"No Pain, No Gain"
Episode Information
Version: United States
Season: Marquesas
Episode Number: 3/15 (048)
Original Release: March 13, 2002
Viewership (in millions): 20.10[1]
Ratings/Share (18-49): 8.9/24 Summary: Link
Episode Chronology
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No Pain, No Gain is the third episode of Survivor: Marquesas.


Night 6

When Maraamu returned from Tribal Council, Vecepia said that returning with only six people was a real check up, and acting as if it were normal was something they couldn't do. Sarah said that she had woken up that morning, while everyone was away, and she knew that they were saying that she wasn't working. She told Hunter that if he wanted her to do something, he needed to wake her up. Hunter advised Sarah not to be paranoid about the matter, and Sarah responded by saying that she had to be. Gina said that when Sarah talked about conserving energy at Tribal Council, it caused her to vote for her. Vecepia said that they needed to stop letting stuff sit on their shoulders and had to stop the drama. Sean said that it wasn't that they weren't working, but a lack of communication and respect. Gina, later in a confessional, said that she didn't know what to do, because Sarah and Sean didn't want to be told to work, but they never worked on their own initiative anyway. Sean claimed that Hunter had been giving out orders in a condescending way. Hunter said that he was sick of all the complaining.

Day 7

At Rotu, it had rained very hard the previous night. Tammy said that everyone froze and Kathy said that it was really cold without blankets. Because of the weather conditions, the tribe repaired the shelter. Gabriel said that the tribe got along really good together and had good cheer. He also said that Kathy had turned around a hundred percent and was easy to get along with. Kathy said she was trying to go with the flow. Neleh and Paschal talked about how well they had bonded, and Neleh said that she would have the hardest time voting against Paschal. While John was fishing, he embedded sea urchin needles into his hand, and needed someone to pee on it, to get rid of the venomous sting. Paschal tried to, but it wouldn't work, so Kathy did. John said it was a little awkward and Kathy was embarrassed but she was glad she stepped up.

At Maraamu, the Morning Show kicked off with Hunter's weather report. Rob and Hunter talked about how bad the no-nos sucked. Meanwhile, Vecepia said the rain had washed away all the tension from last night. Jeff delivered supplies to build a raft for the Reward Challenge with to both tribes. At Rotu, while unloading the supplies, Robert cut his foot on a rock and sliced his skin. John, a registered nurse, cleaned and bandaged the wound. Gabriel had most of the ideas for the raft, and Robert helped him build it. Meanwhile, at Maraamu, Rob and Gina disagreed about how to build the shelter. Hunter said he though all the tension had seemed to be alleviated, it didn't seem that way. Sean said that he didn't like Hunter's overconfidence. Rob said he was exactly like Hunter, but he didn't want to show it, because it would annoy people.

At Rotu, while they were gathering shells, John's hand got bit by an eel. He said he was worried that if his energy diminished, his place in the tribe might as well. Tammy said things could change in an instant. Meanwhile, at Maraamu they decided to take a break from the sun. Hunter said it felt like he was camping with a bunch of kids, and that he wouldn't pick this group to go camping with. He said they were constantly complaining, and it was driving him nuts. Sean didn't want to eat the fish, because he said it was too slimy. Gina didn't think their morale could survive if they lost another challenge.

At the challenge, Maraamu got a small lead in the beginning, but fell behind near the end, and lost to Rotu in a very close race, making it their fourth consecutive win. They chose to take blankets and pillows as their reward.

Day 8

At Maraamu, Vecepia said that four losses and no victories "really sucked", and they needed a win. Gina said she didn't know what to do or say. Hunter said that he didn't have the heart to tell them, but he thought that "winning was an attitude you carry around all the time", and it cannot simply be turned on or off. He thought they needed to work together if they were going to win any challenges, and they were having problems with some individual personalities.

