining at the merge (and eventually came to win the game). Their tribe used "Stealth R Us" in order not to let too much information or strategy talking occur.

In Episode 1, Zapatera would win the first immunity/reward challenge, sending Ometepe to tribal council. Francesca Hogi was voted off 4-3-2.

In Episode 2, Ometepe lost again in the second immunity/reward challenge. Due to Matt's connection to Andrea, Rob decided to vote off Matt in a 4-2-0 vote. Kristina played her idol, negating two votes against her.

In Episode 3, Francesca lost in the first redemption duel to Matt. Zapatera, feeling the negative effects of having Russell Hantz on the tribe, decided to throw the immunity/reward challenge. At the opposing tribe's tribal council, Russell was voted 5-1 in the second vote, since the first vote was 3-3-3.

In Episode 4, Matt won another duel and defeated Russell. Ometepe would lose the immunity/reward challenge. Kristina was voted off 4-3.

Episode 5-7Edit

In Episode 5-7, Matt would win the three subsequent duels, defeating his former tribe member Kristina and eliminating Krista and Stephenie from the Zapatera tribe. Ometepe would win all three immunity/reward challenges, thus giving Ometepe leverage over the Zapatera tribe going into the merge.

Episode 8Edit

Matt would defeat Sarita and return to the main game, making Ometepe ahead in numbers at 7-5.

Fate of OmetepeEdit

The alliance would vote off Matt again and Matt would continue to win duels, or at least survive the three- to four-contestant duels.  They eliminated all former Zapatera members until they had to turn on themselves. Additionally, all the Zapatera members would lose at Redemption Island before an Ometepe member would except for Mike Chiesl, the first Zapatera member voted off post merge. Andrea would win the final duel and subsequently be voted off, eliminating Grant, Matt, and Mike in the final duel. Ashley came in fourth place. Rob took Phillip and Natalie to the jury and the jury awarded Rob the Sole Survivor by a vote of 8-1-0, for his skillful manipulation of his alliance despite his obviously dangerous reputation from his first previous seasons.



  • Ometepe is the eighth tribe that four-time player Rob Mariano was ever part of.
  • Ometepe is the first of two tribes to have two different players return from Redemption Island. The second is Galang of Survivor: Blood vs. Water.
  • Ometepe is the first starting tribe since Malakal that are neither red nor yellow to have a winner of the season.
    • However, Orange is a mix of Red and Yellow.
  • Ometepe is the ninth orange tribe.
  • Ometepe is the first tribe to vote out Francesca as the first voted off.
  • Ometepe is the tenth tribe to have three of it's members comprise the final three. The others are TagiOgakorBoranChuay GahnKororFei LongMalakalFoa FoaVillainsUpolu, Salani, and Galang.
  • Ometepe holds the record for most people from a tribe to still be in the game at the final episode, with 7.


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