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"Now's the Time to Start Scheming"
S32 press images ep12 0014
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Kaôh Rōng
Episode Number: 12/14 (453)
Original Release: May 4, 2016
Viewership (in millions): 9.48[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 2.1/8 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
Previous: "It's a 'Me' Game, Not a 'We' Game"
Next: "With Me or Not with Me"

Now's the Time to Start Scheming is the twelfth episode of Survivor: Kaôh Rōng.


Night 29

Day 30

Day 31

Day 32



Challenge: Weight and Sea
Working in teams, the castaways must first traverse a water obstacle course. Once all three members have reached the end of the course, they must retrieve one of three balls. They must then work together to move the ball through a maze, using just their body weight to move the ball. The first team to get all three of their balls through the maze wins.
Reward: Picnic at an animal sanctuary with a tour of the premises.
Winners: Blue Team

Reward Challenge: Weight and Sea
Result Team Competitors
Won Blue
S32 kyle tS32 michele tS32 tai t
Jason, Michele, & Tai
Lost Yellow
S32 aubry tS32 cydney tS32 joseph t
Aubry, Cydney, & Joe


Challenge: Got a Hunch
The contestants must stack blocks in a tower on a wobbly platform. They had to pull on a rope to keep the table balanced while retrieving their blocks. The first contestant to stack their blocks to spell "IMMUNITY" wins immunity.
Winner: Cydney Gillon

Immunity Challenge: Got a Hunch
Winner Competitors
S32 cydney t
S32 aubry tS32 kyle tS32 joseph tS32 michele tS32 tai t
Aubry, Jason, Joe, Michele, & Tai

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 11:
(Tai used Extra Vote advantage)
S32 kyle t
Jason (4 votes)
S32 aubry tS32 cydney tS32 joseph tS32 michele t
Aubry, Cydney, Joe, & Michele
S32 michele t
Michele (2 votes)
S32 tai tS32 tai t
Tai (x2)
S32 joseph t
Joe (1 vote)
S32 kyle t
S32 kyle bw
Kyle Jason

Voting Confessionals

Michele was shown writing Jason's name down on the parchment. Tai used his extra vote advantage.

(voting for Michele) You gotta go first.


(voting for Michele) This is number two. You gotta go home.


Final Words

I've been watching Survivor for fifteen years. I still love it just as much as I did day one. I didn't quit, didn't give up. Even being sent out, on my own, I still tried to get in there and fight the good fight. I'm proud of the way I played. I'm proud of the game I played, and I think my family will be, too. Love you, girls. (blows kiss)

Kyle Jason

Still in the Running

S32 darnell bw
S32 jennifer bw
S32 liz bw
S32 caleb bw
S32 alecia bw
S32 anna bw
S32 peter bw
S32 neal bw
S32 nick bw
S32 debbie bw
S32 scot bw
S32 julia bw
S32 kyle bw
S32 aubry t
S32 cydney t
S32 joseph t
S32 michele t
S32 tai t


Life at Ponderosa

Jason gets his post-game weigh-in, and it is revealed that he had lost 23 lbs. during his time on the game. While on the truck ride to Ponderosa, Jason discusses talking about his family on the game, stating that he has never opened up about them to such a wide audience before. He is then greeted by the other jurors, and gets a surprise from Scot who is only wearing underwear and a wrestler mask, making everybody laugh. Jason heads to brush his teeth, where he reels from the devastation of being voted out just 7 days from the finals. The jurors express their opinions of Scot and Jason's co-existence, believing that they will bring more noise and entertainment to the bungalows. Jason heads off for reflection time, and recounts spending his junior years enjoying Survivor with his father, who had been an alcoholic. He mulls over his life experiences.[2]

Secret Scene

  • Fire Squabble - Jason and Joe got into an argument about the campfire. Jason is eager to prove that Joe is not the only person capable of starting a fire, and does so by hauling a separate log into camp for ignition. Joe believes that Jason is merely trying to stir up trouble at camp, and Jason confirms this in a confessional.[3]

Unaired Confessionals

  • Now I'm The Bride - Cydney discusses her performance at the Immunity Challenge and her satisfaction of finally winning immunity after consistently coming close in the past and losing.[4]


Episode Title


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