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Neleh Dennis
S4 Neleh Dennis
Contestant Profile
Birth Date February 19, 1980 (1980-02-19) (age 35)
Hometown Layton, Utah
Occupation Student


Tribe(s) Rotu
► Maraamu
Placement Runner-Up (2/16)
Alliance(s) Outsiders Alliance
Rotu Four (affiliated)
Challenge(s) Won 9
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 39

Neleh Dennis Nielson is the Runner-Up from Survivor: Marquesas.

She is known for having a close father-daughter relationship with Paschal English.


Neleh Dennis was born in Heber City, Utah, and is one of eight siblings (five brothers, Tom, John, Devin, Nathan, and Landon, and two sisters, McKenna and Robyn). She was named after her maternal grandmother, Helen. Same name, only spelled backwards. Dennis has lived in California, Idaho, and most recently, Layton, Utah. She graduated from Layton High School in 1998.

Dennis was a member of the Layton High Drill Team, which placed second in a national competition her senior year. While in high school, Neleh taught dance, sang in choir, enjoyed theater, donated time and energy to the Special Olympics and worked closely with mentally challenged young adults. Dennis also earned her Certified Nurse Assistance certificate before graduation and worked full-time with Alzheimer's patients in a nursing care center where she was promoted to Team Leader. During the summer, she worked as a lifeguard.

After graduation, Neleh attended Weber State University and earned an Associate degree. She was accepted into the nursing program, but decided to pursue a degree in psychology. Dennis is currently working on a Bachelor of Science in psychology with an emphasis on child and family studies. In addition, she took scuba diving lessons while in school. She also worked part-time as a psych tech on an adult psychiatric ward at a local hospital.

Dennis works full-time as a make-up artist for a major cosmetic company. In addition, she has acquired 900 hours toward a degree in cosmetology and is looking forward to a long career as a make-up artist.

Neleh Dennis describes herself as happy, outgoing and loving. Dennis enjoys country dancing, camping, boating, snowboarding, working out and waterskiing. She also enjoys exploring new places, going for long drives in the country, picnicking and four-wheeling. Ever the adventurer, she is a member of the Mountaineering Club. She currently resides with her parents, three of her brothers, her two ferrets, Bandit and Chance, and one dog, Rascal. Neleh has a major sweet tooth and loves to eat. Her birth date is February 19.

Survivor: Marquesas

Neleh was known for having a father-daughter relationship with fellow tribe mate and castaway Paschal English, similar to that of Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rodger Bingham of Survivor: The Australian Outback. They were so close that they voted for the same person at every Tribal Council they attended. She made it to the Final 2, eventually losing to fellow finalist Vecepia Towery in a 4-3 Jury vote. She received votes from Paschal, Kathy Vavrick-O'Brien, and Zoe Zanidakis, while the rest of the Rotu 4 and Sean Rector voted for Vecepia.

Voting History

Neleh's Voting History
Episode Neleh's
Voted Against
1 Rotu Tribe Immune
2 Rotu Tribe Immune
3 Rotu Tribe Immune
4 Sarah -
5 Maraamu Tribe Immune
6 Gina -
7 Rob -
8 John -
10 Zoe -
11 Tammy -
12 Robert -
13 Sean Sean, Vecepia
14 Kathy Kathy, Vecepia
Kathy Individual Immunity
Jury Votes
for Neleh
Kathy, Paschal, Zoe
Runner-Up, Day 39


  • Neleh used to be a reporter for KUTV, Salt Lake City's CBS affiliate.
  • Neleh has married Kris Nielson on July 12, 2003[1] and had three kids(Kai, River and McKay) since Survivor.[2] She and her kids re-watch Survivor: Marquesas and continue to watch Survivor.
  • In 2004, Neleh made an appearance on TLC's 'A Baby Story' that documented the birth of fellow Marquesas castaway Vecepia Towery's first child.


  • Neleh's name comes from her grandmother's name, Helen, spelled backwards.
    • Neleh is pronounced Neh-lee-yah.
  • Neleh was the youngest contestant and the youngest female, in Marquesas.
  • Neleh is the highest placing member of Rotu.
  • Neleh's luxury item was Scriptures.
  • Neleh is the first Survivor contestant who was born in the 1980s.
  • Neleh is the first contestant from Utah.
  • Neleh was the first woman to be introduced first in the intro.
  • In a Survivor Oz interview Neleh had said that her favorite contestant is Twila Tanner and her favorite winner is Rob Mariano.
  • Neleh was offered to compete again on Survivor: All-Stars, which she accepted, but was cut at the last minute due to production logistics. 
  • Every time she received a vote against, Vecepia was one of them. 
  • Every time she received votes, she received 2.
  • Neleh and Paschal English voted for the same person at every Tribal Council they attended.
  • Neleh is currently the last finalist to have her torch snuffed at the Live Finale.


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