The Tree Mail given to both tribes said they would be going down a winding path. Vecepia, Sarah, and Rob were callers for Maraamu, while Gabriel, Paschal, and Zoe were callers for Rotu. Although Maraamu had a lead the entire time, Rotu came from behind right at the end, and won, sending Maraamu to Tribal Council for the third time in a row.

Day 9

Gina said that it felt like crap having to go to Tribal Council again for the third consecutive time and she thought that it could be her last night. Rob told Hunter that he originally thought that Sean was lazy and loudmouthed, but now thinks that Sean was a "pretty nice person". Rob told Sean that they were the two that were calling the shots. He also said that it was important that he had people on his team that would do what he told them to do without knowing he was telling them to do it. He said that it didn't matter if his team was strong physically or mentally, as long as they obeyed. He told Sarah that Sean really wasn't that strong in the water. He said if people had fear, that would be loyal and do what they told you to do.

At Tribal Council, Sarah said that the tribe had been getting along a lot better after the last Tribal Council. Hunter said the five that go back needed to work as team, whoever the five were. Rob said he didn't think the tribe had an inability to win a challenge, as all of their challenges had been really close - it was just that they had bad luck. Vecepia said that nutrition might wear on some individuals, but they needed to find strength inside of them if they were going to win this game. Sean said he was sick of attending Tribal Council, but he didn't think it was anybody's fault. Hunter voted for Sarah, saying that the vote might help him protect someone who was valuable. Sean voted for Hunter, saying that this was a game to Outwit. Although neither Sarah or Sean contributed much to camp life, Hunter was voted out 4-2.


Challenge: Raft Rescue
Both tribes were given supplies before the challenge to build a raft. The tribes would use the raft to navigate through a course picking up five crates along the way. The first tribe back to the start with all five crates would win.
Reward: Pillows, blankets, and three lanterns with fuel.
Winner: Rotu

Challenge: Coconut Maze Race
Each tribe would have four members moving a puzzle with a pulley system, and a caller telling their tribe members how to move it. After getting one coconut to the end of the maze, they would switch callers. The first tribe to get three coconuts through the maze would win.
Winner: Rotu

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 3:
S4 hunter t
Hunter (4 votes)
S4 rob tS4 sarah tS4 sean tS4 vecepia t
Rob, Sarah, Sean,Vecepia
S4 sarah t
Sarah (2 votes)
S4 gina tS4 hunter t
Gina, Hunter
S4 hunter bw
Hunter Ellis

Voting Confessionals

(voting for Sarah) Sarah, I'm sorry. I'm casting this vote for two reasons. One: I don't think you're taking the game seriously enough, and two: I think this vote tonight may help me protect someone I think is valuable.

Hunter Ellis

(voting for Hunter) Look here, player, definitely was a team player to a certain extent. We definitely needed you as our strongest player, but remember, this is our game to outwit. Hopefully, I'll see you on the outside, and no hard feelings. Peace.

Sean Rector

Final Words

I really don't understand the logic behind it right now, but, hey, you got me. I was camping with a bunch of knuckleheads, and I'll tell you that to your face when I see you again. And I will phone the Red Cross and let them know where you guys are so that you can be airlifted out of there after you die of starvation and dehydration after the next couple of days. And, uh, hang in there, Gina. I wish you guys the best of luck out there.

Hunter Ellis

Still in the Running

S4 peter bw
S4 patricia bw
S4 hunter bw
S4 gabriel t
S4 gina t
S4 john t
S4 kathy t
S4 neleh t
S4 paschal t
S4 rob t
S4 robert t
S4 sarah t
S4 sean t
S4 tammy t
S4 vecepia t
S4 zoe t


  • All of the sit-outs for Rotu during the Immunity Challenge would eventually vote for Vecepia Towery to become the Sole Survivor, while all of the participants who made the jury phase for Rotu during the Reward Challenge voted for Neleh Dennis to become the Sole Survivor.
  • This episode marks the first time in which a tribe attends the first three Tribal Councils of their season.